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  1. The answer to creation becomes recurring as the question to what came before is never ending. This implies to the human mind that something has to have been made by something as we know something can't come from nothing but what the first something came from is a complete mystery. This leads our minds to the concept of dimensions as it only can. Things that recur don't fit in the complete and have been accepted as recurring. I see the same with our faiths. Peace to all.
  2. Need Help Regarding My Wife

    Sorry to hear of your predicament and can only offer the advice I have had to take myself. When the love is gone from a relationship for what ever reason, it usually means it is over. Difficult bit is to move on and keep things amicable for the sake of the children.
  3. Guilt Trip. Full Regret , Need Support!

    I see this as a natural urge and being of a natural sort I wouldn't be too hard on yourself as from what I can gather, forgiveness is a huge part of religion and having youth on your side will only play in to your favour as many stray far further in youth.
  4. Hello World.

    Very nice welcome, thank you, I have read your link in regards to new members and I finished all the drinks you so kindly lined up for me. I am very passive in my views over religion, almost a blank page if you like as I am versed in none. Looking for a thread of light that gives rise to some hope that religious harmony can be once again found. I trust in evolution as being the path I have travelled and see the conflicting issues with present day faiths as maybe a necessary aspect of evolution as we have no present or perceived rivals to compete with. Much peace and thank you once again.
  5. Hello World.

    Hi, my name is Pepe and I live in London, trying to learn a bit about what is going on with religion in modern day society. It is beating me to be able to see a world that lives with religious harmony and am wondering if Islam will one day have to be the only religion to exist.