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  1. Biggest Iraqi Traitor Killed In Ramadi

    Wa aleikum as Salam, brother ######. You see the situation in Iraq during a very narrow scope. I suppose you do not live in Iraq and also do I assume you sit in front of your computer in a nice, cosy country blessed with peace and order (Just like I do). I think Abu Risha had a better view of the situation in Iraq, because he was just in the middle of that bleeding mess that is Iraq today. Henceforth if Risha thought the self-appointed Islamic Army in Iraq is worse than the US he must have had his reasons for it. He seemed to have identified those Al-Qaeda fanatics as a bigger threat to the Iraqi people and Islam among Iraqis than the US occupiers. In consequence your reasoning with our divine revelation does prove nothing and is worthless in this case. The question in return to you : Where do all the traitors come from? If there was a pious Islamic resistance movement fighting the US-troops why do so many Iraqi Muslims (even Sunni tribal leaders!) work together with the US? Maybe the self-appointed resistors aren't that pious and at all, but committing even more atrocities than the US-troops? Looking at the long list of terror attacks on civilian targets Al-Qaeda is working hard in outrunning the US count of slayed Muslims. (Maybe they achieved it already). Also Abu Risha didn't conspire with the US, he openly met with them. A conspiracy does take place in secret and if you conspire with someone you don't let have photos published! At last I feel endorsed to add : To me it is disgusting how you try to show Abu rifa as someone who has abandonded Islam. You cannot look into his heart and you haven't even met him. Maybe his decision to work with the US was just motivated by his belief in Allah (swt) and our Prophet (s.). This sort of hybris is to me like you molested his dead body. Nasir
  2. Biggest Iraqi Traitor Killed In Ramadi

    As-Salamu aleikum. This men has fallen from the hand of a bunch of murderers. Now the admirers of these murderers want to strip this dead man from his last dignity, that remains after his death : Islam. Abu Risha has taken the decision that working with the US is the lesser evil for his people. He took secterian violence, disorder, decline of all society structures and the terror of the self-appointed saviors of the Muslim world (also known as Al-Qaeda and proudly labelling themselves as Mujaheddin, while spitting takfeer in all other directions) as the bigger evils. To me there is no question that this was a decision of outright courage and care about the people of Iraq. We should respect it, no matter if we share his stance. It's not upon us to judge. It's up to Allah (swt) to reward his courage, or not. Nasir
  3. The Pope's Comments And The General Reaction

    Peace. Because the Muslim ummah has a severe problem with radicals. Their only aim is to saw hatred among people. For example this call for murder masked as a "fatwa", you have mentioned. We Muslims need to care more about the dangers of our radicals, because if we do not manage to curb them their deeds will fall back on us one day. (In a political sense.) If some idiot killed the pope (I pray, that he enjoys a long and peaceful life) the reaction would hit all Muslims. Ma'a Salama nasiruddin P.S.: Islam is not a pacifist religion. Violence is justified under certain circumstances (self-defence) but certainly not in the way of murdering people. I feeld ashamed of those who abuse Islam in that way.
  4. Lebanon

    Peace, liberté. You know I am a technocrat (within moral boundaries). Henceforth to me, things that do not work are wrong, no matter with what arguments they're justified. The main problem of that conflict is not Arabs/Muslims hating the state of israel. (Most of us actually do, to a more or lesser amount). The main problem is that most of us do not trust israel. You can make peace with an enemy you hate, if you think his words are trustworthy. Hezbollah cannot destroy israel. israel is a nuclear power, hence it cannot be destroyed. Concerning the technological and military implications of nukes this will never be possible. Vice versa israel cannot destroy the Hesbollah. I think if an israeli government tried to build trust with Lebanon, Hisbollah and the Palestinians (for example releasing the thousands prisoners, who have never seen a judge) a cold peace would be possible in the long run. Maybe I am wrong, but I think it would be worth a try. But for that it needs people that can think from a differentiated point of view and not like guys like Olmert, that want to look like Sharon II., because they hope for votes. Ma'a Salama nasiruddin
  5. Before In Which Religion You Were ?

