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  1. I Had Three Dreams About Dajjal

    I have had a dream about Dajjal as well Brother. In the dream I saw concentration camps for anyone who did not worship Dajjal as a god. There were Christians and Muslims alike. Three of us climbed a tree and jumped the fence to escape. I saw inside the camp walls were chambers that they filled people with them devoured them by fire. We escaped and began to notice in every city that every Christian Church and Jewish Synagogue was all worshipping Dajjal. We were spotted several times by the dajjals worshippers or his leaders and had to execute them with a gun. We began to find more concentration camps and breaking out the believers to freedom on our way to Arabia. I saw inside dajjal's headquarters and he was sending armies after all Muslims worldwide except in Mekkah and Madinah. He was also burning all Qur'ans worldwide. I woke up feeling a strong very strong power but knowing all things would be okay