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  1. Not shaving head in Umrah

    Salam everyone, I hope everyone will be fine. I recently came back after performing Umrah, had a very good time in Madinah as well as Makkah. After performing Umrah, i did not get my head shaved instead just had my hair cut one fourth, the barber told me trimming one fourth hair is acceptable to complete the umrah, later many people said that i should have shaved my head as it is mandatory and some said trimming is acceptable as well. I am quite worried now, although i prayed to Allah putting my hands on the Kaaba to accept all my prayers / umrahs and duas, hope he forgives me for any mistakes i made. My purpose to post here is to confirm if it is acceptable to trim the hair instead of shaving? If not, in my case, is there any sacrifice that i can make so my umrah is completed (i have already returned back to my country)? I heard a goat can be sacrificed if one feels his / her umrah has a mistake. Please help and advise. Rest is indeed Allah's will, i am sure He the Almighty, would have accepted my prayers in His house. JazakAllah!