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  1. I had a dream 18 years ago when i was 17. “In my dream it was night time there was this room 10x25 or 10x20 feet long. At the entrance there were two unknown tall guys mb angels or guardians im not sure but had this feeling that they are some kind of guardians didn’t see their face or hands they fully covered with cloths were tall around 6.5-7 feet. They took me to this room, the room was dark with no windows very little light in the room. When I entered the room i saw Muhammad saww sitting there at the left side after 2 unknown guys He saww smiled when he saw me and at the same time He saww was angry too or sad mb. Its was some kind of a serious meeting they were discussing about serious world problems or umah problems and He saww was very angry and sad about the problems. I sat there at his front after few other guys, I wasn’t at exactly at his from buy opposite to Him saww after 2-3 guys. In that room there were mostly prophets or high ranking people from the past. I’m not sure but i think Musa pbuh was also there and mb also Isa pbuh. I remember only Muhammad pbuh and His face I will never forget that smile. He was old but healthy more like a man in 55-60 from now a days.” I’m not a religious person but yes I am a muslim alhamdulillah After few years I had another dream “I left my home walking in street towards this Masjid at the end of the street and with the Masjid there is this huge ground and when I reached there I see the ground full with people including ulamahs and leaders. They were all looking at the sky, when l looked at the sky I see there is this moon like star a little bigger and more bluish and after few minutes few other 7 or 9 or mb be more stars starts appearing of different sizes and colors comes closer to it and that was a beautiful view I enjoyed but these stars stayed for a little time and started to move away from the moon like star and the moon like star was left alone, this made feel sad and I felt lonely. Anyone who can interpret? And yes I’m a dreamer and dream a lot. I usually get dreams about things happening around me!