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  1. Coca Cola, Halal?

    kandhari check pm please.
  2. Coca Cola, Halal?

    kandahari check you message box, i have send you a personal message.
  3. Crimes Against Muslims In The Modern Age

    its always about the jews isn't it. chill out. why are you so angry? your making the place hot. go take a shower and drink cows milk.
  4. Coca Cola, Halal?

    its doesn't matter. chill out. why are you so angry? your making the place hot. go take a shower and drink cows milk.
  5. Gay Pakistan

    what is Ghilmans, that some commenter at the bottam of the article mentions, young preety boys??. is there a concept in Islam like this?
  6. Women Preying On Muslim Men

    salaam may we know the source of this article and proof that this is happening, this stuff is totally garbage and i couldn't care less about it because first of all this is most likley not happening in most univirsities and second those men who are falling for these women are not strong enough in their faith. so i dont care.
  7. Muslim Faliure

    salaam considering that no one is even responding to this thread, makes me even more sad that we are not ready to even admit that we have a problem.
  8. Muslim Faliure

    salaam no i am not for secularism in a western sense, but i do beleive that this speaks the truth, we muslims are not ready for a proper Islamic state, look at our condition, 80% of our population is uneducated, we have so many problems in our countries, that i cant even put on this post, it points out iran in a very truthful manner, Islam is forced on to people there, and look at know what as happened, people have started hating Islam. Forcing people should never happen because that turns people against Islam, but it does in countries like (saudi arabia, iran, Afghanistan, etc... . when will we muslims get out of this cycle of backwardness? i dont support total secularism like in western countries, but if we muslims want to progress as nations, we should get out of this cycle of backwardness.
  9. Muslim Faliure

