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  1. As salamualikum I joined in the early days when this forum was very active. the main reason in my opinion that it is not as active now is because you have wayyyy too many rooms. Why have so many? Before there was the basic ones Islamic discussion, general discussion, people would post and get lots of responses quickly. Now you have so many that barely one or two responses get posted on the threads so when people dont get a response they move on to another forum where they will get responses. I stopped coming here because of that.
  2. Inconsistent?

    As salamualikum We know as muslims that it is alleged that we are not burdened with more grief/tests in our lives beyond what we can handle BUT what about the many hundreds of thousands of people (including muslims) who commit suicide? Clearly these are people who were unable to handle the burden placed on them in thier life due to depression or bipolar disease or whatever the case may be. Can someone please clarify? Seems to be an inconsistency
  3. I Want To Marry A Revert Muslim

    as salamualikum I am currently married to a revert and my former husband was also a revert (just to clarify neither were new muslims). Marry whoever you want just bear in mind that reverts generally tend to have a past and issues that go along with it. Marriage wont necessarily be easier. True they dont mix eastern culture with Islam like unfortunately a lot of born muslims do BUT they still come from a culture that they will hold on to. I know many reverts who years after becoming muslim still struggle with things that most born muslims would consider the norm (eg not drinking, praying regularly, eating halaal, drug and ###### addiction) etc. Dont get me wrong i am not bagging out reverts alhumdulilah i love my husband dearly BUT just bear in mind that marriage is not easier with a revert as opposed to a born muslim. They have just as many issues. Just different ones.
  4. My Friend

    As salamualikum I need some advice about what to do to help a friend who is a convert muslim. She is a really nice sister alhumdulilah and has gone through much hardship in order to embrace Islam. The problem is that she really wants to get married but she is a very masculine sister (im not trying to be rude i just need to explain what the issues r) and because of this the brothers generally dont want to meet her. Im really worried about her going down the wrong path because her family is putting a lot of pressure on her to marry also but because they are not muslim of course they set her up with kaffirs. To add salt to the wounds the kaffirs she is set up with usually really like her and besides religion are very appealing to her. She was on the verge of accepting a proposal from a non muslim but alhumdulilah she decided to my stay strong in her iman. Unfortunately the more time that goes by the more she is tempted to go down that road. So basically a few of her friends (including me) have promised to help her. We dont have a very big muslim community here and like i said brothers can be pretty shallow. So any ideas wat we should do or how we can help her?
  5. If You Have Ever Been Divorced..

    as salamualikum time is the best healer you will be ok inshallah learn from your mistakes and dont repeat them next time.
  6. An Inspirational Story

    As salamualikum brothers and sisters Several years ago when i first started at university i joined a study group. Through this group i became friends with a girl who i later found out to be "gay". Although i didnt agree with her lifestyle i never asked her about it or attempted to giver her any dawah. She was president of the university gay community and heavily involved in thier activities. At one point during the year she was handing out brochures about volunteers for some gay parade and i remembered thinking how impossible it would be to help someone like this become muslim. After the year ended we lost touch and i didnt hear from her again. fast forward 6 years later to friday night ............... i went to a gathering on friday night and the sisters were talking about a convert sister who was currently studing to become a hafis. Imagine my suprise when i was introduced to her and it was the same girl that i had gone to uni with. I couldnt belive it! Subhanallah! I spoke to her for most of the night and she told me she had been a muslim for about three years and then she said something that really shook me , she said "you know if you had told me about Islam when i knew you i would probably have become a muslim much earlier. How true is that? By staying silent how many opportunities do we miss? Well ive learnt my lesson alhumdulilah I wont stay silent in future.
  7. Help With Marriage

    as salamualikum sounds like a total loser, sorry to hear about your troubles somehow i dont think "cooking his favourite food" is gonna solve this one. what part of australia are you from? there are many diffrent support centres for muslim sisters that i know of as well as convert organisations. I am from perth so if i can be any help just email me - maryamaustralia[at]yahoo(contact admin if its a beneficial link)
  8. What Country Are You From?

    As salamualikum Born and raised in Australia - mother is from pakistan and father is from egypt.
  9. Men, Would You Marry A Woman Older Than You?

    As salamualikum Sis why not?
  10. As salamualikum There was HEAPS of aussies becoming muslims at his lectures (if i recall correctly brother Anthony H is one of them?). I think thats part of the reason he coulnt get a visa here.
  11. Come Inside And Share The Love

    Thanks sis truth you saved me from having to say it!
  12. Come Inside And Share The Love

    As salamualikum The picture i posted is a car i ALREADY own. What a strange person you are coming into a totally non controversial topic and attempting to attack the character of another brother in such a public manner. "Righteous" indeed. Not.
  13. Come Inside And Share The Love

    As salamualikum Ok this is my car - or should i say my "baby" ######you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_img.drive(contact admin if its a beneficial link).au/drive_images/dealer/westsideauto/48625_1_m.jpg[/img] Im having some trouble with the other photos but inshallah will post them asap
  14. Men, Would You Marry A Woman Older Than You?

    As salamualikum So i supposed Hasrat Khatijah displayed "western traits" when she married the prophet? Someone i dont think so!! In eastern enviroments men are usually a lot older then women so they can more easily control and dominate them.
  15. I Pretended To Be Muslim

    To the poster before the above one The person who posted this thread is a BROTHER not a sister.