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  1. Bhavishya Purana : The Prediction of Islam And Muhammad According to Bhavishya purana Mahamada (Incarnation of Tripurasura the Asura) = Dharmadushika (Polluter of righteousness) Religion founded by Mahamada = Paisachyadharama (Evil corrupted religion) Original Sanskrit Version: Bhavishya Puran: Prati Sarg: Part III:3,3 5-27 (Refer attachment) Shri Suta Gosvami said: In the dynasty of king Shalivahana, there were ten kings who went to the heavenly planets after ruling for over 500 years. Then gradually the morality declined on the earth. At that time Bhojaraja was the tenth of the kings on the earth. When he saw that the moral law of conduct was declining he went to conquer all the directions of his country with ten-thousand soldiers commanded by Kalidasa. He crossed the river Sindhu and conquered over the gandharas, mlecchas, shakas, kasmiris, naravas and sathas. He punished them and collected a large ammount of wealth. Then the king went along with Mahamada (Muhammad), the preceptor of mleccha-dharma, and his followers to the great god, Lord Shiva, situated in the desert. He bathed Lord Shiva with Ganges water and worshipped him in his mind with pancagavya (milk, ghee, yoghurt, cow dung, and cow urine) and sandalwood paste, etc. After he offered some prayers and pleased him. Suta Goswami said: After hearing the king’s prayers, Lord Shiva said: O king Bhojaraja, you should go to the place called Mahakakshvara, that land is called Vahika and now is being contaminated by the mlecchas. In that terrible country there no longer exists dharma. There was a mystic asura named Tripura(Tripurasura), whom I have already burnt to ashes, he has come again by the order of Bali. He has no origin but he achieved a benediction from me. His name is Mahamada(Muhammad) and his deeds are like that of a ghost. Therefore, O king, you should not go to this land of the evil ghost. By my mercy your intelligence will be purified. Hearing this the king came back to his country and Mahamada(Muhammad) came with them to the bank of the river Sindhu. He was expert in expanding illusion, so he said to the king very pleasingly: O great king, your god has become my servant. Just see, as he eats my remnants, so I will show you. The king became surprised when he saw this just before them. Then in anger Kalidasa rebuked Mahamada(Muhammad) “O rascal, you have created an illusion to bewilder the king, I will kill you, you are the lowest…” That city is known as their site of pilgrimage, a place which was Madina or free from intoxication. Having a form of a ghost (Bhuta), the expert illusionist Mahamada(Muhammad) appeared at night in front of king Bhojaraja and said: O king, your religion is of course known as the best religion among all. Still I am going to establish a terrible and corrupted religion by the order of the Lord . The symptoms of my followers will be that they first of all will cut their genitals, have no shikha, but having beard, be wicked, make noise loudly and eat everything. They should eat animals without performing any rituals. This is my opinion. They will perform purificatory act with the musala or a pestle as you purify your things with kusha. Therefore, they will be known as musalman, the corrupters of religion. Thus the corrupted evil religion will be founded by me. After having heard all this the king came back to his palace and that ghost(Muhammad) went back to his place. The intelligent king, Bhojaraj established the language of Sanskrit in three varnas – the brahmanas, kshatriyas and vaisyas – and for the shudras he established prakrita-bhasha, the ordinary language spoken by common men. After ruling his kingdom for 50 years, he went to the heavenly planet. The moral laws established by him were honored even by the demigods. The arya-varta, the pious land is situated between Vindhyacala and Himacala or the mountains known as Vindhya and Himalaya. The Aryans reside there, but varna-sankaras reside on the lower part of Vindhya. The musalman people were kept on the other side of the river Sindhu. On the island of Barbara, Tusha and many others also the followers of Isamsiha were also situated as they were managed by a king or demigods. ________________________________________________- Note This Lord Shiva said: O king Bhojaraja, you should go to the place called Mahakakshvara, that land is called Vahika and now is being contaminated by the mlecchas. In that terrible country there no longer exists dharma. There was a mystic asura named Tripura(Tripurasur), whom I have already burnt to ashes, he has come again by the order of Bali. He has no origin but he achieved a benediction from me. His name is Mahamada(Muhammad) and his deeds are like that of a ghost. According to Bhavishya Purana Muhammad was the rebirth of Tripurasura the Asura. Tripurasura was killed by Shiva in his(Tripurasura’s) past life. Citation - (http://www.ashtavinayaktemples.com/temple.asp?serialno=3&tempid=T009) म्लेच्छ mleccha 1 A barbarian,a non Aryan ( One not speaking the Sanskrit Language or not conform in to Hindu or Aryan institutions),a foreigner in general 2 An Outcast, a very low man, Bodhayana thus defines the word: gomAmsakhAdako yastu viruddhaM bahubhAshhate | sarvAchAravihInashcha mlechchha ityabhidhiiyate | He who eats cow’s meat, and speaks a lot against shastras and he, who is also devoid of all forms of spiritual practice, is called a mlechha. 3 A sinner, A wicked person, A savage or barbarian race Prophet Muhammed is mentioned as bringer of corruption . As per Bhavishya Purana . 