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  1. Christmas on its way to Dubai

    that doesnt surprise me at all anyway,,these trees arent for local poeple coz i know it there,, maybe a few locals who might do that as a bussiness or for other purposes,, but usually u wont see this in REAL local houses these stuff r in hotels and malls,, anyway Allah knows the best
  2. The 'What am I like?' personality test!

    me is a Performer :D spontaneous - facts - hearts -extrovert will i think most of it true,,but is that bad? :D thnx for interesting test any =)
  3. Would you marry...

    if he is not practising Islam properly that means: -he wont treat me right (after we got used to each other) - he could cheat on me (and then they say why women kill their husbands lol) - if we had children,they will follow his carelessness of the religion and bad habits (if had any) - usually he wont be a supporter in hardships - every wife need a good husband who help her to improve her religion practises and be a supporter ..not vice versa but sometime the wife may had a non practising man as a naseeb and this situation consider a challenge and test from Allah and doesnt mean she is like him,, and Allah knows the best =)
  4. My Aunt Najat

    may Allah bless her with the healthy children and make them good muslims inshaALLAH inshaALLAH she is in my prayers too
  5. dua for

    good! hamdoellah =)
  6. drawing by computer?

    salam everyone lately im interested in drawing,,but not the traditional drawing ,,i mean by computer programes such as : photoshop, corelpainter,ulead and others programes,,specially drawing nature views,space,countryside,city,, ct (no anime/humans/animals drawings) i was wandering if anybody have experience with that kind of art,,or some of u could show us his/her works! i began some of them but they look funny,,so until i draw *normal-not-funny* ones i will post them inshaALLAH,, i found interesting steps done by korean artist,,on how to draw with corel painter: "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.corel(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/painterix/masters/bio_wonman_kim.html"]steps with details[/url] Fe Aman Allah
  7. Antivirus ---- i neeeeeeeeed

    zonealarm isnt it free? but usually it is annoying antivirus,,but i use it anyway thnx 4 the links everyone =)
  8. realplayer

    i hate real player but usually i use it only with ram/rm files sometimes they updated to worse versions and features,, :D;
  9. Some Wallpapers...

    nice ones! like them all thanx sis =)
  10. Sheikh Zayed returns to our Lord

    Ameen Ameen Ameen الله يرحمه ويغمد روحه الجنة مع الابرار والصديقين والشهداء * ربي نشهدك وملائكتك نحن رعيتك باننا رضينا عنه فارضي عنه ووسع مدخله يا حي يا قيوم* اللهم صبرنا وشعبنا والامة الاسلامية على فراقه اللهم قدم كل ما فيه خير لهذا البلد ووفق ابناءه في حكم هذا البلد بما تحب وترضاه يا رب العالمين wa inna llilah wa ina elaihe raje'oun
  11. Sheik Zayid has passed away

    :D what can i say except: ina llelah wa ina ellaihe raje'oon he wasnt only a ruler to uae people,he was kind father that everybody loved even though he is dead (Allah yarhamuh) but he will be in our hearts.. i hope his sons will take his steps of wisdom,kindness and will as a ruler and father .. uae feels empty without him,,the streets feels souless,,dunno how to describe May Allah bless him with mercy and bless him with jannah inshaALLAH :D Fe Aman Allah