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  1. Yes Allah has communicated with people in dreams behind a veil. Allahu A'lam. https://islamqa.info/en/answers/14096/seeing-allaah-in-a-dream
  2. Asalamu Alaikum everyone. I had a dream too, way before I found Islam. For some reason during a hard time in my life I made sujood begging God for help, the wind blew so hard a tree branch broke off and flew into my roof, I knew He would see me in a dream and He did mashaa Allah. All I saw was light. And in the hadith there is proof of this, light is Allah's hijab. For the people saying Allah can't visit people in dreams you're entirely wrong, the great imams had dreams with Allah visiting them, they saw light like I saw they didn't see His true form. Please look up about this before shooting someone's sincere story down. Allah CAN speak to people in dreams they just can't see His true form. Do some research, a simple google search, many pious Muslims have had Him visit them in dreams. Allahu A'lam.