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  1. I was wondering......you see, I am 19, and when I graduate college I intend on getting married. If I married a Jewish or Christian woman would she go to hell for disbelief if she does not convert? if she would, what is the purpose of getting married? also, according to yasir qadhi, ibn abbas said interfaith marriage is only for within an Islamic country, due to the possibility of divorce and/or children turning away from Islam. What is the scholarly view? (I was born in and live in the West)
  2. {sniff} Are You A Zionist?

    Nevermind, I take it back, those groups might be misguided, and israel is evil and should not be used as a means to an end and Egypt is a mere puppet.
  3. {sniff} Are You A Zionist?

    and by my people, i am not referring to palestinians, i am referring to a certain group of groups of oppressed turks.......
  4. {sniff} Are You A Zionist?

    I hate israel, too, but the way I see it, everything happens for a reason, and with tensions brewing around Cyprus, I hope Egypt and israeli military invade Turkey for what they did (Erodgan's regime, the biggest zionist, which has seen trade with israel increase tenfold under his regime and israeli commandos train to kill gazans on his soil) to my people (I'm Turkish btw).
  5. Hi! I'm new!

    I look forward to being a part of this forum. My name is Sinan.