1. By this logic, all books of spiritualism and self-help and their content would mean Islam! Because Peace and removal of misery are the primary goals of any spiritual text on self-help book. 2. Considering that Vedas came way before Muhammad founded Islam, this only means that whatever peaceful or good was brought by Muhammad in Islam was actually already a part of Vedic traditions. And that the word Islam was already existing way before Muhammad adapted it to name his cult. It is welcoming that Muslims are now acknowledging that they owe their peacefulness to Vedas. I hope they would take this journey of seeking truth even further and completely embrace the Vedas to reach their original roots. >Lets talk about kuntap stuff. 1. Which dictionary states that Kuntaap means hidden glands in the abdomen? 2. Further, even if it means so, how does it link with navel? In abdomen, all other organs are hidden inside – liver, stomach, intestine etc. It is only the navel which is not hidden! 3. The third line of quote obviously refers to Islamic belief of earth being flat, and Muhammad being born in centre of the earth! But as per Vedas and modern science, earth is almost spherical and hence all points on it can be considered middle point. 4. Had Mecca (Makkah) been on Equator, perhaps some credibility could have been attached to your claims. But as per modern science, in a non-flat world, Mecca lies at 21-29 N. It is not even on Tropic of Cancer! (The importance given to Mecca in Islam is because of historical reasons dating prior to advent of Islam. As per some historical researches, there was a Hindu temple in Mecca. The story of Mecca being navel of earth seems to indicate that there was a grand statute of reclining Vishnu there with Brahma coming to from his navel, as indicated by certain researches. This is a popular Hindu image and may have led to story of Mecca being navel of earth, in dark ages. Even Prophet Muhammad had great reverence for the Vedic tradition and hence made worship of Mecca temple an important component of his religion.) But no way, can Kuntaap be implied to mean Mecca! 5. The logic is fabulous: Kuntaapa = abdominal glands = navel = center = center of the earth = Mecca hence, Kuntaapa = Mecca Let’s use this logic on Islam itself and see where it leads us: Poison = Death = Rest = Peace = Islam hence, Poison = Islam So in this way the evidence itself, there is cold hard proof that Islam is Poison! >And Of the translators mentioned , two are western indologists who had their own Christian agenda. They can no way be considered relevant for understanding of Vedas. 2. But interestingly, even they talk of nothing even remotely related to Muhammad or Mecca in the alleged verses. The only common point perhaps is the word camel. It seems that IRF team frantically searched for various mantras referring to camel in Vedas, and chose to interpret them, as per their own agenda, as would soon be evident. Readers can review the Griffith translation of these mantras at http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/av/av20127.htm and decide themselves. They can review translations of other scholars mentioned by IRF and check truth themselves. Excerpts from translation by Pandit Khem Karan as illustration check them. Here - http://www.aryasamajjamnagar.org/atharvaveda_v2/atharvaveda.htm 3. In their pursuit of searching mantras with reference to camel you made another blunder. The Kuntaap Sukta appear at end of Atharvaveda and are not considered to be part of Veda Samhita, but merely an addendum (Khil Bhaag or Appendix) by many scholars. This is the only portion in entire Vedas that have such a difference in opinion among scholars. Had you chosen any other Sukta/Hymn in more than 20000 mantras of Vedas, they would have been much safer. Thus Kuntaap which you proved to mean “safe” is not that safe to defend your claim of Muhammad in Vedas! Now lets talk about 4 mantras you mentioned Mantra 1 Actual Meaning (Pandit Khem Karan): Narashanshah or the praised one shall be praised. O Kauram – one who dwells happily on earth, we shall receive 60090 kinds of gifts from those brave ones who have destroyed violent ones. Mantra 2, 3 Actual Meaning (Pandit Khem Karan): His chariot has twenty fast-moving camels and she-camels. He donated 100 gold coins, 10 garlands, 300 horses and 10000 cows to deserving people. Mantra 4 Actual Meaning (Pandit Khem Karan): Keep preaching in the manner a bird chirps on a tree laden with fruits till death comes. The only differences is that certain terms have subtly been introduced to set the context for proving Muhammad in these mantras. In modern parlance, this technique is called covert persuasion. Note that so far nothing hints at Muhammad except that there is a mention of camel! Praised one ? Well now lets move to it . Analysis: 1. The Arabic term b-ismi-llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm which is uttered before every verse of Quran is literal translation of “Dayanand ki Jai”. Does it mean that Quran sings glory of Dayanand? Now Dayanand has been the strongest critic of Quran ever. So does it mean that Quran admits that Dayanand is right? 2. Again this is nothing but Poison = Death = Rest = Peace = Islam, hence Islam = Poison 1. Kaurama means ‘one who dwells peacefully on earth’. 2. The way Prophet migrated from Makkah to Madinah, has been replicated by millions throughout the history. One can hardly name a historically famous person who becomes famous without moving around! Krishna migrated from Vrindawan to Mathura and then to Dwarka. Also Krishna has several meanings which mean ‘promoter of peace’ and ‘praised one’. So this verse equally applies to him as well! TE Lawrence (main character of classic movie ‘Lawrence of Arabia’) became famous because of his travels in deserts of Arab. Are Vedas talking about him? 60090 ? From which census did you find out this population figure? Or is yet another revelation? Historians estimate this figure to be around 5000 at most . AS for the camel riding . Lets analyze it . 1. The mantra says allegorically that the chariot of the king will have twenty male and female camels. Even if we take it literally, did Muhammad ever travel on such a camel-chariot? And is Prophet the only camel-rider on earth ever in history? 