    this article is very true
  10. Muslim Faliure

    Indeed Islam is a way of life and it provides us with protocols for running the affairs of a country, managing personal life and all other aspects, but in order to follow this way of life Muslims have to be united. My friend you need to wakeup to the realities of the world. In the Muslim world the flag of hypocrisy flies high. Let me give you a couple of examples: Pakistan the so called "Islamic Republic" is unable to introduce an interest free banking system, Islam has provided methods to help us escape the clutches of "interest" or "sood" yet we turn a blind eye to them! As a matter of fact those protocols could never be followed, why? Because one country alone cannot implement such vast changes in the banking system as it would cause the banking system of the country to be in dis-array with the current world standards of banking. Islam is supposed to be the religion of Peace. Look around you Sir, do you see peace in any of the Muslim countries? Except for the ones that have adapted to the "ways of the west". Look at Iran, I like to call Iran "The Lone Ranger", a country with such vast resources not just mineral but human resources. Look at what their leaders are doing to the country, they have literally crippled the country with their so called "Islamic ways". It is sad to see a land with such potential has to resort to developing Nuclear weapons to protect its existence. When that pig of a humanbeing Saddam Hussein declared war against Iran, the Ayatollahs of Iran sent children to the frontline once they ran out of men willing to fight for them! Those pigs need to be slaughtered in Azadi square. The Muslim world which is supposed to be a safe haven for all religions and cultures, HA! Look around Sir! do you see the least bit of tolerance in us Muslims? The western media mocks and criticizes every culture every religion including their own, no holds barred. Infact they criticize their own religion and values the most! But when a filmmaker from the Netherlands made a movie which criticized Islam, some lunatic Moulana went and stabbed him to death! When a Christian from Egypt got into a discussion with another Muslim Arab on a dicussion forum, the Muslim Arab went and slit not only that Christians throat but his whole families including his two daughters, this happened in Jersey City, NJ a month ago. Look at our "sacred motherland" the beacon for "enlightenened moderation" Shites can't stand Sunni's and the other way around. Do you call that tolerance? People like you are utterly confused! The muslims of today want to follow bits and peices of Islam that suit their needs, the rest of Islam they shun. Gone are the days of the Caliphs when Islam used to be regulated and their used to be credible people with proper qualifications to figure out the answers to the questions that arise whilest following the ways of Islam. Today the Mullahs of Arabia have declared killing a jew "Direct passage to heaven", whilst the Mullahs in Africa have given a fatwa that women should also be circumcised by severing their "clitoris" as they have been sent to earth only to fulfill the needs of "man" and it is sin for a women to feel pleasure. Whilest in Pakistan the Mullah's sent children from their Medressah's to fight against the Americans in Afghanistan whilest their own children study in european Universities! By saying that you want Pakistan to be an Islamic Republic, do you understand what ayou are asking for? You are asking for such people to run the Country! the Supreme Hypocrites! The Qazi's the Fazlur Rehmans, the Moulana's. I remember before the last elections Hamid mir interviewed a couple of people who were contesting the elections on the ticket of MMA and he asked them what they will do to fight joblessness and homelessness? their answer was that they will hold a "bachat Bazaar" everyday instead of just sunday and they will construct kiosks along all highways and roadways to provide shelter for the homeless! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Do you want such people to govern the country? Gone are the days of the Caliphs when Religious Authoritarian figures were honest credible men. The Shariah suggests that their should be an Ameer-ul-Momineen in place who should oversee the matter of the state, like a "chief executive" in worldly terms. Vesting such powers in one person is absolutely wrong in todays world as honesty is long gone from our society. This is what Nawaz Sharif had planned, had it not been for Musharraf, Women would have been bound to wear Burqa's and men would have been forced to grow beard in Pakistan right now. Is that the Islamic Republic you yearn for? Come to America Sir. A multitude of cultures, ethnicities and religions living in absolute harmony. A Pakistani who hated the very thought of an Indian back home in Pakistan lives in absolute peace with the same Indian in the US, How, Why? The same Sunni that hated Shiite back home lives in absolute harmony with the Shiite in the US, HOW, WHY? Hell I'd even go as far as saying that Religion is a non-issue in the "civilised" world. The same muslim who was taught that it is "Mukrooh" to eat from the dish of a "non-believer", eats from that same dish in the US, HOW WHY? Because the system allows them to. The secular system doesnt hold one certain religion supreme over others thus letting all cultures and religions interact and become a harmonious set of protocols. It flushes out the repugnant environment of Backwardness, taboo-ism, closemindedness and breathes a fresh air of openness into the system. Secularism is the need of the hour. Look around you Sir, the world is governed by "non-believers" who have developed ways that have taken the ways of Islam molded them to their liking and made it their way of life. Moreover they are united together to follow that system, whereas the Muslims are divided, from the rulers of earth we have gone back in time to the days of "searching for the real meaning of Islam". We were the civilisation who understood their religion in its totality, it was our scholars, our architects, our historians our mathematicians who were the best in their respective fields of research. It was us Muslims who truly understood religion, but those days are gone. I am muslim and I would like nothing better then to live my life the way Islam suggests. I try to do so the best I can. By saying that I am allergic to Islamic values is an Insult to me and quite frankly I was offended when i read that post by you or whoever that person was but i just didnt feel like replying. We Muslims do need to follow the way of life Islam suggests but in order to do so we need to once again grasp the true meaning of being a muslim to be in harmony with our surrounding, we need to once again grasp what it means to be a muslim to accept others cultures and religions and to respect their values and their beliefs. That can only be done by adapting open and democratic mindsent. Once we have achieved that, only then can we even start thinking of forming a land governed by the way of Islam. Unfortunately, for now that is wishful thinking at best.
  11. For Once I Applaud Iran

    salaam was that a sarcastic remark? because this is indeed a inhumane way of punishing, Islamically it is not right. you guys should clear things up for non muslims here, that this is not Islamic. but unfortuanatly you guys just stay quiet.
  12. Is It Okay To Write Fantasy

    salaam its perfectly fine
  13. Donkey News

    why is this not funny to you guys?
  14. Women Should Rethink

    i know i was kidding, i know it was horrible joke.
  15. Being An Actor

    salaam do you even know the meaning of backbiting, how is that backbiting? mushraff is clearly an evil greedy dictator.