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  1. Hello my question is that if your search for lohe qurani on google,you will find two types of lohe qurani. Please tell me which one is correct.both of them are as follows:- 1-lohe qurani which has 9 words Alif laam meem, ha meem aien seen kaaf,noon,alif laam meem suad, ha meem, ya seen, kaaf ha ya aien suad, kaaf, ameen 2-lohe qurani which has 15 words Alif laam meem, alif laam meem suad,alif laam raa,alif raam meem raa,kaaf haa yaa aien suad,ta haa,ta seen,ta seen meem,ya seen,suad,haa meem, aien seen kaaf,kaaf, noon, ameen Regards, Yameen