    :D Catholicism. Alhamdulillah now it's Islam. Ma'a Salama
  6. War Of Muslims

    I think we have won neither of those. Also I wouldn't call that cartoon action a war.
  7. What Can We Do Against Terrorism?

    :D > Brother newnew : I would not call Usama Bin Laden a sheikh, because he has no degree in Islamic sciences. (Henceforth his theological opinions remain irrelevant.) Also I wouldn't call him a sheikh as a honorful title, because I do not think he is a honorious man. Terrorism is our problem. You know we could discuss a lot about 9/11 being an "inside-job" (I don't think so). But the action of "Muslim" terrorists in Madrid, London, Germany (2 Lebanse tried to blow up bombs in passenger trains, Masha'Allah their bombs were a failure), Indonesia, Turkey, Iraq has clearly shown that these people, who refer to their crude "Islamic" ideologies deliberately target civilians. What would you call a self-appointed police that brutally murders the grand-daughters and grand-sons of a thief, instead of trying to lock the thief up? To me anyone who deliberately targets civilians is a murderer and a terrorist, no matter for what he claims to fight for. > Bro Haqqul-Yaqeen : This is a try. But do you think there's done enough? Do you think that education could curb the pool of people willing to blow them up in a fully loaded tube? The problem is, that you need just a small group for a terrorist attack. This attack sooner or later will fall back on us ourselves. > Thread topic : Just a reminder about the topic. It's about the terrorism committed in the name of Islam. Not about the israeli terror attacks on Lebanon, or the US. We're Muslims and we should care about cleaning before our door, instead blaming others for our mistakes. We ourselves define us about religion, not power, money, race or whatelse. So I think we should try to make our community better in a way of morale. Thats what the topic is about. So the final question remains : What can we Muslims, do that there are no more Muslims that blow up innocent civilians in trains, market-places, tubes and so on? (Like happened in so many places) I am sorry that only one brother answered the question with a constructive idea. I hope there will be some more. Ma'a Salama nasiruddin
  8. :D / Peace to all. I am looking forward to every kind of constructive idea. Ma'a Salama nasiruddin
  9. Lebanon

    :D / Peace. I also voted for Hizbullah out of the same reasons then bro thezman. I just want to add that another great loser is the israeli govt among Olmert. Their chairs are burning today and they are under most serious criticism. I hope that the israelis impeach Olmert and bring some people to power that act more reasonable. Ma'a Salama nasiruddin
  10. Why Isn't There A State Called Palestine?

    They would have been integrated in this state. I also think, that this would have worked because Palestinians are Arabs. But dictatorships (Egypt and Syria) are not capable of sharing state power, hence the Union was dead before it was ever born. (The crucial point was merely not defeating israel but bringing dictators to work together)
  11. Why Isn't There A State Called Palestine?

    :D Because they wanted to unify the whole Arab nation. Egypt and Syria even had a formal union of states. (During this was the high-time of Arab nationalism). This should have been accomplished by defeating israel in a joint military operation. I think I need not to add, that this plan went wrong. Ma'a Salama nasiruddin
  12. Un Fails To Agree Lebanon Truce

