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  1. Free Mixing In Forums

    Salamu Alaikum, I respect your opinion but sometimes I think we take it too far. I spoke to a sister once who mentioned to me that the youth group in her Masjid play games and particpate together in the masjid in non-religous matters (or at least that is what I understood from her). Now is that to say that we should avoid going to the masjid b/c there's a possibilty of zina coming out of it? What about when I go to work? My boss is a female; should I quit? The obvious answer is no here. However, I also agree that this is quite an issue as I have been tempted here and there by someone contacting me. Maybe if we took the whole "gender" thing out that would solve the issue (just my .02). But this is an awesome forumand I've learned so much and I think we should do everything possible to make it a better place and I hope no oneleaves b/c of this post. Thanks
  2. Having Trouble With "ghayral Maghdoubi"

    Salam, I can chat with you later on MSN or something (i have a webcam and mic) and I'll try and help you out. ANd if you're not comftrable w/ that maybe I'll just record myself or something
  3. Salam, check this out: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"############chron######/disp/story.mpl/politics/4447556.html"]############chron######/disp/story.mpl/politics/4447556.html[/url] The new speaker of the house (nancy pelosi) swore in Keith Ellison (a muslim) using an old Quran Thomas Jefferson owned. The only frightening thing about thisis that some republican from Virginia (goode is the name I think) stated that "unless we control immigration more muslims will follow his (ellison's) path" Now what is that about? That is seriously sickening and makes me shudder that such people are so prejudicaed and ignorant. Does she not realize that there already exists 7-10million muslims in America already??!?!? I guess not. What a lunatic Profanity removed and editted by Freedslave 06/01/07
  4. Marriage Difficulty

    Salam bro, I have definately come to the realization that you MUST be a flexible person when you're in a relatinship. If the other person isn't interested in discussing serius issues, so what? They're just not interested in that stuff. Try talking about something else maybe? I mean everyone likes to joke around from time to time. So be playful with her; there is nothing wrong with that. God tells us that if there is something that you don't like in her then there will be something else that you WILL like in her. So focus on the positives and build the relationship on that inshallah. If she is a good wife, is pious, is loyal, etc. then I don't think you should divorce her b/c those characteristics are very hard to find. However, if she is the exact opposite of those things then maybe it's best to move on. Inshallah this has helped. Otherwise I apologize.
  5. What To Do

    Salam, I found it quite halarious that people within the christian faith won't accept eachother. However, in Islam, men are allowed to marry muslim, christian, and jewish women. Anyway, if you believe Islam to be the truth then go ahead and proclaim your faith inshallah. If you have any doubts study the religion more, ask us questions, and we will guide you inshallah. Peace
  6. Hello All

    Salam, hey! Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Peace
  7. Some Reminders Of The Pains

    Salam, wow, I was sort of looking forward to death but now I'm not too sure. lol
  8. Zakat

    Salam, We'll give you love! :sl: LMAO!!
  9. Another Eid Has Come!

    salam, apostates attacking our bros/sisters? really? I had no idea! care to eleaborate? anyway, I'm sick of muslims (us) not being able to decide on ONE day to be EID. Some say it's tomorrow while others assert it's sunday. God, why can't we just decide on one day? WHY?!??!?!
  10. Salam, I've never heard of anyone doing that. Honostly, it doesn't even make that much sense. We are to read the Quran so as to remember Allah, to learn about his laws, to memorize the quran, etc. All of these things are for our own benefit. How does any of that benefit her mom? I think this is a matter of common sense really.
  11. 4 Witnesses In Rape?

    the whole '4 witnesses' deal is to protect women, not harm them. If some people accuse a woman of doing evil (zina/adultery) then they have to provide witnesses but rape is a much different issue. obviously w/ zina/adultery there is a willingness to commit the act whereas w/ rape there is no willlingless for the victim.
  12. Hello!

    Salam, Welcome sis, might I ask how old you are? You don't have to answer me but I'm just curious b/c you have a "penpal". The last time i had one of those I was in grade school but for some reason the thought of it now is SOOO intriguing.
  13. Close To Converting

    "like a woman can't recite quran infront of men" ----> This is so that temptation may not arise. Tempation is real and we must recognize it lest our ruin. "the wife beating" ---> excuse me? Wife beating is not allowed in Islam! Here's a hadith: Muhammad said "beat not your wives." Then Omar came to the Rasul and said, "wives have got the upper hand of their husbands from hearing this" There are many other hadiths regarding the good treatment of woman and specifically the wives (the best of you are those who are best to their wives. So apparently there is some confusion here. The verse in the quran does not tell us to beat our wives!! We must study the verse carefully! "women and men can't talk" ---> excuse me? Aishah (the mother of the believers) may Allah be pleased w/ her talked to men about religous matters and talked to them when necessary. She spoke to men in a modest way and not in an inappropriate way. And the men she talked to were different than the men of today (just an FYI). So as long as our intentions are pure and as long as we talk to the opposite sex for necessities sake, then we can talk to them. However, if we flirt, be immodest, immoral, talk to the opposite sex for no particular reason, then this is impermissible. "there's more" ---> like?
  14. One thing I don't recommend is asking the family members about the character of the "to be" groom because THEY WILL have biased opinions and I promise you they won't be critical of him. They will only have good things to say so it is up to YOU to find out his character by spending some time w/ him (in a modest way) and trying to get to know him. Inshallah you should look for certain things in a spouse, such as: patience, anger management, kindness, gentleness, piety, righteousness, etc. Remember our Prophet's words when he said that people marry for 4 reasons....choose virtue and none of the other reasons. And a couple other things you want to look for are RESPECT (very important). How does he treat his family? Does he yell at them? lol Is he respectful of other people's opinions? Is he tolerant? Is he a good muslim? Does he pray 5 times a day? Does he lower the gaze? Is he modest when he speaks to the opposite sex? I know this is a lot but you MUST observe his behavior and come to your own conclusions and see if this person is compatible, but above all, is his character true and virtuous? If so, then Inshallah he will be a good partner. Ameen
  15. Close To Converting

    Salam Sara, May Allah guide you sister.