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  1. "fair" Skin In Qu'ran

    Asalamu Alaikium Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakathu, I hope inshAllah this Ramadan is going well for all. Since it is Ramadhan, I am making sure I fully comprehend what the Qu'ran means and to fully comprehend it. However, I have an issue with few lines that disturbed me. In the Qu'ran there are a few cases were the maidens of paradise are mentioned as being "fair" as interpreted in the English context from the Arabic. In Surah Rahman (55), lines 70-72 is an example of this "Wherein (are found) the good and beautiful - Which is it, of the favours of your Lord, that ye deny? - Fair ones, close-guarded in pavilions -" Now trying to eliminate any doubt of racism...please tell me otherwise or what the Arabic word is and what it really means? The reason why I ponder is that these lines are often misinterpreted by various "Islamic" communities throughout the world as a preference for light skin for females, which leads to retarded norms such as so called "fairness"/bleaching creams. jazakh`Allah , Fellow Muslim
  2. I Am So Depressed That It Hurts

    Asalamu Alaikium, I am okay now Alhamdullilah. jazakhAllah for all your help!
  3. I Am So Depressed That It Hurts

  4. I Am So Depressed That It Hurts

    Yeah, sorry I should not have cussed so much...I'm just SO angry inside...externally I look calm...but internally I feel so dark...
  5. I Am So Depressed That It Hurts

    Asalamu Alaikium Warahmatullahi Wabarakathuhu, I am having so many things happening right now. First of all, I am having school problems. I went to university at a distant school, and was doing well there. Then I transferred to another school closer to home and I am struggling. The environment is competitive, the students do not like helping out one another, and I have a hard time making friends because everyone is so self-involved. I am majoring in a subject that will help me graduate ASAP so I can get out of this hell and it's a subject that my parents want me to major in because they are idiotic jac*a*** south asian parents that only worry if I can make a lot of money. They were not proud of the fact that I had a gift in the social sciences and humanities that Allah SWT allowed me to have, I could have majored in International Development and still went to medical school. At times I want to strangle my father for not letting me do this..so many people told him this but he ignored the advice and made me go down a road 10X harder for me. Why do these idiots like seeing my struggle? I wish I could divorce them. I wish I can kill myself rather than having to live with them. They won't let me get married to a good Muslim man, but they would allow me to date and wear bad clothes as long "as I get good grades". I'm thinking about running away now. I HATE HATE HATE MY PARENTS. Because of what they are forcing upon me, I have to major in Biochem with a low GPA that doesnt show how hard I work and jeopardizes my chances at med school, and even if I wanted to switch to International Studies, they'd scream at me and call me a failure, cut off funding for me because it would take me longer to do. I HATE THEM! DEATH IS BETTER THAN LIVING IN THIS HELL! I can't even relate to other Muslims here at my school because they come from rich, normal loving families, they know JACK about what I am going through.
  6. Re-introducing Myself!

    Assalamu Alaikium Okay I am here to reintroduce myself after being away for a long long time. It's really sad because one day I went to this site and saw a blank page and thought the forums were closed or something. Lol so one day, recently, I come back and scroll down and see the everything was already there. Yeah, sad I know. I am in a university in the states was born and raised here :-/ , and hope to make the most of the forums Insh'Allah. Nice to meet you!
  7. Racial Issues In Our Own Ummah

    It's the shortage of *skilled* labor.
  8. Torture To Muslims By Arab Countries...

    Everything I was thinking was said in that post lol
  9. Racial Issues In Our Own Ummah

    I'd have to disagree with the unemployment part. They would be plenty employed back home, but of course money is tempting so they are being brought to another place. Which kinda strange as it takes away a lot of the labor force especially needed in poorer countries than say Saudi Arabia or the Gulf States.
  10. Racial Issues In Our Own Ummah

    And Malaysia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. DO you currently live there sis rayhana?
  11. Racial Issues In Our Own Ummah

    Yesh Astaghfirullah, I'm sorry you had to experience that! I guess the only way to deal with this is the way your husband did, with kindness and patience. One of my extremely good friends is a Chinese convert, I am absolutely fascinated by Muslim China. Aghhh How I want to travel everywhere!!!
  12. Racial Issues In Our Own Ummah

    Assalamu Alaikium I agree there are so many woman and children being trafficked into these Gulf countries for prostitution, and even marriage. Not to mention the many Bangladeshi, Indian, and Pakistani children being tied to the backs of camels during races so that their screams would make the camels go faster. Often killing the child or injuring them. *sigh* I would have avoided this topic, but it''s something that needs to be brought out into the open and not hidden. Walikium Asalam.
  13. Racial Issues In Our Own Ummah

    Assalamu Alaikium, Well, this is a general question based on something I have been observing for a while, and something the other people have already known for a while as well. Well the thing was that I realized that I am being treated worse by Arabs (even my cousin brother was thought of as a "dirty Bengali" and my relatives in Saudi Arabia have been called "servants") there is a ton of tension between South Asians and Arabs, how Arabs give other Arabs preferential treatment, not being friendly, etc. But don't get me wrong I have met some nice Arabs, it's just that some of the genral opinions of others are painful to me and as well as others. Is this really what the state of the Ummah has come to? To be honest I am afraid of talking to other Arabs for fear of being looked "down upon". So what do you all think? Want to share some happy stories, like of how an South Asian ended up marrying an Arab, or vice versa? How your best friend is someone not of your own race? How one finally looks past ethnicity? etc. Racism is forbidden in Islam, and this is one of the barriers obstructing the unity we need pretty badly. I love Islam and my brothers and sisters! Jazakh'Allah Wasalam Alaikium
  14. Brothers (or Sisters) In California..

    Assalamu Alaikium yeah I live in california Wasalam Alaikium