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  1. Favourite Surah To Listen To

    My Favorite Surah Surah Yaseen And Surah Mulk and I listen to these Surahs. Surat Al Fatihah
  2. Surah Yaseen is one of the most reverend Surah of Quran and Muslims all over the world memorize it, recite it, and listen to its recitation with great respect and sanctity. Al Fatihah
  3. The Holy Quran

    Allah Almighty said about Quran: “This is the Book (the Quran), whereof there is no doubt, guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqoon the pious”
  4. Duaa/supplication During Prayers

    We all have a powerful tool in our hands to help us get through the difficult times, to find relief after suffering, and to attain what we strongly desire; and that tool is dua.
  5. Your Duas Will Be Accepted

    It is a powerful weapon of the believer. If his/her dua gets accepted, there’s khair in it. If it doesn’t get accepted, it could either be a source of salvation in the hereafter or a way to ward off evil from you.
  6. Salaah

    Praying five times a day is just like that. Allah forgives our sins through our five daily ritual prayers.
  7. Prayer Times

    In Muslim communities, people are reminded of the salat by the daily calls to prayer, known as adhan.
  8. What is meant by 'stones' in Surah Baqarah

  9. Surat Al Fatihah

    In الرحمن الرحيم, Our Lord Almighty Told Us About His Mercy In These Words That He Is The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful.
  10. Surat Al Fatihah

    How many ayat in Surat Al Fatihah?
  11. Surah Baqarah

    How many ayat in Surah Baqrah?
  12. Surah Baqarah

    How many ayat in Surah Baqarah
  13. Surah Baqarah

    How many ayat in Surah Baqrah?
  14. Solutions Through Prayer

    Prayer really is a solution to all our problems physical or spiritual.
  15. Importance Of Iman

    Allah Almighty says: and “So whoever Allah wants to guide۔He extends his breast to contain Islam".
  16. Salaah - The Purpose Of Our Life

    Prayer is the first member of worshiping Islam. Prayer prevents evil.
  17. Islamic book download

    Those Islamic brothers and sisters who live in foreign countries and do not understand any other language than English so they can read Islamic books in English in order to attain Islamic knowledge and also know about the solutions of complex matters of life under the light of Sharia teachings.
  18. What Is Islam?

    Islam aims to achieve covenant, agreement with God, covenant inside oneself, and covenant with the appearances of God.
  19. 7 Good Deeds To Continue After Ramadan

    Ramadan is a beautiful month. Ramadan is a month of preparing for us with the goal۔
  20. The Month Of Muharram

    Muharram is the first of Islamic calendar. "The greatest fasts after the fasts of Ramadan are those of the Month of Muharram"۔
  21. shab e qadr is better than a thousand months.(This night is better than worshiping for a thousand months)
  22. Importance Of Iman

    We have to believe in Allah and His Messenger that we may succeed in both world and the Hereafter...
  23. Zakat

    Zakat is the main member of Islam. Zakat purifies merchandise.
  24. Can An Average Person Attain Janaatul Firdaus?

    With discipline and honesty, each follower can maybe reach Jannatul Firdous. Islamic videos