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  1. Help A Brother In Need

    ok i sent it through paypal...Asalaamualaykum wrwb
  2. Help A Brother In Need

    Asalaamualaykum brother, I would like to help you inshaAllah. Please email me at saadiab1234[at]gmail.com so I can know how to send the money. Thank you. Wsalaam
  3. Urgent Question About Marriage

    Walaykum asalaam warahmatullah wabarakatahu, That should be completely ok, inshaAllah, don't see any wrong in it. She is free to be uncovered at home with your mom. May Allah(SWT) bless your marriage always ameen!
  4. Cant Find A Job

    Please keep me and my family and all muslims in your duas as well....JazakhAllah
  5. Cant Find A Job

    Ameen to the above duas!!
  6. Catch - 22 For Islam

    charity in the sense that it is meant to help the poor...its is obligatory for believers...confiscation is taken from someone, zakat is given to the poor....no such thing as 124 abrogated/deleted verses...
  7. Catch - 22 For Islam

    ok last comment, the Quran is 100% the same, not 99%, and in one universal language- no need to compare. That is truly amazing.
  8. Catch - 22 For Islam

    by the way, as this may be a pointless argument, I will stop. to you your beliefs, and to me mine.
  9. Catch - 22 For Islam

    why are there mulitiple versions or "major versions"? Did God get it wrong the first time, or was it rewritten by men?
  10. Catch - 22 For Islam

    I'm sorry but the bible is man-made and has multiple versions- which one is correct?
  11. Catch - 22 For Islam

    Also please do not disrespect the Noble Prophet Muhammad(SAW), may all of Allah(SWT)'s peace and blessings be always and forever on him, his family, and his followers ameen!!!
  12. Catch - 22 For Islam

    sorry but you are incorrect. Jesus (pbuh) made no such claims, and God deceived no one. Jesus (pbuh) was never crucified, therefore he wasn't resurrected. He was taken up to heaven by God and will return. Islam has no race barriers.
  13. To Convert Or Not To Convert?

    The problem with the idea of Carpe Diem is that this life is temporary and too much indulgence in anything leads to no good. Part of the beauty of Islam is that it teaches moderation in all things.
  14. To Convert Or Not To Convert?

    If you feel Islam is right, you should convert in order to save yourself. The choice is yours, and the road may be hard, but this life is a test. And if you goal is to please Allah and live a life in accordance to His will, then you should. If you believe in Allah and His messenger (SAW), then there are some things you may have to give up. But that is part of the test. You should take things slowly and do what your heart tells you is right, and it sounds like you know Islam to be true?
  15. Sister, I feel like a hypocrite giving advice that I may not be following myself. I don't want to be a hypocrite and want this thread to be about addressing your concerns from ppl who know better than me. I hope thats not too confusing! Anyways I do wish you the best in everything! Take care Wsalaam