    :D :D There are thoughtful Ayatollahs in Iran, but they unfortunately reside in prisons. If I was Iranian I'd either shut my mouth or be locked up, I fear. My attitude is maybe unconventional among Muslims on the forum. The problem is, that the common collective stance of Muslims ("The israelis will have to leave, like the crusaders did.") is not based on reality but on wishful thinking. Most people ignore the implications of the israeli nuclear arsenal, which makes this state militarily undefeatable and unconquerable. Henceforth driving the israelis back into the sea like the crusdaders is impossible. (You often hear propaganda aimed at calling for the "destruction of israel" from what side ever. That is pure suicidial nonsense from a military point of view). I am German, my country lived 50 years under the threat of becoming a potential nuclear battlefield, so I am maybe more aware about the strategic implications of nukes. (I am going to post a detailed thread about these issues one day, when I can spare more free-time, Inshallah.) Henceforth peace with israel is not one options out of many, it is the only option reasonable. Many people depict israel as a ravaging monster, but I think peace with the jewish state is possible. (See the working and respected peace agreements between israel, Egypt and the Hashemite Kingdom) > Hezbollah : The Hezbollah is deeply linked with the population, as I pointed out before. So I think they could go without foreign aid for quite a long time if they draw resources and money from their ethnical faction. Also the Syrians and Iranians (if they wanted peace) are prisoners of their own politics. First arming the Hezbollah and preaching to "wipe israel of the map" (If that ever happened the whole Middle East would be a radiated desert) and then trying to put them towards peace might be very complicated even if Iran and Syria had more control over the organization. Ma'a Salama nasiruddin
  13. Un Fails To Agree Lebanon Truce

    :D Yes Muslim nations should do that. But for creating a stable peace, Muslim nations also should pressure the Hezbollah towards a peace with israel. Ma'a Salama nasiruddin
  14. "yo Blair"...bad Boys Taking

    Peace, Liberté. The Hezbollah is backed by the 45% Shii Muslims in Lebanon. They are not a regular army, but a paramilitary movement. Hence their fighters are melted with the Shii civilian population. The pre-war situation (which was a low-density conflict between israel and the Hezbollah) was described by a German journalist in Southern Lebanon with these words : "They are not a regular Army. How do you think the conflict works? They (the Hezbollah) take a house and hang their flag out to annoy the israelis. The israelis then bomb the house." The Hezbollah has fought the israeli Army successfully during their civil war. I think if the israelis took over the South of Lebanon againg it would go again the same way. As long as the Hezbollah is backed by the majority of Shii Muslims there is no way of winning a military campaign against them. (And their popular support among Shii Muslims wasn't damaged by the war) If you attack them with overwhelming force on one point they hide among the civilians. When you're weak on one spot, they pick up their weapons and ambush you, just to dislocate themselves again among the population. In the whole of the 20th century no non-Muslim power managed it to pacify occupied Muslim territory, in which a guerilla movement had evolved. (Algeria, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Iraq ...) I think Hezbollah can only be stopped (if they can be stopped, because they act quite independent) from their aggressive course, by their funders Iran and Syria. The border should be secured by Muslim (best Lebanese) troops, not from international (=Western) military, because that would only lead to another guerilla war. Trying to "weed out" the Hezbollah with military measures would end in a massacre among the civilians, which would be comparable to a genocide and a furious guerilla war, which would mean horrible losses to the occupying force. No matter if this force consisted of Muslim or Western troops. The Lebanese Army is totally unprepared for the job, because Hezbollah is stronger and the majority of the Army is consisting of Shii Muslims itself. So I think their has to be a diplomatic effort to bring the Hezbollah towards stopping their attacks on israeli territory. Then joint troops from the Arab countries should secure this agreement by controlling the border. (Alright, that seems to be very unlikely. But I consider that the best possible way) Ma'a Salama nasiruddin
  15. What's Wrong With Democracy

    Peace. You see thats the problem with Khilafa :D The Qur'an gives some principles how to govern a state. But a detailed conduct for a political system is not laid down in the scriptures. Hence a detailed Islamic system that is able to face the challenges of Modern times must still be worked out. I think that concerning balances in the system, the common democratic division in executive, parliament and judiciary branch would be a good method. In my view the greatest failure of common democracies is that they are able to maintain the rule of law within their country (which is very good) but that the govt can do abroad more or less what it wants. So I think in Khilafa the actions of the government concerning foreign policies should be strongly limited by the judiciary branch. The govt members should be accountable for eventual civilian damage of their intelligence and military operations. Also I think starting a war should be prohibited by the constitution. Same like first-strike use of WMDs or making plans for that. Ma'a Salama nasiruddin