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  1. Yielders is a UK based property crowdfunding platform that is shariah compliant, transparent, fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and allows investments in UK property from around the world and from as low as GBP 100. All the properties that are open to investment on Yielders are already occupied by tenants so you can immediately start earning rent on your investments from the following month. All earnings are debt-free and interest-free and the company has received their shariah certification from UK based scholar Abu Eesa, backed by UK Islamic Finance Council (UKIFC). Details can be found in the links given below: http://help.yielders.co.uk/en/articles/3436339-sharia-compliance https://www.yielders.co.uk/bundles/app/docs/Yielders%20Certificate%20of%20Shariah%20Compliance.pdf To invest in property through Yielders, follow the below steps: 1. Register using the link below: https://yielders.co.uk/onboarding/sign-up?ref=MAhmed1895 2. Complete the registration process 3. After your registration is complete, select 'wallet' and click add funds. 4. Enter the amount that you would like to invest 5. You will receive an email with Yielders' bank account details and further instructions 6. Wire transfer money using the bank account details and the money will appear in your online wallet within a few days 7. Choose a property from the list of properties available on Yielders to invest 8. Go through the property and investment details provided and if you feel satisfied proceed with investing 9. You will receive a confirmation email from Yielders if your investment is successful. At the start of each month, you will receive an email from Yielders containing details of the rent that you have received. RISK WARNING: The above information is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice or investment advice. Investments in property and unlisted shares carry risk and you may not receive the anticipated returns and your capital may be at risk. DISCLOSURE: This post contains a referral link. Using the link may entitle me to commissions from Yielders.