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    What's your opinions ######muslimsinkenya.wordpress #####. Positive criticism highly appreciated.
  2. Islam In Kenya

    Contd from the first post…. Although Islam entered the Kenyan Coast years before Tanzania, we find that the population of Muslims in Tanzania overwhelmingly outnumbers that of Muslims in Kenya. The reasons might be that the Muslims in the Kenyan Coast were reluctant Dawah carriers than their counterparts in Tanzania. Also Communism ‘in disguise’ helped the spread of Islam in Tanzania (However this is debatable). Majority of the Muslims in Kenya are Businessmen and we can say that amongst the richest people in Kenya 60% could be Muslims. On the contrast we also find that the poorest in Kenya could be Muslims living in the semi-arid areas of North Eastern Kenya. This is saddening although reversible if Muslims in Kenya could revert to Islamic teachings of giving Sadaqa, paying Zakat and Working to earn a living. The masajid in Kenya are built using the Ottoman architecture and in Mombasa we have Masjids nearly in every corner. The first Masjid to be built in Nairobi was built by either Muslim Asian colonial workers who built the Nairobi-Kampala Railway or the Early Immigrants from Comoros/ Zanzibari Island who by then including the Swahili from the Kenyan Coasts occupied the Pumwani suburbs in Nairobi (a settlement that was given to them by British colonizers). It is important to realize that the Muslims of Mozambique, Comoros, Pemba, Zanzibar, Kipini, Lamu, Malindi, Mombasa, Faza and some parts of Mogadishu are highly related due to intermarriages since they were all under the rule of the Sultan of Oman who ruled these Coastal towns for years. You can’t wonder but walk in houses of families in these Towns and find in every house there’s are relatives spread all over these towns. The culture is one, the language is one and the religion is one.
  3. Islam In Kenya

    AAsalaam alakum, After reading through the posts I found that nobody has done Islam in Kenya or Islam in East Africa. Well in Kenya it is believed Islam entered at the early ages of the Hijri calendar and that some say that the sahaba (Companions of the prophet s.a.w) who did migrated to Abyssinia followed the East African coast and settled for some-time on the Islands of Kenya namely Lamu, Kipini or Faza. However there is no authentification done yet to prove this claim, at least I have not come across any. However certainly by the time of the tabi-in (Companion to the companions of the prophet s.a.w) some spread Islam to the Kenyan coast as evidenced by History and there’s claim that some tabi-tabi-in i.e (Companions of the Companions to the Companions of the Prophet s.a.w were buried in the Kenya coast. For centuries the early Arab Muslim immigrants to the Kenyan Coast who even ruled the Coastal region of East Africa were specialized tradesmen and did not bother to propagate Islam to the interior parts of East Africa so the locals of the Coastal towns who become Muslims either become Muslims from observation of good akhlaq (Manners) from the Arab Muslim tradesmen or through inter-marriages. For hundreds of years this Arab Muslims ruled the Coastal towns of East Africa but did not put the spread of Islam to the interior main-lands as a priority to their occupation. What you find is that this led Islam to remain only Concentrated in the Coastal towns. Recently according to the latest polls they say there are between 8Million to 9Million Muslims in Kenya although this is highly disputable by the Muslims because we think we number more than this figure. They are spread throughout the country and is the most-evidently multi-racial religion in the Country. The Muslims in Kenya split between the Sunni and the Shia although the Govt recognizes the Ahmediyya and the Islamaili, Bohora as Muslims. Although the Sunni are the overwhelming majority against the Shia, the Shia appears to be better organized administratively and they own schools, hospitals and various charitable organizations to lure converts. Amongst the Sunni we have high Salafi concentration in Nairobi and the North Eastern province where the Somalis are but in Mombasa and other Coastal town towns many hold to the Suffi Minhaj. There is also the presence of Islamic movements like the Ikhwaan Muslimun, Hizbu-t-tahrir, Salafi (Wahabiyya) and Salafi (al-Jihad wal hijra) spread between the country. Also it is important to note that there’s a revamp to Dawa’h amongst the Youth and that infact many are getting to study Islam. …..to be cont