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  1. Urdu Naat

    It actually sounds a lot more poetic in Urdu but I'm not the best of translators.
  2. Urdu Naat

    Salaam 'Alaykum, Here you go ukhti Mujahadah… P.S. I couldn’t make out the words marked out by a '*****' because the audio is not clear. P.S. The first paragraph is the stanza and is repeated throughout the poem. If I'm slain in the battlefield... If I’m slain on the battlefield don’t even say as much as an ‘uff!’ (to show your pain), you are to bare with patience oh Mother the sorrow of my departure. On hearing (about) my martyrdom don’t loose your senses, don’t stain the pride of the *****, don’t let the Hindus say, “Muslims are cryingâ€?. I live with the zeal for Jihad, with the hope of living Islam, just watch how I live. Let them cut my neck and gauge out my eyes, and cut my nose to make a necklace out of it, just keep looking towards the ***** of Ameer Hamzah ®. If my getting killed in youth grieves you, and you are tormented by the reminder of my shroudless burial, keep looking towards the martyrdom of Mus’ab ®. After me don’t let the Klashinkov drop, don’t let the Hindus rest for even a *****, like ***** ® keep sending your sons out (to Jihad).