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  1. Surahs Needed , Advice And Duas Needed

    I know inshallah
  2. Surahs Needed , Advice And Duas Needed

    No I don't I try to make dua when I can but I'm not praying 5 times a day
  3. Surahs Needed , Advice And Duas Needed

    Salam I have done that now and thank you. I have not been sleeping well at all lately.
  4. Salam I have had a lot of things e occur and to cut a long story short I feel my life in certain aspects are on hold and not only has this been noticed by loved ones close to me but I have felt this for some time now. I have had bad dreams at night like last week I heard a scary voice in my sleep but I managed to jump up and turn the light on as I was so scared. I have been reading ayatul kursi and playing it morning and night. What other surahs should I play to remove any nazar off me or can someone please direct me in anything I can do? I am in the process of trying to find someone to go to and seek advice too I just need things to go right for me now. All words of advice I would gladly appreciate! Thank you
  5. Hi Does anyone know anyone I could go too to discuss and find the meaning of my dream please?? Thanks
  6. Duas Pls

    Salam I need some duas for my health to improve. I had a operation on my foot and need to be able to walk pain free soon again. I always make dua when I can do. I was informed to do Shifa and play dua from my phone when I go to sleep too? Thank you
  7. Evil Eye/jinns

    Salam I need some advice. Somebody thinks I have had the evil eye done on me and I can't speak Arabic but I was told to play Surah al-baqurah in the house and always to do ayatul-kursi. Is there anything else I could possibly do or do I continue to play Surah al-baqurah as much as I can? Thanks
  8. I Need Some Help Pls

    I played the Surah al-qalam at night from my phone then had a dream about my situation
  9. I Need Some Help Pls

    If you have something on your mind a concern or worry and then you play this at night as I did last night but then had a very vivid dream about the situation then should I take something from this at all? As someone said to me that it is a sign from Allah. Any views/opinions would be most welcome. Thanks
  10. Salam I need to donate money to the poor/needy. I know it works out to be £25 that you should give I think depending on what you earn but should this be given each month? Is there a website or anything I could read online that can help me understand what I need to be doing properly. Thanks
  11. Oh he is not married he doesn't intend to marry the person he is with and she isn't muslim and doesn't want to know about Islam. He asked me what I wanted and I said the things in life done the right way which is to be eventually married so he knows me well enough to know. We don't talk regular at all I had an operation and he calls to see that I am ok every so often and that's about it I don't entertain anything else and made it clear if he wants anything with me then he needs to be totally honest about things with the person he is with and me and do things the right way than lead a life of unhappiness. Thank you
  12. Ok thanks for the information. My situation is I was with a muslim man and the intention was to eventually be married. He then went off with someone else who isn't Muslim and now has 2 boys. It has been a very hard 3 years a very testing time especially for me. The reason being no matter what my heart and what I feel for this man has not changed. Recently we spoke and he feels the same about me. I think he feels stuck he has two children and he is a good dad and I knew he would be so I believe he feels obligated to stay where he is. He wanted to continue to see me but I don't believe in doing the wrong thing and I explained my answer and said if we had anything it is not to be based on lies at all and I stand my ground. We are still civil and in my heart I think and feel if we are supposed to be he will step up to the mark and more than anything Allah will make it happen. It is strange my heart hasn't changed today for him and do you think/feel there could be hope?
  13. Thank you I am going to give some money to the poor/needy an Islamic group
  14. Thanks for the response
  15. Thank you for the response I have a better understanding now. I wanted to ask if a Muslim woman meets a non-muslim man does he have to then convert and be muslim??