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  1. Shaykh Salim Morgan

    Jazal'Allah Khair. His email's not working either, I will try contacting the Islamic Center of San Diego.
  2. Reports Of Shoe Throwers Injuries A Lie

    10 days & they still didn't bring him public. no wonder u disappeared from the thread.
  3. Holy Land Foundation Found Guilty

    May Allah make it easy for the brothers & their families. May Allah reserves the best of Jannah for them for the sacrifices they have made for Islam & Muslim in this world.
  4. Shaykh Salim Morgan

    :sl: I tried contacting Imam Salim Morgan but his phone seems to be disconnected & email bounces back. Does anyone know how to get in touch with him aka alternate tel #
  5. Learning Arabic In Arab Country

    Yemen is the best. Egypt, Syria etc have good school but when u go out to the street.. the language is all messed up. Yemenis talk proper Arabic in every day life.. that's the place to go.
  6. Us Admits Paying Pakistan 10 Bill. Just For Killing Pakhtuns

    pashtunkhwa, I don't think anyone here loves the Pakistani govt. But what do u think abt Karzai , a pashtun himself selling his soul to the Americans.
  7. Boston Legal- Gitmo

    i couldn't hear any audio.
  8. Wearing The Poppy For Remembrance, Halal Or Haram?

    what's a poppy?
  9. Islam in India - Home to the...

    br. Abul Asad I thought I would correct u on some points here. # .India's second richest man is Muslim "Azim Premji" he's a parsi not a Muslim. # .India's president is Muslim whose also a great scientist "A.P.J Abdul kalam" Yeah, do u know what's first thing he does when he wakes up... read Gita. so weird. # .The Great lecturer of all time Sheikh Ahmed Deedat was an Indian. He was a South African, his ancestors migrated to SA from India.
  10. They Met The Iraqi Resistance

    does anyone have the complete video?
  11. Marriage Of Ayesha & Muhammad Saw

    Lars, Do you know how much wealth or worldly possession Prophet Mohammed have? what kind of clothes did he wear, what he ate, and what he had with him when he died?
  12. Marriage Of Ayesha & Muhammad Saw

    My grandmother was 13 when got married as that was the norm during her days, my mother got married when she was 16-17 as that was the norm. My sis got married when she was 20 (2 yrs back). may be 50 yrs from now they mite change the minumum age from 18 to 25. So does that make most of us from this generation pedophiles? Judge according to norms of the society at that time, not from 2007.
  13. Talibaan Declare A State Within Pakistan

    i can see some posts in here full of racism.
  14. Complications With Diversity

    Go vegetarian, may be South Indian cuisine.
  15. Red Sox joke

    I enjoyed every minute of it. we r not complaining abt the 7 game streak here in boston. :sl: