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  1. salaam aleykum sister I am sorry that you are going thru this. 1-He has no right to LAY finger on you. Call the police. Love or not, no bloody excuse. Our prophet (saw) never hit anyone. I would never stand for it sister. No one deserves it. 2- Why would you want to stay with a man who is disrespecting you and lying to you. It is his right to marry but it is also your right to remain within the marriage or leave. If life is unbearable, Allah gave us the right to divorce. 3- Did you have contract with him that said "no second wife", if so, he sinned by marrying another whilst he promised. Do what is best for your health sister. He is treating like this cos you allowing him and taking him back. Dont please. H should provide for you and look after you.. He shouldnt treat you like dirt. I was married to a man I wasnt happy with and now Alhamdulilaah, I am married to wonderful man. It is bettr to be single than live in a hell mariage. Learn the deen sister and focus on your kids for now. There are masjids in UK where you can speak to imam. Or you can email your question to you are not allowed to post links yetislamqa(contact admin if its a beneficial link) I will pray for you sister. May Allah keep you safe and patient.
  2. Random Incoherence

    Salaam aleykum All friends.. It has been a while.. actually years although i have been popping in and out for few minutes per year.. Only Hasib has been catching me out.. lol Aunty Um ahmed.. Not sure if you remember me, but I read your son was the tajweed teacher at ilmsummit.. MaashaAllah. You must be so proud and grateful to Allah. May Allah reward you and him for all your and his efforts and grant you the highest jannah. Aameen. So what has been happening?
  3. Brondesbury College Umrah Trip 2008

    MaashaAllah brother. I wish my school was like this.
  4. Random Incoherence

    Salaam aleykum brothers and sisters. Inshallah you are all well.
  5. Undercover_brother>ehsan>abu Ruqqayah

    :sl: brother Mabrook for the birth of your daughter. May Allah make her pious and one of the rightoeus. Aunt Umahmed, I hope your family are well. It has been ages since I have been here cos life was too busy. Alhamdulilaah I do check in from time to time though.
  6. Kanoute Saves Spanish Mosque

    Maashallah Eid mubaarak to all
  7. Wa aleykum salaam monica Ask all the question you like sister, as long as you dont tire, we wont be tired of your questions :sl: With regards to Quran, I normally read whenever I have free time during the day and at night. Some people read the whole Quran for the month, some people finish the Quran twice during Ramadhan, and some read more than that and some less. Just read what you are able to read from the Quran and its translation. Dont worry if you cant read the Arabic yet. Inshallah you will get there. Personally I read the Quran on my lunch hour at work, and then I read just after I break my fast (as i get a bit of free time) and I like reading it after Fajr (morning) prayers. During prayers, you still need to recite surah fatiha and another short surah (chapter). Sister Can I also suggest that you visit the masjid after breaking your fast (if you are free) and meet sisters that way? It would really help on learning Islam and will at least have someone on hand who could answer all your queries quickly. I am sure you will find revert sisters like yourself who have been there. In the meantime, ask away sista.
  8. Assalam Alaikum

    :sl: to sisters clearherthroat and monica Welcome to Islam and to Gawaher. It is quite natural to feel nervous however you dont need to worry. Take it slow. If there are close masjids in your area, attend and meet sisters there. You will even find revert sisters like yourselves to help you thru your tansitions. Which city do you live? I will try to find a nearest masjid for you or you even google it yourselves.
  9. New To Site And Fairly New To Islam :)

    :sl: sister Welcome to Islam. From your post, you mentioned Calgary, I am not sure exactly where that is in Canada but I have googled some masjid addresses Islamic Information Society of Calgary 207 4th Street NE (P) 261-7601 (F) 261-7602 Hours of Operation Open from Asr-Isha Imam Said Rageah email: rageah[at]iisc.ca (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetiisc.ca/contact.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetiisc.ca/contact.htm[/url] East Calgary Islamic Centre 225 28th St. S.E. Calgary, AB T2A 5K4 Phone: 403-248-2773 Fax: 403-569-6654 Islamic Centre of Calgary 5615 14th Ave. S.W. Calgary, AB T2P 2L7 Phone: 403-242-1615 Phone: 403-240-4505 (Jamal Mammood) Fax: 403-242-1695 Islamic Association of Calgary 5760 11th St SW, Box 1412 Calgary, AB T2H 2M7 The Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) P.O. Box 1221, Station 'M' Calgary, AB T2P 2K9
  10. Random Incoherence

