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  1. Silence For The Dead.

    muslims have died too you know, theres lots missing aswell. but yeah i agree Islam forbids praying for the kuffr dead, simply because there's no point.
  2. Silence For The Dead.

    people spend that silent minute making duah!! and remembering death! (read above post or else i'll be reiterating Wa Alaikum Asalaam
  3. Silence For The Dead.

    Asalaamualaikum no offence but alot of people are taking this matter TOO SERIOUSLY. why are you making Islam complicated for yourselves? Take that minutes silence to make duah for the injuried and dead MUSLIMS in the blast too. Make duah to Allah swt asking him to help muslims out of this predicament, to bring the offenders to light, to put a stop to this, to give us all courage and patience. And just because you;re taking that minutes silence is not stopping you from using the other minutes of your life to pray to Allah or share your condolences. ITS JUST A MINUTE WITH A LABEL. thats all! like you take a minute to share a memory, take this minute to remember your DEATH, If you dont take that minutes silence, and everyone else in yoru class or office is silent but you're sat their tapping away at your comp or on the fone or something, HOW BAD WILL YOU LOOK? think about the long term consequences, what image will that portray of muslims?! You dont have to leave the room, do you really think it would make sense to leave the room? why trouble yourself so much, is it so difficult to stay quiet for ONE MINUTE. cant you take that ONE MINUTE out for Allah swt? can tyou think of that one minute as a good thing? something forcing you to stop your worldly affairs and gain you good deed?> if it makes you remember your death then whats wrong with that? what harm is going to come from it? And strongly disagree that this comes into taking part ina kuffar act. because it wouldnt make sense to say so.
  4. Will You Donate To If?

    Asalaamualaikum no because im not totally convinced by this forum and dont want to contribute to something for which i might later regret. (i was the one who picked "other situation" yes)
  5. Asalaamualaikum okay this topic is regarding the rule 08- Oppose rule or show disrespect to an IF official Nobody on IF can seem to get a word in edgeways regarding this rule without being cut off or warned! so im goign to make the best attempt i can without upsetting the mods or admin. I recall the admin saying something along the lines of "you agreed to the rulings when you joined the site" and this being one of the rules. But what about when NEW rules are added? Secondly, why is it such an offense, if an IF member, in the Comments and Suggestions forum, decides to make a suggestion or express his/her feelings towards a certain rule? Surely objecting to this is a form of tyrrany!!! it's depriving us of our rights as members. Members are the base of your entire forum, and if we're not allowed to make a suggestion then that's not getting anyone anywhere., Just because a member makes a suggestion doesnt mean that you HAVE to agree with them, Sometimes members just need clarification on the ruling, or maybe need to be guided into seeing your wisdom behind the ruling. Even the laws of the lands allow civilians to appeal against rulings! That's how the world goes round!! Your rule states - 08- Oppose rule or show disrespect to an IF official - So mods and admins, do i deserve a warning now? for expressing my opinion?? Is expressing one's opinion now deemed as "OPPOSING" a rule? ansd what rule have i opposed? None if you think about, ive simply queried. i would love to argue this further but have to go clean the kitchen Ma'salaama - as always - take the definition in mind.
  6. Celebrating Valentines Day..

    Asalaamualaikum why mods, do i see two of the same topics? "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_forums.gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showtopic=8445&hl="]Celebrating Valentines Day.. What Does Islam Say?[/url] The following topics maybe useful to some members too inshAllah "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_forums.gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showtopic=8475&hl="]Mothers Day In Islam?[/url] "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_forums.gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showtopic=8093&hl="]Imitation of People[/url] "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_forums.gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showtopic=679&hl="]Halloween: Harmless or Haraam?[/url] ma'salaama
  7. Please Do Not Close This Thread

    Asalaamualaikum of course you should be allowed to express your opinion and discuss Jihaad i have no idea what the mods are doing. Aslong as you dont do the following acts which break the code of conduct for IF which is- 06- Supporting un-Islamic Behavior 18- supporting any civilian killings 22- insult Allah/Prophet/Islam/member 33- discriminating based on race, religion, nationality 34- supporting cult/sectarian ideas 26- political or jihad discussion I really dont understand this rule, and personally dont feel it has been thought out properly at all. HOW can you say POLITICAL discussion is disallowed when there is a political forum? i can understand how political discussions OUTSIDE the political forum is wrong... And discussing JIHAD is wrong? Aslong as your discussing it in the correct Islamic way, with benefit to other muslims, helping other muslims understand the importance of jihaad etc, why is it wrong? Not every jihaad discussion is regarding "MISCONCEPTIONS". and again, how can you say Jihad discussions are disallowed when there is a forum dedicated to Jihad discussion? again i can understand if the topic is out of the Jihad MISCONCEPTIONS forum. but what if the topic is not about MISCONCEPTION? I think every member on IF should be given enough freedom and liberty to discuss in the commentsd and suggestions forum, their feelings towards certain rules. any objection to this is just wrong! The only concern any muslim should have about letting members discuss Jihaad and Politics freely is the risk of misconceptions arising due to members being ignorant towards the correct Islamic teaching., But aslong as rule number 18- "supporting any civilian killings" is adhered to, and the same goes for similar rules mentioned (and the application of common sense to understand this) then how can we go wrong??? Please mods and admins, i would really like to know the wisdom behind this ruling. If (most likely) you cannot agree with us and are adamant this ruling is correct, then ATLEAST REWORD it? Jazakhallah and Ma'salaama - please take in mind the defintion of JAZAKHALLAH and MA'SALAAMA before this topic turns into an argument.
  8. Asalaamualaikum 3 Questions 1. is it fardh, sunnah maukudah or sunnah ghair maukudah to do Zikr straight after completing your salaat/prayer? e.g. when you do zikr on your fingers/rosary beads. 2. is it fardh, sunnah maukudah or sunnah ghair maukudah to make a duah straight after your salaat, or can you pray, leave the prayer mat, and then make your duah at a time more convenient for you? 3. is it fardh, sunnah maukudah or sunnah ghair maukudah to do zikr or a Duah after every time you complete a set of Fardh e.g. after 4 Fard Rakaat in Zuhr do you have to make a duah/ do some zikr? Jazakhallah
  9. Do You Get Enough Iron?

    loll :laugh: have your GP give you a blood test?
  10. Any Hyderabadi Here?

    lol :laugh: Maybe you should put a translation after it. "HOWV" (yes..kind of)- that's how they pronounce it. sounds wlel funny
  11. Where Would You Holiday With Your Spouse?

    i dont hate you and never said i did bro :smile: Well ive sat on a similar boat in karachi just inches from the water surface and Alhamdulillah we were all safe, although im positive i saw a crocodile surface in the water a few yards away from the boat - but everyone told me it was just a log :D Yep they are romantic and dream like so i think i'll risk it and sit on one, and make my husband sit on one too!
  12. Any Hyderabadi Here?

    Asalaamualaikum my mums from hyderabad dhakan, if that's what you mean :D
  13. Do You Get Enough Iron?

    Asalaamualaikum Alhamdulillah my iron levels are normal! however it is especially important for girls to keep an eye on this, and the reason you all know so i dont need to explain. ma'salaama
  14. What Would You Do If The Dajjal Had Come

    Asalaamualaikum is this really an Islamic discussion?
  15. Does Not Respond To Call For Prayer/adhan

    ... the radios and tv's all blast the adhan now thanks to satellite lol, even on the internet you get adhan 5 times a day -so really there's no excuseeee for you if you live in a country where the adhan is not called from the masjid... right?