2. The mantra talks about a king who is a Kshatriya and not a Brahman. So the relevant excerpt from Manu is not applicable in first place. 3. Vedas nowhere prohibit camel-ride for anyone. 4. Manu Smriti has been written much after Vedas. So evidence of Manu Smriti is not applicable in first place. Also the particular shloka from Manu Smriti is considered a later day interpolation by many scholars. In fact half of the Manu Smriti is considered interpolated because it is against the Vedas, which Manu himself declares to be most supreme. 5. But even if we agree to this shloka of Manu Smriti, it is not applicable or relevant in context of given mantras of Atharvaveda. Further the shloka simply states that if a Brahman has to ride on a camel, he can purify himself by doing Pranayam. It does not say that Brahman is banned from riding camel. And the mantra or the entire Sukta has no reference to Brahman whatsoever. It talks about battle and war, which is prerogative of Kshatriya and not Brahman, as per traditional Manu system. Dont distort okay !!! [Rig Veda V, 27, Mantra 1] अनस्वन्ता सत्पतिर मामहे मे गावा चेतिष्ठो असुरो मघोनः | तरैव्र्ष्णो अग्ने दशभिः सहस्रैर वैश्वानर तर्यरुणश चिकेत || यो मे शता च विंशतिं च गोनां हरी च युक्ता सुधुरा ददाति | वैश्वानर सुष्टुतो वाव्र्धानो ऽगने यछ तर्यरुणाय शर्म || एवा ते अग्ने सुमतिं चकानो नविष्ठाय नवमं तरसदस्युः | यो मे गिरस तुविजातस्य पूर्वीर युक्तेनाभि तर्यरुणो गर्णाति || यो म इति परवोचत्य अश्वमेधाय सूरये | ददद रचा सनिं यते ददन मेधाम रतायते || यस्य मा परुषाः शतम उद्धर्षयन्त्य उक्षणः | अश्वमेधस्य दानाः सोमा इव तर्य्र्शिरः || इन्द्राग्नी शतदाव्न्य अश्वमेधे सुवीर्यम | कषत्रं धारयतम बर्हद दिवि सूर्यम इवाजरम || The word “Mamahe” is used.Further the word has been used in plural and not singular. So it can not denote a singular person by wildest stretch of imagination.If the word ‘Mamahe’ has to mean a noun ‘Muhammad’ in this mantra, the mantra becomes meaningless. Further the word has been used in plural and not singular. So it can not denote a singular person by wildest stretch of imagination. If the word ‘Mamahe’ has to mean a noun ‘Muhammad’ in this mantra, the mantra becomes meaningless. Because ‘Mamahe’ is the ONLY verb in the entire mantra. And no sentence can have any meaning without presence of even a single verb! Gold coins ? Well Suddenly, gold coins have turned into believers with Prophet in his Mecca times! No text of Islam states that his followers were 100 in number initially. Some biographers do hint at 40 followers, but 100 seems to be another new revelation. Refer http://www.religionfacts.com/Islam/history/prophet.htm Thus this is the Prophetic imagination taken too far uwu! >Now lets move to necklaces uwu. 1. What made you think that necklace can mean companions? Merely the fact that 10 companions of Prophet are very famous in Islamic folklores? Almost all Prophets of Islam roamed in desert and hence were camel riders. 2. So why can’t this mean Ten Commandments of Moses, by same logic! > The Sanskrit word Go ‘Go’ indeed means a lot of things in various mantras depending on the context – Cow, Earth, Moving Body etc. But in the current context, where the subject is of donation, the obvious meaning is ‘Cow’. Donation of Cow has been a longstanding Vedic tradition still practiced and respected. All Vedic legends were preservers and protectors of cow. All noble Vedic kings were known to donate cows. Cow forms the backbone of Vedic civilization and Hinduism. This is where you come in tight spot. Because contrary to donating cows, Islam followers till today are known to be the biggest tribe of cow-killers. They take pride in killing cows in Id. Thus, this reference to donating 10000 cows is sufficient enough to prove to the most sceptic mind that if indeed there is Prophet Muhammad or any of his predecessors or successors in Vedas, the first duty of any Muslim should be to prohibit killing of cows. 2. It is even more hilarious to see the comparison of 10000 companions of Muhammad with cow. If they mean cow, then cow cannot mean ‘to go at war’ in this mantra. Because the same word cannot mean two completely different things in same context. 3. If indeed Muslims consider cows to be compassionate and pious, as described in your article, what makes them kill these cows in name of Allah? What makes Muhammad a cow-killer ? 4. In fact in this mantra, to make sense in lines of your propaganda, Go has to mean three things – to go at war (a verb), symbol of peace and symbol of war, all at the same time! It has to be a verb and a noun at the same time! Because ‘Mamahe’ the only verb in the mantra has been deliberately interpreted as a noun in this mantra by you. Thus this would have to be the only sentence of its kind in history of language where a word is a verb and two nouns at same time, and another word which is supposed to be a verb is now a noun. >Rebh Again the same logic of 1. Poison = Death = Rest = Peace = Islam => Poison = Islam 2. b-ismi-llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm is another way of saying “Dayanand ki Jai!” > Battle of Allies Actual Meaning (Pandit Khem Karan): “O Protector of Truthful! You have been pleased by those brave ones who produce bliss, by acts of bravery and noble passion in wars against the enemies. Through smart action oriented zeal, ten thousand enemies have been defeated without resistance.” 1. If indeed it means Battle of Ahzab, why is the number of soldiers in Prophet’s army not given? 2. The phrase Dash Sahsra or its variants are used in several places in Vedas to signify a large number or limitlessness. 