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  1. 50 Basic Q/a About Islam

    - jazaki Allah'o khayren, i couldnt resist :D i had to post ur post in another community where im mbr :D, may Allah (swt) reward you, for it.
  2. El Mehdi, (imame)

    salam aleykum - Insha Allah my question will found you in the best state of Iman, health and so your family and friends. - i hope u wld help me out with this issue insha Allah, recently some friend claimed that all about the promissed imame Mehdi is falsehood and wrong believes, ? is there any "authentic hadith" or ayat in the Qu'ran that could help. jazakum Allah Khayern
  3. Gossip And Backbiting

    Salam aleykoum, - I hope u all doing in great shape "Iman and health". inshaAllah I got a small issue here : - what Islam say about Gossip/backbiting a non-muslim ? - i do not mean talking lies and bad about the non-muslim, but about what is he doing wrong against us, being not nice at all and so on ... jazakum Allah'o Khayren peace
  4. Salam aleykum , Hi there - I'm not american, but live in usa since 2001. - I was muslim only by name and tradition, not practicing and i didnt care about it at all, all the way. - Was rised under a western life style rather than a religious one. - I started to reject religious believes and even ... , may Allah (swt) forgive me, becoz it was just going against my believes and my free will. - as soon as i moved to usa, well u know a free country. saturday night club and stuff ... no dad no mom to watch ur back, no neibor's talk (gosip) ... and evrywhere u turn its an invitation to sin freely. - i swear, i never concidere to revert to Islam, maybe sometimes becoz i felt somehow traditionaly-guilty that i may take religion seriously when i get old, becoz i had always that idea "religion = old people". so when ill be like 60 years old i ll have time to do religious stuff. but since im young how dare some1 can tell me what to do . - begining 2004 somehow by miracle, yes miracle that how i can state it, i still dunno yet what have i done right so Allah (swt) blessed me with Islam. - it took me 3 months to learn and correct my weak knowldge, 3 months to face the truth. noway seriously i had to take my shahada, - next month (march) with Allah's will it ll be my 1st years (12 months) practicing and learning Islam, - and i still learning. does that count ?? hey ! have a nice day !
  5. My Story

    Salam aleykum - Allah guide whom he will. "Allah o akber", - i'm my self back to the right path after reading the same web site. Allah (swt) blessed me to look for it, to found it and gave me the courage to read it. and opened my heart to Islam. Allah o Akber
  6. Interesting Angel Question

    Salam Alikom - i hope you all doing good , incha Allah ! - i raised a question about angels, but it seam nobody could reply to it (faulty post i dont know but it said some kind of error) - well i just wanted to know the names of the Angels named in Islam and or Sunnah, what's their duty !. - like Angel Gabriel (as) was a link between some prophets (as) and Allah (swt), or please just forward me to a safe site, where i can gain more information about Angels genaraly. jazakou allaho kahyern
  7. - salam aleekom - Another question ! this one is about Isa (as) . a friend of mine confused me, he is muslim too but he believes that Isa (as) died here in earth (not the christian way : "not the crucifiction") , no not that way. before he was rised to heaven. he also believes he was resurected in heaven. - and obviously i cant help it with my limited knowldge. jazaka Allah o khayren for u time. wa salam
  8. Adam and Eve (as)

    - salam aleekum - I recently got in trouble supporting that Adam and Eve (as) were clothed by Allah (swt) after they were created ! - so i do supprot it after listening to : "the prophets stories" , by "tarik sawidane" the 1st tape that talk about the creation of Adam (as) and the 1st sin. he "tarik s" said 2 aya that confirm some how that they were clothed. - i sadly cant found the ayat bcoz i dont know the quran that well so i could hunt it, and my trans-arabic is french, please be patient with me ! jazaka Allah o khayren. i tried my best to make sound a litle bit english ! "wa ida kolna lee mala-e-katee osjoudou lee Adam fasajado ila iblise aba, fa kolna ya adam ina hada aadowon lak wa li zawjik fala u khrijanak mina el janati fa tachaa ina laka an la tajou3a fiha wala taa'ra" - the second aya, he was just to fast for me :D , but he used it to argue that they were clothed. - now my trouble got bigger bcoz just recently another friend shows up and he too support that they were naked. - may Allah (swt) forgive me if im wrong ! i just tend to defend Islam with my litle knowldge. JAZAKA Allah KHAYREN ! for ur time, wa salam
  9. Sara's Story

    salam alikom - Allah o Akbar , that all what i can say ! youh'dee Allah'o ma yachaa'
  10. Re-perform a salate

    salam aleykom - oh well, here comes my question. sometimes i just dont feel anything after performing a salate, i feel kind of empty and that i didn't perform it well ! can i re-perfom it ? or is it a bidaa' ? - well i hope it's not. i did it when i feel that. and sometimes i cut it and restart all over because i m not that focused on the salate ! - to keep on focusing on the salate sametimes is just a real challange for me ! anything that would help me on this issue, is more than welcome. - jazaka Allah o khayren for your help and reply, wa salam
  11. How I came to Islam

    :D :D reading revertion story reinforce my own faith. - Ramadan mubarek
  12. 2 years old kid and salat

    - :P - i'm glad that the web site is back :D i just refered a friend here so i m feeling lucky. Allah is great. - here is my issue i had to deal with it for a while, and i guess i need some help here. i have to babysit my niece most the time, and while im performing salat , i can smell what she did, and its really stinky. - in this case should i stop salat right way, change her and re do my wudu before i redo salate ? or i can continue my salat. - and sometimes she sit right on the spot where i have to make the sujud or she wana just make sujud like me so i feel kinda bad removing her so i keep swithing from my spot to make the sujud , ( i actually i mean in 1 salat i may do each sajda in a diffrent spot on the left or on the right. yes in same place where i started salat) - the deal is she always decide to stay with me each time i start a salat :P , yes i try to check her before i start it, but things happen randomly with kids. :D :w: