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  1. Facebook, Do You Use It?

    I like facebook. Its easy to communicate with family and friends. Just remember do not add ppl you don't know.
  2. Are You Gooder At Grammar?

    Pretty easy. 100% :sl:
  3. What Is The Most Destabilizing Force In Pakistan Today?

    Al-Qaeda, terrorists? Oh boy you got that wrong. Have you been watching lots of Fox news lately? False propaganda.
  4. Inner Peace And Happiness

    Assalamu alaykum, A mumin' should never get bored by daily life, because everyday is new for the people who believe in Allah and the last day. If you think you are really bored and have nothing to do, read books, learn how to cook/sew, bring up your child like the childeren of companions were raised. Be an awesome example for your kid. Memorize Quran, Be active in Community (see if somebody needs help), Involve in dawah, have a good realtionship with family and friends, visit the sick, and ofcourse lets not forget the main purpose of life...Worship Allah swt. Hasaan Al basri once said: Seek happiness in one of three things... 1) Recitation of Quran 2) Salah 3) Dhikr of Allah swt If you don't find happiness in one of these things then the door to happiness is closed for you. InshaAllah everything will work out for ya. Remember life is never boring when there is knowldge out there which will never end - the knowledge of Islaam. May Allah swt make it easy for us to be among the righteous Ameen. - Rabiya
  5. Random Incoherence

  6. Can A Good Muslims Also Be Secularist?

    lol, go to wikipedia to search the meaning of "secularist". Then read my post again, esp the line, "A "muslim" by definition is one who submits to the will of Allah (swt) in all of his/her actions". - Niqaabi1210
  7. Can A Good Muslims Also Be Secularist?

    Not reallly. I thought the discussion was about a "good muslim" being secularist, not about imposing Islamic system on non-muslims. A "muslim" by definition is one who submits to the will of Allah (swt) in all of his/her actions; in the way he prays, the way he fasts, the way he gives charity, the way he deals with his family, his spouse, his children, his neighbors, the way he interacts with society, with the masses, with the rulers of the land he lives in, the way he deals with people in business, the way he manages his finances, the way he involves himself in politics, the way he cleans himself, the way he takes shower, the way he dresses himself, the way he washes himself in the washroom, ..... you get the point. - Niqaabi1210
  8. "little M0sque On The Prairie"

    Walaykum salaam wa rahmatullah, 1) What do you think of the show “Little Masjid on the Prairieâ€, is it a positive reflection of the lives that Muslims lead in Canada? If not, what themes of the show made you think otherwise? - The show is an attempt to present a mix of Islam and western values to the western culture. It is not a positive reflection of the lives that muslims lead in Canada; rather, it is a reflection of the minority among so-called Muslims that call themselves "progressive". 2) Do you feel as though Muslims are justifying the religion to the west, which at this point is seemed as the “superior†civilization? (By justifying, I mean making it seem that Muslims live a normal life just like everybody else in Canada). Please explain. - The show does portray muslims as living a "normal" life just like everybody else in Canada. However, the show assumes that a "normal" way of life is to accept the western way of life in its entirety. 3) Are there any themes on the show that you think actually reflect the Muslim way of life in a successful and genuine matter (dressing codes, the music that’s used, the way the characters interact and talk to each other, and etc). - Not at all. It is more a reflection of a western way of life. There is absolutely nothing Islamic about the dress code, the music, the interaction of the characters, etc. 4) Had the 9/11 events not had happened; would the show be as popular as it is now? - Wallahu ta'aala alaam (Allaah knows best). 5) Why do you think the show was generating so much more buzz in the U.S. than in Canada? - I doubt its more popular in US unless you can show some statistics to prove it. -Niqaabi1210
  9. Can A Good Muslims Also Be Secularist?

    Regarding question of this thread, Its like saying can a good christian also be hindu? -Niqaabi1210
  10. Dates ?

    Dates smoothie counts? :D
  11. Reviving The Islamic Spirit

    im gonna be there Insha'Allah. That convention is more like Reviving Sufi Spirit :D
  12. Ten Ways To Increase Happiness In Marriage!

    Excellent post mashaAllah.
  13. How To Keep Your Wife Happy..

  14. How To Keep Your Wife Happy..

    Keeping man happy by leaving him alone. Again, Its not true. Thats kinda mean. -Rabiya
  15. How To Keep Your Wife Happy..

    Its not true.