3. There is no word as ‘Karo’ in the mantra. The closest sounding word in the mantra is “Karave’ which DOES NOT mean praying one’. It means ‘for the action-oriented’. NO name of Muhammad means ‘action-oriented’. So any connection with Muhammad is categorically ruled out. 4. The mantra refers to spiritual battle where the mind destroys innumerable varieties of negative thoughts through practice and meditation of positive things in life. And hence the victory is bloodless. The sukta can also be interpreted to explain strategies of war. But no way does it, or any mantra in Vedas refers to any kind of history. You need Vedic experts to understand the hidden treasures and deep essence of Vedic mantras and come back to their original roots, rejecting the falsehood. > Conquest of Makkah 1. There is no census data to validate that Mecca had a population of 60,000 in Muhammad’s era except your research based on their own revealed sources. 2. Literal translation of this mantra means that 60000 plus enemies and their 20 kings were crushed under the chariots. By this logic, there should be 60,000 soldiers in the battlefield. If that be so, it means that entire population of Mecca fought against Muhammad and were killed by him. If that be so, if this mantra be a true Prophecy, Muhammad cannot be a symbol of peace. On contrary, it proves that Muhammad carried out a mass genocide of entire Mecca population because they refused to accept him as their dictator! Then, Islam remains a religion of peace only in Arabic dictionary, and not in reality! 3. In reality, this Balttle of Mecca was as small tribal battle where 900-1000 soldiers and 300 soldiers of Islam have supposed to have fought for a few hours, as per Islamic experts. And not more than 10 leaders are known to have participated from Meccan side. Thus neither the number 20, nor 60000 in mantra has any reference to this tiny battle. 4. This sukta actually details spiritual battle in the mind as is evident from other mantras in the sukta. The same strategies can be extended to external war as well. But it has no inkling of relation with any tribal war. And if still, it is assumed to have so, it only means Muhammad was a mass-killer. You can decide what you want to accept. 1. Literally translated, the meaning is similar to previous verse, implying Muhammad carried a mass-genocide of 60000 plus people to rule Mecca 2. Sushravasa means a good listener or a reliable friend in this mantra, nothing to do with Muhammad. 3. Even if its means well praised, it only means that Muhammad was well-praised by his men for carrying carnage of 60000 people of Mecca!It is in best interest my frnd you do not harp on such attempts to discover Muhammad in Vedas which only denigrate him. Their research of Muhammad in Bhavishya Puran has already proved him a Asura aka evil entity and a ghost Tripurasur! Sama-Veda, Book II, Hymn 6, verse 8, refers to Mohammed. The verse - 1. Indra whose jaws are strong hath drunk of worshipping Sudaksha’s draught, The Soma juice with barley brew. 2. O Lord of ample wealth, these songs of praise have called aloud to thee, Like milch-kine lowing to their calves! 3. Then straight they recognized the mystic name of the creative Steer, There in the mansion of the Moon. 4. When Indra, strongest hero, brought the streams, the mighty waters down, Pushan was standing by his side. 5. The Cow, the streaming mother of the liberal Maruts, pours her milk, Harnessed to draw their chariots on. 6. Come, Lord of rapturous joys, to our libation with thy bay steeds, come With bay steeds to the flowing juice 7. Presented strengthening gifts have sent Indra away at sacrifice, With night, unto the cleansing bath. 8. I from my Father have received deep knowledge of eternal Law: I was born like unto the Sun. 9. With Indra splendid feasts be ours, rich in all strengthening things, wherewith, Wealthy in food, we may rejoice 10. Soma and Pushan, kind to him who travels to the Gods, provide Dwellings all happy and secure. In these verses, Indra is strengthened with Soma sacrifice and the Priests cry out for Indra’s arrival. The priests recognize the name of the creative Seer - the personification Soma, there in the mansion of the moon - which in Vedic symbolism, resembles a drop of Soma. Next, Indra’s legendary battle with Viritra the dragon who holds back the waters of the Earth is reflected and it is seen how Indra brings the streams towards Earth with Pushan by his side. The description of a cow pouring forth her milk is also given and is thought akin to Indra’s action. Then, the priests once again call to Indra as the lord of joy to give his strengthening gifts to Soma and Indra doing so, fades away. The Priests partake in the Soma and receive knowledge of the eternal law - the law that governs nature (no Law in the ‘Jurisdiction’ sense) and share a feeling of warmth as if they were born unto the Sun. Once again, the Soma is praised for its strengthening qualities. Soma the personification and Pushan thus travel to the Gods. Soma is a non-intoxicant juice from a certain vine that is burnt in Vedic rituals and the leftover remnants are eaten. This is not done anymore because nobody knows what the Soma plant is (presumed extinct). The Soma plant is renown for its strengthening properties and is drunk before war. Indra is a deity especially fond of Soma. So the conclusion for this verse from the Sama-Veda is that there is no place for any “Ahmed” in this verse either storywise or literarywise. Adding “Ahmed” here is saying the grammatically incorrect (the Veda is gramatically perfect) – “Ahmed have received.” And besides, it is akin to saying Mohammed himself did the ritual to Indra’s glory, and partook in the leftovers and knew the Sharia - which is once again akin to idolatry for Muslims. The phrase “I from my father” seems second most likely (it refers to the Priests receiving knowledge from “Soma” about the Eternal Law) but the most likely seems to be Aham + Atha. It would translate the sentence to – “I now have received the eternal law. ___________________________ Debunked uwu
  2. Attention Non Muslims

    I see following possibilities for me here > Gets a ban >embrace Islam
  3. Ov vey kikes demand antisemetic laws in Murica

    And just look at these sellouts bowing and scraping to these disgusting zionists.
  4. How Do You Know That Allah Exists?

    Explain me why would certain physical entities suddenly start having a feeling of ‘I’. You cannot even explain which particular physical entity is feeling this ‘I’. For example, scientists are baffled on whether there is a specific seat of consciousness in human brain, or many neurons together form ‘consciousness’. If yes, how and why? And why does that consciousness repels against death and its destruction? Why that consciousness seeks peace and wants to avoid frustrations and grief? So called Atheist scientists have no answer. And they also don’t know how they can answer it except admitting existence of another intelligent entity apart from their own jungle of neurons in their respective brains! What more, I find that my thoughts control my destiny to large extent. By moulding my thoughts and resolving for anything, automatically I get surrounded by situations and people that help me move towards my resolve. There is an art through which all the inanimate and animate entities of the world seem to working as per my thought processes. If I tend to be negative, negative events happen with me and negative people surround me.I’ know I exist, and unless there is an entity managing all this for me, ‘I’ know that nothing at all will make any sense uwu!
  5. Jinn

    Its just the different name for same God. Okay . Shiva is associated and is the Lord of darkness . He is also associated with serpents . Satan is hebrew word meaning adversary . The Yezidi’s aka Devil Worshippers have in their language Sanskrit words and terms only found in the Hindu Veda’s which they state they brought with them out of India. The symbol of the God of the Yezidi’s, Shaitan is the peaco ck and the serpent. They also show Shaitan as an eternally young boy, sometimes with peacoc k feathers around Him. The symbol of this God is also the Sajak’s the bronze image of the pea c ock#. And seven bronze peaco c k images are carried on a throne by the Yezidi’s for their sacred festival. The Yezidi’s also practice the same Linga worship that is common in Hinduism. Along with other rites found in Hinduism. Such as the belief in icon’s the incarnations of Gods in human form. And the carrying of the Sajak’s is also found in India with the image of the deity being carried thought the towns and villages by the Priests and given offerings by the people. Which is how the Yezidi procession of the seven Sajak’s are done. In Southern India were Hinduism survived the most intact The God Shiva is represented by the peacoc k and serpent and shown in His most ancient and original form as the eternally young boy, the Kumara or Lord. This Kumara is shown riding a peaco ck and carrying the VEL, the spear. Which is the image of Shiva and worshiped as such. In His temples they place the Sajak the bronze peaco ck as the symbol of the God Shiva. The Linga the Yezidi women pray to is the form of Shaitan in their ancient rites in which they ask to be made pregnant by the Linga of Melek Taus. The Linga is the form of Shiva and worshipped as Shiva in Hinduism. Just as they are worshipped by the Yezidi as the form of Shaitan. The Linga is the symbol of the spine and soul and its energies. Satan is the Hindu God Shiva. In the Bible Satan is shown as the serpent which is the ancient Hindu image of Satam Shiva. Note in the book of Revelations the Anti-Christ is called the Serpent. This is the ancient title of the Siddha’s the ancient Gentile Priesthood in ancient Hinduism is called the NAGA’s which means Serpents. Who’s god is Sata Shiva. The spirit of Christ Consciousness is about keeping the serpent energy unawakened and bound and thus humanity on the level consciousness that is called Suffering in Hinduism. Hinduism states the dark age of mankind is because the serpent energy is unawakened in the root chakra.
  6. Is God testing us?

    Okay thanks
  7. Is God testing us?

    was . I am not in that forum anymoar .
  8. Is God testing us?

    I had asked the same to chrisrtians but then got banned .
  9. Jinn

    Devil corrupted from Sanskrit Devi which is feminine aspect of Energy . Nothing evil about that uwu . Melek taus is quite similar to that of Hindu God Karthikey . Same Pagan gods , different names as per the people and region . Also to mention if you look at Satan and Shiva they are quite similar . Pitchfork and Trishul . associated with darkness , serpents . Sounds allegory tbh fam .
  10. Why Islam?

