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  1. Career Woes

    :D You should tell him that and that it's a communal fard to bury the dead, someone needs to do it. I feel this is more needed than you studying Islamic sciences.
  2. Amoxicillin

    :D I think that's a bit crude...
  3. Demon Niqabis...

    :D I was commenting on the perversity of it all. If you have seen Phone Booth, you will see how the guy takes his wedding ring off when he talks to the woman he is having an affair with. I'm not saying this from self-righteous point of view. It does illustrate that there are no gaurantees. Also even if someone is practising, does not mean they are pious or of good character. I may elaborate on that in another post.
  4. The Simpsons Vs The Sahaabah

    :D Stories from the Seerah are more difficult to come by and are not in a user-friendly format. Also most people don't like history, they do like to be entertained.
  5. Demon Niqabis...

    :D It's so perverse when you see a bearded Muslim guy or hijabi doing bad things. [at]_[at] Alternate titles were Naughty Niqabis, Hijabi Harlots, they're all a bit too tabloid though...
  6. Demon Niqabis...

    :D Sibling was telling me in college how there's a woman in full niqab/burqa, yet she has a boyfriend! O_O I'm like, ok, maybe they are married? Apparently they are not! Also, she had an itch and in public she just rolled up her sleeve and scratched her fore arm. They also saw a guy walking with his arm round a hijabi in college. Again, I'm like maybe they're married? They're like, "trust me, they are NOT married". [at]_[at] I guess it's like seeing bearded, hat wearing Muslim men in the betting shop!
  7. Uncultured Git

    :D Ahm: It's Mona Road. Sibling: How do you spell Mona? Ahm: Like in Mona Lisa, you "uncultured" git! Sibling: >_< Shutup! *&%[email protected]! Ahm: O_O... Sorry.... I wasn't really insulting them, it's just that they've been to the Louvre in Paris! The police survey people phoned and asked about how I thought the Met Police were performing and how safe I felt in London. I thought I was the wrong preson to ask. I don't have TV so I don't feel the fear factor. I mean I walk home late at night through back streets, where my relatives go, "you walk home in that area? Isn't dangerous". Most of it is media scaremongering. You can leave your door open, you don't need to lock it. You do if you have home insurance, though. Typical me on a survey, I agreed to the average, 3/5 options on nearly all the questions. Until that is he asked about corruption. Now I thought of that Braziliian who got shot. So I answered fairly poor on corruption. On the question if I felt London was one of the safer major capitols of the world, I said fairly unsafe. Took a while to answer that, I was thinking Tokyo? What about USA? No, guns. Canadian cities? Yeah I think they are safer than London. Friend: <ahm> what's this? Ahm: Lint roller. Friend: Mint roller? Ahm: LLLint roller >_< Friend: What? Ahm: [at]_[at] It's for picking up fluff, loose threads from your clothes, like your suit jacket... You uncivilised... Friend: You wear a suit? Ahm: Well at first yeah, at work when I first started. A bit over dressed, but it made me look like one of the managers. Also you have interviews to go to, seminars, conferences, weddings. Friend: Hey (to other friend) <ahm> uses this Lint roller when he goes to the opera. Ahm: O_o... Dude... get a job.
  8. My Grandad Has Passed Away

    :D Inna lillahi wa ina ilayhi rajiun. May Allah forgive him and grant him paradise, and grant patience and comfort to his family. May the peace and blessings of Allah be on the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his family. :D
  9. Math's Teacher

    :D Well yeah, but then it's better to: 25/90 -> 25/5 / -> 90/5 = 5/18
  10. *im Fake*

    :D In your current state you shouldn't marry him. Be honest. Otherwise things will be worse. Marriage is about trust, don't start a marriage based on deceptions.
  11. *im Fake*

    :D You should be honest that you are not at that level and that you do want to improve. Demonstrate how in the time that you have known him, the steps you have taken to improve yourself.
  12. Caribbean Dialect

    :D O_O Someone said it again!
  13. A Brother Like That

    :D And for all you kids out there, don't get in a strangers car!
  14. :D The passwords are there so that people can not accidentally enter the opposite gender rooms. So someone can only enter the rooms wilfully.
  15. Lending Money

    :D This friend of mine wanted to borrow some money. It was going to be for 3 months. I didn't say yes. I didn't say no. I said something. He's married :D and with a kid on the way :D He needed it by the end of this week. Very awkward [at]_[at] Actually, I'm not sure what he needs it for... In the UK at least the state is a safety net... right? Must have been hard for him to ask? I'm saving up for this thing and well I'd be more comfortable after it was done >_< My mum wants money for something, family and so on... [at]_[at]