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  1. Clicking on sister's forum topic

    Assallaamalaikum My head and a brick wall This is getting boring If the rooms with passwords failed get rid of them no need to replace them with rooms filled with more easily accesible temptation. My head and a brick wall :D :D :D
  2. too many rooms...

    Assalaamalaikum I have an idea delete/close the brothers room and sister room. :D
  3. Clicking on sister's forum topic

    :D The rooms are wrong if you believe there will be no one of the opposite sex peeping in. We couldnt secure the girls room with a password what are they gonna be like know ? I really hope you people who run this forum accept this was an error and get rid of the rooms. Did Dot actually allow this ? Cos I am shocked at the idea ?
  4. Warning People Against Deviants

    :D Did you have anyone in mind brother ?

    :D This is such a nice thread. I would never have expected you lot to come out with such nice comments. Sorry for underestimating you.
  6. Can I have your opinion please?

    :D I agree. Nobody will trust you, many will slander you but If you believe you can help muslims in your own way go for it. There are muslims out there who are damaging other muslims and in my mind they are the biggest enemy we have. We can sit here all day slatting Bush, Blair and the west but how does that help us in the end, what do we achieve. We simply anger ourselves and feel more frustrated at the lack of power we have. If I had the opportunity you have I would not hesitate for a second. Turn to Allah (swt) for your answer not this forum.
  7. Women's work

    Sadly many women are pleased with this situation of combining working outside the house to support themselves, and their natural duties of pregnancy, child birth, and breast feeding. This is because of their desire for amusement and to boast; not because there is any real human or moral value in their working outside the home. Unlike what is claimed, women's work has no real value boosting the economy. Rather the truth is that by competing with men for jobs outside the home, women are a cause in the spread of unemployment and an increase in the useless consumption of cosmetics, clothes, and perfumes that have all become necessary items for women working outside the home. Furthermore every woman that works outside the home is in most occasions a cause for denying an opportunity for a man who could work in her place. Again this is one factor in unemployment. Moreover the man who takes the place of a woman in the household cannot substitute her in her natural duties. :D What exactly are these women boasting about and what amusement ? Are you saying all unemployed women do not use cosmetics and perfume ? Would you rather go to a male doctor, a male midwife, a male nurse to perform close up examinations ? What about men with handicaps who stay home and their wifes work ? Should these women leave their husbands for better providers so they dont have to work ? There are many flaws in this very narrow minded article ? I would have thought even you sister would put some more thought into it. There are women who work hard and provide us with many valuable skills, without which I would have been very lost. I agree that well off mothers should stay home and look after their children but in reality this is not always the case. I also know many mothers who do not work yet put their children in nursery so they can go spend their working husbands money on cosmetics and perfume and it is these women who seem to do most of the gloating and boasting. Try stepping out of the dark ages.
  8. "Owning the Weather" for Military Use

    :D I heard someone once saying that humans would discover many things but control of the rain would never be revealed to us. Don't know if it is true.
  9. writing s.a.w. and s.w.t.

    :D Please don't be angry but your post was so confusing. Are these abbreviations allowed or not ?
  10. ZAKAH

    :D A quick question about Zakah. Is Zakah 2.5% payable on annual income plus savings or is it payable on savings only ? I know you can pay as much as you want over 2.5%. I read it should be paid as food not money and clothes. That 1 of the schools of madhab (something like that) out of four approves of money. Also when should it be paid ? Can I pay it at start of year in lump sum so I dont forget or lose track ?
  11. Racism in Britain

    :D The most racism I ever encountered was whilst working for the police.
  12. Who's coming to dinner?

    :D I'd invite 9 shrinks and a babysitter
  13. Imam jailed for allegedly abusing a girl

    :D Isn't commenting on something you do not have all the facts on a sin ?

    :D Has anyone heard the Yusuf Islam and Ronan Keating Song, Father and Son ? Just wandering what people thought of it ?

    :D :D Very amusing story and a good bit of knowledge for the future.