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  1. Be Careful who you call a Kafir

    This is all true - unless you are facing Qadiyani/Ahmedis.. we must believe they are..
  2. mix-gender prayers?

    So there are couple of Masjids that have started to do this. Personally I dont think this is a good thing. Allah has created us different, and as humans we have feelings etc. and it might get in the way of worship.. The only excuse they use is Aisha (ra) did it once or few times? I always find this fascinating myself as to why she lead the prayer and no other man? and if indeed she read it why is it not applicable?
  3. i am late to this topic. and i hope i am not lying (ie cant recall exactly) but quite few years back i had couple of times where I thought Allah was speaking or so I thought. I cant remember the dream exactly, but i know it was either qiyamat time and the sun was very near (i actually at that point in dream REALISED it was qiyamat time) but i cant remember what was said and i dont want to try to rmeember just i ncase i get it wrong.. but i havent had it since.. maybe I am not worthy anymore.. :(
  4. we are still fighting, we are going away from religion and taking western immodest/immoral customs.. and when we go to the west (as refugees) we slate/fight/etc and commits heinous sins and the people in the west then start to hate us.. I regularly hear about attacks by muslims in sweden or other nordic countries which gives ammunition to the racists Islamophobes.. why are people not following the religion anymore? (i know we are all humans and sometimes we get astrayed but still..)
  5. My sister is drinking alcohol and hugging men

    this is happening because our own countries are a mess so we go abroad and then become acustomed to the western lifestyle because it encourages you to follow your lusts and desires.. which is an easy thing to follow. I am not sure what you should do. if you confront her, you would have broken her trust and she might not share her passwords etc with you again. if you are in university/near her then try to keep an eye? or maybe suggest going out or w/e so she doesnt stray?
  6. Wife's visa problem in UK

    As-Salam alaiukum So i have just joined because i have a problem. So I got married from pakistan around 4 years ago and submitted her papers and she's been here for 2 years. now you have to re-submit application every 2 years. which we did but stupidly my wife and my sister decided that the test she needs to do is English A1 test and not A2 and on this basis they rejected the application. the icing on the cake is that A1 and A2 tests are same with a difference of 1 minute extra speaking for A2.. apparently they changed the requirement in 2016 but my sister says when she was checking on website it said A1... Now i do have a lawyer friend who said i shouldnt mention my mistake in the appeal and he has given me some stuff to say (regarding violating my human rights etc) . but i am not sure about the way he is going about it? so i thought i would ask for a 2nd opinion. Is it really that risky to mention that yes we made amistake but within 14 days appear period we have done the A2 test? and surely if it was just that they could be lenient slightly and should have given us a bit more time?