    The combined annual GDP of 57 Muslim countries remains under $2 trillion. America, just by herself, produces goods and services worth $10.4 trillion China $5.7 trillion, Japan $3.5 trillion and Germany $2.1 trillion. Even India’s GDP is estimated at over $3 trillion PPP . Oil rich Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Kuwait and Qatar collectively produce goods and services (mostly oil) worth $430 billion; Netherlands alone has a higher annual GDP while Buddhist Thailand produces goods and services worth over 400 billions $ Moslems are like 21 % of the world population and produce less than five percent of global GDP. Even more worrying is that the Muslim countries’ GDP as a percent of the global GDP is going down over time. The Arabs, it seems, are particularly worse off. According to the United Nations’ Arab Development Report: “Half of Arab women cannot read; One in five Arabs live on less than $2 per day; Only 1 percent of the Arab population has a personal computer, and only half of 1 percent use the Internet. How can an instrument of human expression prove or disprove the DIVINITY of a text? It’s impossible! Literary excellence is no guarantee of divinity of a text. So It’s futile to throw or accept this challenge, as it would not prove or disprove the divinity of the book even when the challenge is met! The challenge builds on a flawed assumption that if no comparable work exists for a given work, then it must be Divine. By that logic, even Mona Lisa is from God and Meghadootam of Kalidas is the word of God because these masterpieces have no parallels. Right? Another flaw in this challenge is that it sets the challenger as the arbitrator/judge. The biggest blunder of this challenge is that the author of the Quran was unaware of the almost zero structural impact of replacing nouns and pronouns with each other within certain statements/verses . For example, if we change “moslems” with “kafirs” and “kafirs” with “moslems” in any verse of the Quran, we would have created an ANTI-QURAN which matches exactly and undoubtedly with the Quran in literary excellence!!!Finally, it’s utterly dumb of a Creator to challenge his Creation to outdo Him. Why would a sensible creator do that? Imagine a car manufacturer throwing challenge at the car to run above its maximum design speed! Such a manufacturer would need a brain check up as he seems to forget that it is HE ALONE who has put the limits to the speed of his car. If he is not sure about the speed limits of his car, it implies that he lacks complete knowledge of his own product! On the other hand, if he does know the speed limits of the car and still challenges it, he needs mental treatment. Thus either Allah is not omniscient or what ? They are also given in pre abrhamic faiths . I am not offending but Abrhamic faiths focus more on like a slavish worship and a belief in unseen rather than logic. I have not found an atom worth of spirituality in them tbh fam.Both Islam and Christianity claim that unless you dont belong to their faiths you cant be saved . The concept of christianity is based upon original sin meaning that our very nature from birth is innately sinful and atonement can only be found through faith in christ's death and resurrection .Islam on the other hand has an idea that if you become moslem and believe in the revelation of muhammed you will be saved from hell fire . But Hinduism is not a salvation theology and can be called Sanatana Dharma / Spiritual Satanism where spiritual practice is done to attain higher level of consciousness and elevate to higher plane of existence . There is no concept of being saved from Hellfire . There is rather an idea that through yoga and meditation you can evolve over time and unite with God and or be like a God . There is no division of world into this class of believers and non believers . Although we acknowledge there are various paths to Truth but not every path could be legitimate . If a religion incite violence terrorism and unrighteousness then obviously such path cannot be accepted and must be destroyed . Truth for Abrahamic faiths is not a state that one can realize rather it is set of doctrines centered around historic personalities like Moses Jesus Abraham Muhammed David and such . Over centuries these doctrines were discussed developed and consolidated . Eventually they were canonized into a set of texts that became Torah Bible and Quran . At some point they became state religion and now they are dominant faiths in the world - Christianity and Islam . But the reliance on historical events is critical for these faiths. For instance if it came to light that deeds and message of Jesus is not as the Bible depicts then this Christian salvation theology will collapse . Likewise if the Quran was found to have been compiled by many individuals and not the prophet Muhammed then Islam as a Salvation theology would also fall apart . Santan Dharma and or Spiritual Satanism do not rests on historic events , the goal is to attain higher state of consciousness through Spiritual Practices like Power Meditations , Yoga , Tantra etc . What do you call the beginning ? Is this the first creation ? The holy Quran has been narrated through narration chains where a large group of narrators who are of very strong memory and minds have narrated the same text from one generation to the next (with the condition of actually meeting each other and listening to each other with no time gaps). This large group of narrators cannot all agree on a lie. How do you know that ? Elaborate sir . Ishwar of Vedas = God of Christianity minus the concept of Trinity minus the necessity to surrender to Jesus Ishwar of Vedas = Allah of Islam minus the necessity to accept Muhammad as final Prophet. In other words, If someone says first part of Shahada : lâ ilâha illallâh (There is no other God except one and only Allah) but rejects the second part : Muḥammadur rasûlullâh (Muhammad is his messenger), that is close to concept of Vedic God. In Islam, it is Shirk or greatest sin to worship anything except Allah. If you take this concept further and also refuse to accept any Muhammad or Gabriel as necessary to be remembered apart from Allah, you are avoiding Shirk as per Vedas. Gods / Jinns/ Demons these are rather devtas the correct Sanskrit word. They are highly elevated beings but are not Ishwara. We worship them to help us elevate to higher planes of existence . Devtas means one who gives . They give us knowledge . We have whole array of animal deities so whats actually going on in here ? You have to understand we dont have any commandments that God cant have a form . We dont limit God to one book or any founder . We do however understand truth lies far more beyond than what the mind can grasp. But at the same time this one God, One reality and one personality can be revealed in many different ways. From the creation we can conclude one thing that God loves diversity . Millions of species ofplants animals , galaxies , universe , planets , the moons , the stars and such . The vast array of Gods and Goddesses are indicative of infinite nature of divinity . Because of secularism . By dividing humans into the class of believers and disbelievers ? Nothing else like what?
  11. Jinn

