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  1. Did You Know?

    native-american conflict may not 'continue' but the natives are stuck in reservations in their own country. that akin to gaza and west bank reservations. :sl:
  2. Did You Know?

    if you wanna annihilate the israelis, rational minded people gonna support you. if you wanna annihilate the palestinians then you're one weird muslim. :sl:
  3. Did You Know?

    as stated by mr TECKNI, palestinians wanna return to palestine not to some arab lands donated to them. history tells us present day israelis get their israel via un thoughtless partition of palestine in 1941/42. israelis never fought side by side british and arabs to topple ottoman empire. hence only donkeys gonna make ASSumption that israelies get their israel via blood shed. nope. israel shed palestinians blood not its own. it stole palestinians lands via un partition plan, and illegal jewish settlements and israeli apartheid security walls etc in palestinians lands. as you can see israelis are born parasites. :sl:
  4. cant keep mum dude. me gotta say we gotta choose to believe with commonsense. god give us brain to think and not dependant on blind faith. :sl:
  5. err i've yet to read the rest of the posts. been busy. anyhow i'm into this post. so when jesus said 'i and father are one', trinitarians gonna say thats huge proof jesus is god. swell. my question is if jesus is god why's he not omnipotent? trinitarians gonna say 'cause he's dual character. then i'm gonna say if jesus has dual character then god the father and god the holy spirit gotta have dual character too since trinitarians/church said these 3 have EXACTLY same character, that jesus = god the father = holy spirit. this is where trinitarians/church remain silent. why the silence? they dont seem to have no answer to why jesus has dual character when the other two dont and despite the 3 supposedly of EXACTLY same character. right? over to you mr AMEER7 and other trinitarians. :sl:
  6. Usa Hidden Agenda

    so usa hidden agenda stinks, its extremely dishonest and deceitful in its endeavour to promote socalled global war against terrorism. bush declared proudly to the world that he invaded afghanistan coz he wanna nab osama bin laden who he suspected as 911 mastermind. butt it turned out hes after bin laden for alledged other terrorism activities. bush announced proudly to the world he invaded iraq coz saddam was hoarding wmd. butt it turned out hes harbouring personal vendetta. shame. bush and obama poudly told the world iran must toe the line on the uranium thing and it turned out they're harbouring personal vendetta. they're in HARDfact terrorists themselves out to chastise those who dont wanna be pally with them. along the way they murdered innocent people in the thousands who they treated as collateral damage. indeed they stink. :sl:
  7. History Of Paletine

    i dont quite understand by the statement that i highlighted. romans? anyhow i would like to point out that from christians perspective, jesus gonna fight together with the christians against antichrist. hence when you said 'muslims and united nations' thats gonna mean christians are included since they're un members.
  8. 2. Open Letter To Israel.

    yes and no. yes, if abbas could help then he should stay. no, corruption corrupts i must say. hence to me corruption is part of the issue if abbas and hamas were to work together for the greater good of palestinians. :sl:
  9. many thanks for the input guys. here's what i get from wiki and bbc. looks harsh but i must add thats the law. :sl: wikipedia bbc
  10. you may not realise it but the answers given dont seem to focus on the questions. for instance when i asked why jesus' not omnipotent when he and god the father supposedly are of the EXACT same nature? your instant reply should be "because . . . . ". but you didnt did you? :sl:
  11. Christianity Simplified

    inother words jesus and god the father are not EXACTLY of the same nature as stated by wiki right? that they're not coequal as the church claimed right? that trinitarians are mistaken when they said jesus claimed he's god when he said father and him are equal right? he should have added they're only equal when he takes his divine form right? does the church ever claim jesus and god the father are coequal only when he's in heaven? does jesus ever make such a declaration in the bible? i may have missed it . . . you know. is this stated anywhere by jesus himself or the church etc? . . . . something to the effect that jesus declared he's man on earth and god in heaven . . . you know. why dont you read up and copy and paste that part which stated jesus is man on earth and god in heaven? :sl:
  12. Pro-bin Laden Rally In Gaza

    what do you mean? are you saying what befallen on palestinians is funded by americans? :sl:
  13. History Of Paletine

