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  1. Dua Request Please

    yes bro, May Almighty Allah showers to you full blessings may accepts your efforts, here now in present generation every human facing problems and frustration many more jobless , poor peoples , not happy with life why because for the reason of less knowledge about Islam, how to success and peaceful life in Islam, what is Islam, history of Islam, five pillars of Islam ,how to learn quran and many more you can learn and utilize our application in mobile smartphones apps or web application " ummahstars "
  2. Aslam Walekum

    Yes Newbie, your at correct place to know and for better understanding about the Islam like, what is Islam, how to learn quran, history of Islam, five pillars of Islam and many more concepts. for knowing better understand and can utilize our mobile application in your mobile smart phones like Andriod,IOS and windows and you can visit here: https://www.ummahstars.com/app/