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  1. Prayer Times App For Android

    Prayer on Time has many benefits and glad tidings that can be achieved if we offer them regularly and its benefits increases more if we offer them on time and especially in congregation.
  2. What Are The Benefits Of Islam?

    Islam is that way of passing life which Allah has Himself selected for human beings. Allah is he who is the creator of human being and the whole world. Therefore Islam is that comprehensive and complete religion, which is for all the people.
  3. Some Basics Of Islam

    Being Muslims we believe that the Quran in its original Arabic to be the unaltered and final revelation of Almighty Allah. Islam also teaches us to spend our lives by doing good deed so that on the day of judgement the righteous rewarded Paradise and the unrighteous punished in Hell. https://www.dawateislami.net/
  4. prayer is said to be foremost priority in Islam. We should stop every work at the time of prayer. Offering prayer five times a day purifies our soul and body. The positions which we do while performing prayer has healing powers. Scientists has proven that when we do Sajood the rays coming from the ground heals our body and it is the best time when our body circulates blood at its peak which results great impact on our body, soul and on to our skin. http://prayertimes.dawateislami.net
  5. Islam

    Islam is the most beautiful and fastest spreading religion in the world. https://www.dawateislami.net
  6. Islamic Information

    Islam is the most beautiful and fastest spreading religion in the world. It teaches mankind to believe on the oneness of Allah. Islam teaches that Allah is merciful, all-powerful , unique and has guided humankind through His Prophets, His books and by revealing His natural signs. The primary scriptures of Islam are the Quran, https://www.dawateislami.net/
  7. islamic information

    On the website of Dawat-e-Islami you will find many Islamic videos in the media library section. This is to facilitate the Muslim Ummah in order to spread the light of Islamic knowledge across the globe. So all the Muslims should take benefit from this wonderful service and know about the principles of Islam.
  8. How to pray in Islam?

    Islam is based on five main pillars and prayer is the second main and strong pillar of Islam. Allah addresses several times to offer prayer. We have received 5 times prayer as the greatest gift from Allah. https://prayertimes.dawateislami.net/pk/karachi/872996
  9. Salaah - The Purpose Of Our Life

    prayer is a source of Taqwa. It is a source of happiness in life and also among the source of energy in the body. It opens up the heart and enlightens the soul. http://prayertimes.dawateislami.net/pk/lahore/866532
  10. How to pray in Islam?

    prayer is the source of Rizq. It is a source of eradicating tests from our lives. It puts love of Allah in our heart. https://prayertimes.dawateislami.net/pk/karachi/872996
  11. Prayer times in Karachi

    Karachi prayer timings are not the same as different other cities of Pakistan. The season of prayer shifts as per the term of the day and night. In like manner, the prayer timings change over the globe in like manner so for those people who travel a great deal they should to download the prayer times app for their benefit. Prayer times in Karachi
  12. The accurate Salat Timings in Lahore are just a click away where you can find Current Prayer Timings in Lahore. prayer timings lahore
  13. Prayer Times

    The following table shows: the morning Fajr prayer, which time is closest to the beginning of nautical sunset, the noon prayer Zuhr, Asr afternoon, evening Maghrib prayer times , as well as the night Isha prayers. You can select the time range for salah prayer times in the provided fields.
  14. The Best Book On Prophet's Life !

    if one wants to learn about the life of the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) ,this website will help you learn more and also keep it as a source to boost your knowledge. https://www.dawateislami.net/medialibrary/56516
  15. The Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is an ideal example of a honest, essentially, simply, sympathetic and brave individual. Inspite of the fact that he was a man; he was far expelled from every evil characteristics and attempted only for God. So it's the obligation of each Muslim to get the learning of his life. Biography of Muhammad