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  1. I wonder what people think about the possibility of grace healing even enmity. How does Grace heal rivalries? what are the engines of spirituality that enable such a thing to happen?
  2. I prayed. I really did. by thinking. and I think its called GRACE. without grace a man cannot even realize GOD is at work. Grace is like a light.. a torch in the darkness. People with grace shine despite of themselves. Because its a way of life. a graceful life shines. Luceat Lux.
  3. I am a devout Christian, I fear that the Christian God doesn't very clearly lay out the circumstances when God's power takes over after man, after suffering and trying his best to pray for wisdom, even by his enemy-- trying to curb the urge to pray for and wish death upon the enemies who continue to persecute him day and night, despite having had no sin of instigation, is failed by his body, his judgment, and his love for himself. That that man sacrifices with tears enough to wash the feet of his own mother, that that man has been driven insane by pain, that that man has been chased to the ends of his life's blessings and opportunities, because of pure malice by the enemy.... When is God's power invoked according to the Q'uran? I am a torture victim for 9 years now, but my entire life has been one of slavery by the u.s. enslaved by psychotronics, made to brak the teachings of my mother despite my will to be good because of the licentious permissiveness that was ingrained by the jealousy of my American peers to destroy me in the end. My heart cries for healing from my many wouds and my soul cries to be released do death plenty of times, and indeed plenty of times I have faced many deaths, by drowning in the ocean, by overdose, by satellite attacks, by insanity due to incarceration of many months... but the Lord, Allah you may call him, does not see it fit to release me from my earthly bonds. INSTEAD, GOD, as a joke to end all jokes, has cursed me with the power to control the very air , the sun, the gravitational forces, the mind of animals... as a top secret U.S. project. a tortured experiment... because I have been cursed with extreme sixth sense and abilities not natural to MAN in general. And as if to suffer alone were not bac enough, The U.S. and my home country the Philippines have enjoined countless torturers and scientists around the world to experiment cruelly on my family in their sad hopes of trying to duplicate me for their own misbegotten sciences. To the non believer, I give you to comfort of thinking I am speaking in parables, but to those who know of me and those who believe that some are chosen and singled out by the CREATOR to carry immense burdens of power and liability, MAy I introduce myself -- the Man with no sin, the MAn with the power of an angels, the man so deeply hidden in the PENTAGON and CIA's archives , a man from a wealthy family once blessed until the Philippines as a country colluded to murder my father and destroy our billion-dollar fortune in 1983.... My name is Antonio Tan Llenado. my grandfather was a Chinese-Japanese TAN family member. My other Grandfather is from a family of Governors who once ruled the northern half of the Philippines. our names all but erased by the corruption of the country a was born into and the country that I was forced into. IF Q'uran can tell me why I was born so, with the power of an angel and the shackles worthy of a godling-- so strong that only a god could destroy these sufferings, then I will consecrate myself to Q'uran. Tell me, At what point does God take over after man has battled with his own suffering to no avail? When will GOD raise his power to avenge the wrongs against a man with no sin.