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  1. Annaba Academy is one of the best tutoring academies that offers Quran and Arabic one to one classes.


    • Quran memorization
    • Tajweed Al-Quran
    • Quran recitation
    • Arabic reading
    • Quran meaning (tafseer)
    • Arabic expressions and grammar
    • Islamic studies

    All this with expert Al-Azhar university teachers.

    You can ensure:

    1. Effective classes with high quality Quran and Arabic materials
    2. Experienced Arabic tutors who can deal with different ages
    3. Flexible schedule and rescheduling classes
    4. Interactive class using interactive digital environment
    5. Affordable fees
    6. Free trial class and money back guarantee if you are not satisfied or you didn't find any of the condition.

    Taking the online education to another level

    www.annabaacademy.com  Annaba Academy