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  1. thursday dua

    :D Interesting question.. My family do the thursday dua aswell at times.. Look forward to the replies..
  2. Husbands and wifes holding holding hands in public

    :D Aahh.. thats cute :D
  3. Cheese Omelette

    :D LOL i remember that.. Password to the secret lab is.. OMELETTE DU FROMAAAAAGE (w00t)
  4. dua for

    :P :D she'll do well. . :D
  5. Understanding Quranic Arabic

    :D 2nd option
  6. Im getting married!

    :P :D Great news.. May Allah :swt: shower His blessings on your union.. :D your brothers studies will go well..
  7. Engineer's Dorm Room

    :D LOL at Cheerio's shortcut to happiness!!! :D
  8. Christmas on its way to Dubai

    :D What a shock :D U see half naked westerners roaming around all the time, surelt this was just a natural progression from that.. Anything for a dollar..
  9. Another Eid Question

    :D Sweet meats Amani?? :D
  10. Spare a moment

    :D :D she'll make a full recovery..
  11. Islamic Channel - recitor

    :D I thought i was the only one!!! Can i get hold of it anywhere?
  12. Islamic Channel - recitor

    :D Oh right,, :D
  13. Islamic Channel - recitor

    :D There's a particular recitation they play at fajr time.. Its :D The surah translation is always at the bottom of the screen.. It starts like "The Striking Hour..... " Which surah is that?
  14. Somebody Please Help

    :D Send them your chosen volume of hadiths.. or kitaab etc
  15. ShOw YouR Animality!!

    :D Dolphin :D Very sharp animals alhamdulillah..