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  1. Asselamu alaikum dear brothers, I am pleased to share that we have built an application for Muslims so that we will never break our Jamaah attendance. This is a personal invitation to you to download this app and make it easy for you to track Salah and Iqamah times daily. Register now: www.my-masjid.com If your nearest Masjid is not in system then please register it first. Wa salam,
  2. Prayer Times

    Do you want to serve Muslim community in a powerful way...and really feeling like you're making a difference? Do you want to feel like your life has purpose and meaning? Listen to it. Follow it. Take some action. You can help people to be right on time for every Salah in their Masjid. Download and recommend My-Masjid solution now! www.my-masjid.com