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  1. My friends dreamed that I walked into her room with a stranger while she was sleeping (The stranger was was covered in black, can only see her eyes and long black hair strands). I told my friend that this stranger came to our house, shes cold and she needs a shower. My friend was confused, and noticed that as I was walking I round I was leaving behind mysterious black footprints. Then I took the girl into the washroom to giver her a shower. My friend then grabbed soap and a sponge to clean the footprints, she was scrubbing when she noticed the foam turning red. Then she ran to the washroom and looked at me and told me the footprints are looking red. Then I start crying as I notice the bathtub is filled with blood and the girl died. My friend makes eye contact with me as im crying and then she wakes up. Please help me interpreting this dream, it's so strange and making us both nervous. Usually I don't care much for dreams, but this one is intriguing me.