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  1. Dreams About Qiyamat/end Of World

    assalamo alykum..... today i saw a dream of qayamah.... it shakes me top to bottom .... that i woke up at the mid of night... took a bath and went to prayer... i saw everybody were shouting and see a two moon in the sky... that was the last night before qayamah , everyone were talking about, one of my friend( kaafir ) come to me, whom i have never met for 4 years.... she came to me n i taught her " qalma-e-shahada ", she repeated with me that " i bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and i bear witness that MOHAMMAD (s.a.w.) is his servant and messenger", kaafirs were started to hide themselves in every possible manner, i ask forgiveness from my mother, and ran to carry something of MOHAMMAD (s.a.w), started digging something and collected something... then i found myself somewhere in top... my sins and good deeds were calculating there i got 2500 good deeds and 2800 of bad deeds, for 30 of my bad deeds i started crying and asking for forgiveness from Allah... then found myself in a close room, where i was shouting for forgiveness, that i am afraid of your punishment but more afraid of you, that i got myself into it, i wont be able to talk to you , see you, after all the misery of the world, i lose noone but you..... Then my alarm started ringing , i woke up... and started praying.... please tell me the taabir of this dream, i would do anything but i could not bear curse of Allah subhaan wa ta-aa-lah, there is no one with me but him.