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  1. As-salaamu 'alaykum. You can break this down very quickly. First, is there any credible hadith that makes a statement about this? From what I've seen there isn't. Please reference one if so. Secondly, we don't worship the Qur'an, nor can anything we do harm Allah nor his message. If writing in the Qur'an is prohibited or discouraged, the only harm it's doing is to ourselves. Thirdly, Allah exalted the Qur'an but Qur'an literally means recitation which is how it was revealed and how many companions first memorized it. Muhammad (s.a.w.) couldn't have written in it nor understood the act of anyone else doing so because he (s.a.w.) was illiterate; so unless someone specifically asked, then there's no ruling that can be given. Ultimately, anything said regarding this is a guess at best and Allah will judge us on our intentions alone. So if you're writing in the Qur'an to increase your knowledge there shouldn't be an issue about it, I actually consider all the needless alternatives to be counter productive to learning as the notations aren't in order or conjunction with the Qur'an's. If you write an ayat down on a spare page without the rest of the Surah you've actually committed a sin that Allah does identify by admonishing those who figuratively tear apart the Qur'an by see separating it's words; granted that's not entirely applicable, but it's far more logical to make notations in the Qur'an rather than writing down a single ayat somewhere else which may separate the context.