    :sl: Umahmed, jazaakallahu kheyr. It was truly amazing. Today I came acrros this story and felt it was very apt: The Sight of Kabah Source: Excerpt from a speech of Shaikh Zulfiqar - sacredlearning(contact admin if its a beneficial link) One never tires of gazing at the sight of the House of Allah, the Kaa'ba. The site upon which the mercy and blessings of Allah are constantly descending. There is truly nothing comparable to the House of Allah on this Earth. People wish time would stand still so they could keep gazing at the Kaa'ba; their thirst is never quenched, rather it increases. Once, while on a visit to Washington, people told me that a woman had accepted Islam and had some questions for me. They told me that many non-practicing Muslim women had started practicing again due to her. At prayer time she would dress in her best clothes as if readying herself for someone special, and would become oblivious to everything around her as soon she started praying. After a brief question and answer session, I asked her what prompted her to accept Islam. She sighed and started explaining; "I was a Jew and my husband was a Christian who was posted in Saudi Arabia for some technical work. Everyday I used to see Muslim men and women dressed in white on their way somewhere. I asked my husband where they were going and he told me that they go to perform pilgrimage at the Muslim shrine of Kaa'ba. I expressed a desire to go but he told me that non-Muslims were not allowed. However, I was determined and so we both bought white clothes and set out. Fortunately no one stopped us and we reached Makkah, from where we found directions to the Kaa'ba. Upon seeing the Kaa'ba our eyes froze and time seemed to stand still. When we turned to look at each other after some time, we were both crying. With our eyes we told each other that this was the Truth and we should accept Islam. No one ever told me about Islam, but there were so many blessings descending on that House that they changed my life forever." The blessings of Tawhid descend in Makkah, and the blessings of Prophethood descend in Madinah. One has seen nothing in life if he has not seen these two holy sites. May Allah give all Muslims the opportunity to visit to His House. you are not allowed to post links yetislamcan(contact admin if its a beneficial link)
  11. Random Incoherence

    Bro, I dont think i have enough time or the words to describe. It was like I wasnt onthis world. I lived, breathed worshiping Allah. Nothing else mattered. Million others were there for the same purpose. I struggled to remember what my life was like at home or my job. It was how i would have liked living my life till the end but sadly that isnt possible. I would recommend eveyrone to go for umrah ..with their first wages, or encourage parents to take you. I will write more..inshallah
  12. Random Incoherence

    :sl: I am back from Umrah :sl: Truly amazing experience.
  13. A Menace Ii Society

    Salaam BUMP This is a detailed info: A MENACE II SOCIETY Date: Saturday 30th June 2007 Time: 11.30 am – 5.00 pm Venue: London Muslim Centre, 46-80 Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1JX Topics to be covered include: Dance with the Devil, Free Love, Menace II Society. Panel of speakers includes Shaikh Khalid Yasin (USA), Br Abdul Karim Hattin (Author of From the Shadows), Ustadh Murtaza Khan (Graduate of Islamic University of Islamabad). Seating capacity is 800. Food will be provided for the entry fee. All brothers and sisters are welcome.
  14. Random Incoherence

    Hasib I was wondering where the brothers and sisters went? i.e Allah's Slaves, Ifti, Summer girl, Iman, Chris et al Anyhow..I am glad I will be one of the few that will know of the event :sl: emel and Ibowonly2Allah I ate them all. The pizza's toppings were pineapple,mushrrom,tomato,swee corn,tinycorns,pepper,olives,o ions. Dessert was one tub of cookies and cream. I washed it all down with Coke. How greedy am I?
  15. Khalid Yasin

    :sl: He is fantastic. Great speaker maashallah. I heard there was a TV channel that he was produce, I wonder what happened? Here are few lectures of his: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_nadeem.lightuponlight(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/indexaudios1.html#Khalid_Yasee"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_nadeem.lightuponlight(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/indexaudi...l#Khalid_Yaseen[/url]