    Pagan Gods are called demons in Christianity and Jinns in Islam . I am Ibilis worshiper tbh .
  12. Is God testing us?

    I have a few counters for God Testing tbh . If you could please take time to read and answer them uwu 1. Many children die in the wombs. Would they go to Heaven or Hell? Many say they go to Heaven because they never did anything wrong in their lives. Now my question is “Did they even have an option to do anything wrong?” Is God not being partial by clearing one candidate even without starting his examination, and another one has to keep giving test after test continuously for 100 years! 2. Many children die young before they reach maturity. Even the wrong acts they do are not out of willful desire to do something wrong but out of innocence. Would they reach Heaven or Hell? If they reach Heaven, then why does God not kill everyone in their childhood and ensure a seat in Heaven for them? Is God not being unjust and imperfect? If they reach Hell, what was their fault? Say twins were born. Both lived same innocent life for first 3 years. Then one died. He will go straight to Heaven. The other remained innocent for next few years, then got into bad company and died at age of 60. Now he would go to Hell simply because God decided to test him instead of his brother whom God killed as a child.. Is this not God’s crime that he made him live for 60 years and not his brother? Had he killed both at same age of 3 years, both would have gone to Heaven! So if there is one life and permanent Heaven/Hell, it proves God is unjust. 3. A person is born insane. His mental faculties have not developed beyond say, age of five. But he lives a long life. Will he go to Hell or Heaven? Again the same questions as above rise. And result in either God being unjust or concept of one life as test to enter Heaven/Hell being wrong. 4. Different people are born and nurtured in different religions. But each religion says that only followers of their religion will go to Heaven. Others will go to Hell irrespective of their deeds. So who will go where? What is my fault if I was born and brought up in a different religion? Why has God planned my stay in Hell from advance? 5. People say that children are innocent and hence they will go in Heaven, if they die young. Suppose a person takes this view seriously and resolves to gift heaven to all children. As a noble example of self-sacrifice, he starts killing children. His logic is that, even if I have to burn in Hell forever, I should do my best to ensure that these innocent children get reservation for Paradise! Thus he is doing a selfless social service. Will he go to Heaven or Hell? If he goes to Heaven, then God is setting a wrong example for people to follow. If he goes to Hell, then selflessness is bad. Further, since no one will actually know who will go where until doomsday comes, it means God has already spread enough confusion to motivate many innocent selfless social workers to follow the path of infanticide and killing! 6. An unbiased testing environment will demand that – first the topic be taught to everyone with same facilities and attention under same conditions, – then they should be evaluated under same testing environment. Accordingly, God should have first imbibed true religion and its scriptures in hearts of all people, then given them birth in same types of family, allowed them to grow up in same place and in same conditions, and only then should have conducted the test. But in this world, we find the testing environment to be as diverse as one can possibly imagine. And yet God is claimed to be perfect, just and kind! Most religious scholars answer this paradox by saying that God knows how to decide the fate by whatever acts people have done in their respective lives based on whatever environment they had to live in. This seems to be like God having something like the Duckworth-Lewis formula which is used to decide winner of an interrupted cricket match. Now this raises few doubts: One, if indeed God is perfect and He has such a great scoring formula, why did he create the entire drama and wasted so many years? He should have used the formula in the very beginning and directly sent everyone to either Heaven or Hell! Two, If the formula works on a stillborn child or a fetus, why did he unnecessarily bias against certain folks and had them face troubles of long lives? After all He had created everyone equal to start with! Three, The test seems to have binary results. Either you get Heaven or Hell. There seems to be no concept of variation of results as per deeds. Some books do talk of several varieties of Heaven, but these merely increase a binary solution to a finite number solution (Instead of one Heaven and one Hell, there are now say 10 Heavens and 10 Hells). But still there is no continuous gradation. It is like a continuous function equation is giving a non-zero discrete answer, which is mathematically improbable. 7. People seem to be retaining their youthful bodies in Heaven. Now will they be able to change their looks if they want to? What about children and fetus who go to Heaven? Will they go as adults? Will they receive a training in the language which is supposed to be the language of Heaven? If indeed so, why did God not make the same language as that of Heaven the lingua-franca on earth also? 8. What about animals – reptiles, insects, mammals and other creatures? Will they go to Heaven or Hell? The earlier belief was that animals do not have souls. But now that it has been amply proved that at least the higher animals feel pain and pleasure like humans, the opinion is divided. Some claim that they will also go to Heaven. Others say that God knows the best! In case they go to Heaven, why did God bias against others and not gave them birth as ####roaches and goats? That way they too would have got straight passport to Heaven! In case they go to Hell, what was their fault? Also, will they live like ####roaches and goats, or will they get human body? Will their intelligence be enhanced? Or they remain equally dumb as in earth? 9. Heaven and Hell seem to be permanent. It will continue forever, as per these religions. Now if that be so, God’s injustice becomes even more prominent in light of above points. Based on one single test, God put certain people directly in Heaven without testing them at all! Others he tested for so many years. Some he gave birth in homes of Apostates. Is this not gravest cheating? God is the most unjust and biggest cheater in these stories of there being one single exam and Heaven/Hell forever be true. A corollary: What would happen if people start fighting or cheating or adultery in Heaven? Will they be shifted to Hell? Or will they be permitted to do whatever they want and yet remain in Heaven? 10. Recently there was news that a 2 month old baby was raped. Now who is being tested? The victim or the rapist? If its test of victim, is it in a position to respond? If its test of the rapist, why the hell did God make the poor little baby as a scapegoat? God seems nothing more than a crazy, stupid, psychopathic dictator if these stories be true. 11. Almost all books of Eastern philosophies refute the concept of one birth. They believe in life being a continuous cycle not interrupted by death. Its broadly termed the Theory of Karma. Now if this were not true, why did God confuse minds of people who were born in Eastern part of the globe, from very childhood. God has done great miracles in past including burning entire towns and villages, and giving birth to Jesus without need of a human father. If He can do so much, why did he not burn these books of East forever? After all He himself laid the criteria that those who refuse to believe in Jesus or Muhammad will go to Hell! Ideally he should have stopped the creation of these Eastern books in the first place! 12. What about terrorists who were brainwashed from very childhood to do Jehad? Will people like Kasab who killed many in Mumbai attack go to Heaven or Hell? They were simply brainwashed by fanatics to take up arms to seek God! 13. People say that God forgives the sins of one who accepts the true path of God! 