    palestine history gonna remain a history until and unless saudi arabia or arab leaque put their foot down.
  14. it may be a debate for you and others but not for me. i've questions but they dont seem to get no response. :sl:
  15. where in the bible that jesus claimed to be god? and where in the bible that god creates our reality in form of 3 persons? what irksome is trinitarians claim jesus, father and holyspirit have EXACTLY same nature when they dont. :sl:
  16. indeed no christian be he trinitarian, binitarian or unitarian wanna believe hitler gonna go to heaven after causing 2ww and murdering millions including 6 millions jews and causing holocaust. right? :sl:
  17. 'condemning' is a harsh word. perhaps 'ignore' is more palatable, it sounds gracious. depends on one's belief. for trinitarians, trinity makes sense but not for non trinitarians. mormons are unitarians in some aspects while arianism does believe in ONE god in certain aspect. suffice it to say i'm unitarian, a non performing one. that being said i'm no atheist either. :sl:
  18. Christianity Simplified

    nope it dont help. lets backtrack. wiki said trinity is - (POST 103) "God exists as three persons but is one God, meaning that God the Son and God the Holy Spirit have EXACTLY the same nature or being as God the Father in every way.[4] Whatever attributes and power God the Father has, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit have as well.[4] "Thus, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are also eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent, infinitely wise, infinitely holy, infinitely loving, omniscient."[4]" mr AMEER7 agreed with wiki - (POST 105) "Yes, The 3 have exactly the same nature ... in that ... They are all spirit beings ... and ... They are all God (part of the "Godhead"). mr WORKINGMAN said trinity is - (POST 115) "Thus, in the words of the Athanasian Creed: "the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God, and yet there are not three Gods but one God." . . . . . the Persons are co-eternal and co-equal: all alike are uncreated and omnipotent. This, the Church teaches, is the revelation regarding God's nature which Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came upon earth to deliver to the world: and which she proposes to man as the foundation of her whole dogmatic system." the dict says NATURE means "the fundamental qualities of a person or thing; identity or essential character" while EXACTLY means "accurately, correctly, definitely, truly, precisely, strictly, literally, faithfully, explicitly, rigorously, unequivocally, scrupulously, truthfully, methodically, unerringly, faultlessly, veraciously". but jesus and father despite being socalled ONE god dont exactly have same nature. right? jesus is man on earth and socalled god in heaven while father is never man. likewise holy spirit, hes never man. hence you cant 'equate' trinity with a blanket. there's a hitch in trinity which you may not wanna see. jesus supposedly equals to father but hes not. he's supposedly omnipotent but hes not. he can be man, but father and holy spirit couldnt. 3 folds in a blanket have exactly same texture etc. but 3 persons in ONE god is not exactly same nature. nonetheless trinitarians wanna believe jesus, father and holyspirit is/are EQUAL, EXACTLY SAME NATURE, OMNIPOTENT etc to make trinity sticks. dont you think you gotta reevaluate trinity, triune god etc and accept ONE GOD per se? :sl:
  19. see? not that easy to drop things pronto for the sake of religion. thats why i'm in awe over those who made the move. and nope you're no freak . . . . . or prig. hehe thats the best statement i've read so far from a muslim and a new muslim at that. you've made my day. to me trinity is one confused state of mind. i'm unitarian. :sl:
  20. you're being philosophical . . . . . and you're dead right . . . . one life and gotta do it right . . . . right for muslims may not be right for christians and vice versa. :sl:
  21. so you've also made the move. cool. methinks your view on the quran is subjective. methinks its safer to take god's words literally rather than manipulating them like what trinitarians did. jesus is no god but trinitarians said he is. see? :sl:
  22. greatly appreciate it if mr ALA'ADIN or others can elaborate. 1. such as? 2. whats the minimum limit? 3. such as? 4. who can be considered 'qualified witnesses'? is the thief gonna confess voluntarily or under duress? 5. if the owner dont wanna his stolen property back, can the thief keep it? is the theft still considered a sin despite the owner dont wanna claim it? btw if the thief happen to have both hands amputated following similar crime, how he's gonna pray? what if he continues stealing despite both hands gone, whats the authority gonna do next? tq. :sl:
  23. Pro-bin Laden Rally In Gaza

    me somewhat agree with this rally. bin laden could be no. 1 terrorist etc. but his assassination and dumping his body into the sea is somewhat callous. :sl:
  24. mr AMEER7 come in quick otherwise me gonna derail this thread. :sl:
  25. indeed we gotta be openminded and come to terms if we wanna survive in a world of multi religions, multi races etc. we uphold the 10 commandments. yet i sense a widening gap between muslims and christians. perhaps the former give priority to their religion while the latter dont. more often we're born christians not devout. having gay priests is awfully demoralising. god destroyed sodom and gomorrah coz of their homosex activities. :sl: