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  1. my story

    salam sis It was wonderful to read your conversion story..inashallah u will hold fast and become stronger each day with Allah's help..i cant believe your in perth..im from there too..and to think perth is so remote..lol..have u been in touch wit any muslims in perth..if u need any help feel free to contact me inshallah.. wasalam
  2. My story

    salam brother mashallah for becoming a muslim..i hope Allah will make it easier for you to follow the right path...brother don't be afraid to visit the masjid ..i promise you that you will have the best feeling and you will be among your muslim brothers..welcome to the world of Islam wasalam
  3. Islam In Russia

    salam Do you think the majority of the russian people support the war in chechnya? And how is it portrayed in the russian media?
  4. Islam in Australia (G'Day mates)

    salam i come on this thread and find nuthing for Australia..WHAT no aussies here!!!..i find it hard to bleieve..wake up u ppl..i knw the heat is on down under but we need tell the world there are muslims in OZ.. :D ..AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!!!!! OI OI OI!!!!!!
  5. Islam in Somalia

    salam bruthaz and sisterz anyone here living in oz. im jus wondering.......