This means that regardless of whatever you have done, if finally you say sorry, you will go scot-free in Heaven! 

And if you have been a devout believer but at last moment you say, “I refuse to believe”, he will give you ticket to Hell. This raises further doubts: One, Does it not render the entire life and all its multi-dimensionality and complexity wasteful? The entire life, its efforts, its studies all go for a toss, and what remains is a final yes or no. Is this not against nature? We all know anger is bad. But still we succumb to anger at times, due to limits of our understanding and our neural programming. So if someone has been a believer throughout but out of confusion, in last few days of his life, became an apostate, why should he be punished so severely? And another one, who was apostate forever, why should he be rewarded Heaven despite all the nonsense he thought and did for decades? No decision is without confusion. The only way to take a right decision without confusion is to know everything and be able to analyze everything. This is impossible for any human. Thus no decision of human can be considered reliable and final. Thus regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with message of God, the decision is full of confusion and based on extremely limited knowledge. Is God not crazy then to curse one to Hell and another one to Heaven forever, based on a momentary decision which was taken out of ignorance? Is God not unjust to have designed such a faulty testing mechanism that relies on ignorance of people which will decide the fate of all souls forever? Two, Does it not provide an inbuilt incentive mechanism in the system to keep doing all sorts of nonsense throughout the life and say sorry at the end? We thus, see many becoming saint-like as old age comes to say sorry and go to Heaven. More careful ones do the nonsense, and then confess the same, and go scot-free! Three, Why does nature work opposite to God’s method then? Was nature designed by God when he was imperfect? Because in nature, if you commit a mistake, you cannot go scot-free without paying the price. If you eat lots of sugars and get diabetic, you do not get cured by saying Sorry! You need to undergo the entire treatment process and even then perfect cure is not guaranteed. We do not get strong by saying, Sorry! We do not get back our teeth by saying, Sorry! We do not become scholars by saying, Sorry! We do not master skills by saying, Sorry! On contrary, in nature, everything happens in a continuous process as per definite laws. There is simply no escape from it. Why does God suddenly become so dismally and so confusingly discrete then! God must be crazy! 14. If God is just and kind, why does He demand belief in things we can neither see, hear, analyze or feel, for booking our permanent future? Neither we see God, nor see Him doing the kind of miracles, nor we witness any special divine people around, nor we have seen even trailer of Heaven/ Hell. Yet belief in each of these is necessary to book a seat in Heaven! And if we do not, we are doomed to Hell forever! On top of it, God gave us the intelligence to be able to test what is fraud and what is right. In this world, we respect those people more who have more of this intelligence. But in God’s kingdom, this intelligence is the greatest cause of sin. Only the blinds will enter the Heaven. Rest shall burn in Hell! The God’s world is indeed very confusing. Is he crazy?
  13. Holy Holocaust!

    I have already exposed 6 million lie in detail .
  14. Israeli Terror State

    Lol jews control not only US media but they own America dictates her foreign policies . Even holocaust was lie for truth doesnt fear investigation but holocaust does !