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  1. Marriage Dilemna

    salam, sorry to hear that bro. I hope everything works out fine for you in the future. You are right that she should not leave her family to marry you. I usually found that families always come around if they are convinced in the right manner. It takes time and patient. Am sure the family are more upset that this sister was seeing/meeting/considering marrying you while she is engaged to some one else. It does give the family 'bad name' if you understand what i mean. I am assuming you both are asian? Have you tried approaching a certain member of the family who is more likely to understand the situation? Have you tried including an elder person of your family to approach her gaurdian? Try these method if you havent yet. Or an imam will be a good person to talk to. Why do you feel so sure about this sister? Hope it goes well. good luck. SII
  2. Suprise 4 Him

    salam truster, best wishes sister in your new life. hope you have made the right decisions. sister in Islam
  3. Suprise 4 Him

    salam sister truster, sorry to hear that it had to go to the extreme of leaving home, but can i ask are you guys married yet? from the post i understand that your not, I apologise if i misunderstood it. How ever my question if your not married who are you living with? with PNA or else where and just waiting to get married. Hey sister I hope that your mum will come around, at least some family members did so inshallh when the time is right they will/talk and hopefully your mum will be ifne about it. wasalam sister in Islam
  4. Suprise 4 Him

    salam sister truster!! wow long time no news, i was womdering what happened to you and PNA???....seems you worked it out between your family!! thats great sister. Let me know and others how it all came to this. I agree with sister summer girl about the ring and shahada. salam sister in Islam
  5. Need A Few Words Of Support

    Salam Sister, I really dont know what to say to you, I hate to be in your position. Allah will reward you for your patient. It seems that your husband is quite understanding and in middle of this. Be pateinet sister as you have been. You will be in my duas.
  6. I Have Loads Of Anxiety And Stress

    salam sister, am really sorry to hear your story. it must be very painful living ina house where it is constantly pressure. I cant help you much but i hope things get better for you. You can only seek protection and guidance from Allah. ABout your condition have you spoken to your elder sisters? Have they noticed anything about your health? Do they suffer the same as you? sister in Islam
  7. How Come No One Is Willing To Help

    Salam sister, Dont worry we all want to help sister but afraid that we might give the wrong advice but you are in all our duas. I have posted in that thread you started. I hope you find it helpful inshallah. Sister in Islam
  8. Position Of In Laws And Parents In Islam

    salam, sorry to hear your story sister, I cant believe parents who would want their child to be unhappy after being married to whom they have been destibed for Inshallah. As for your question whether your mother in law has to live with you according to Islam, as far as I know Islam allows daughter in laws separate accomodation from their in laws, so that they are not in a bitter relationship and that it will not stress the husban/son over the wife/ mother relation. So you have your right to ask your husband that YOU want to live apart from inlaws and that he keeps a good working relationship with his parents if needs are to help with financially then it is up to him to balance that. Hope it helps sister. Sister in Islam
  9. Married/engaged Brothers And Sisters

    salam I voted 'other' because i met him on the tube on the way home from work...........lol... :D Then family got involved and arranged the http://http://nikah.com/partner.php?adbanner=32t6k0e(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/partner.php?adbanner=32t6k0e. So I would say Semi arranged...lol.. :D :D
  10. Sisters And Living With Inlaws

    Salam, Thats true what aunt UmAhmad says about all can live happily with in laws, my parents live with my SILs, and we all get along fine alhumdulillah. My SILs are very happy, I also take my SILs side when it comes to fighting my bros....lol..so does my mum she takes my SILs side, while my bros complain about it. Well inshallah it is best for some families that they live in a close distance to their in laws. wasalam Edit typo
  11. Sisters And Living With Inlaws

    saalam, Thats right most problems are from the Mother In law (MIL) and not the Father in law (FIL), MIL manipulates the FIL, gives him hard time to do soething about it all the time plus when you have sister in law (SIL) at home, MIL and SIL fill each other in all the time only on the bad things and not the good things, plus add spices to it. Most of the cons from sister tears of faith is true...she watches you all the time and looks for the bad things. Wasalam
  12. Sisters And Living With Inlaws

    salam, Am not being funny but some mothers have issues with their son being married. They for some reason think that they can tell the daughter in law what to do, when they cant control their own daughters. I found that My mother in law had issues with me because i wear the hijab/salwar kameez while her daughters didnt. They cant tell their daughters that their dress is not appropriate but decided that i should start dressing with figure hugging clothes. They didnt mention with so many words but 'comments' were made about m,y style of dressing. So i was refered to as 'old fashion,' well these are few names that i was called!!! Some times my in laws found they missed alot as they had a gap in their communication with their children so i was the easy target. Alhumdulillah my husband is VERY supportive of me and ALWAYS protected me of their wrong doings. May Allah bless our marriage with rahmat and barkat. Ameen.
  13. View From My World

    salam, really lovely pictures sis, you trying to make us jealous here in London???... :D Are you originally from barbados????
  14. Driving Stories

    salam, dont you think 6 yrs is practice enough???....lol..lol...Any way My husband is worser then me in oarking so i feel better... :D :D
  15. Driving Stories

    Salam, Some of these stories bring back memories.... :D Any way....at Eid i was coming back from a relatives and was waiting at a red light. Few cars in front of me few cars behing me. Guess what some joy rider came crashing in behind...the waiting cars. My car got damaged... :D ..Any way it is sorted now. Well I have been driving 6 yrs and i still need space of two lorries to park my corsa.