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  1. Danish Paper Rejected Jesus Cartoons

    Assalamu alaikum, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, yeah right. Talk about hypocricy, Mind you none of us would want Eesaa Alaihi Salaams pictures posted either, We love him more than they can imagine. My husband always says "Democracy is the biggest Hypocrisy". Tend to agree. wassalamu alaikum, masoom.
  2. Edmonton: The City Of Champions

    Assalamu Alaikum, Edmonton is where my heart is, It is Back Home for me. Lived there in the early 80's when the West Edmonton mall was still under construction. Is Misericordia Hospital still there, it was very close to the Mall. We lived a block from the Al Rashid Masjid, it was virtually built in front of our eyes. I heard they have appartment Buildings where the masjid yard used to be. By the way did you'll know that the first Masjid to be built in North America was The original Al Rashid Masjid, and the Famous Yousuf Ali inaugrated it. The Muslim community in Edmonton and Lac La Biche is one of the oldest in North America. Anyway, lots of good memories of Edmonton and the 4 years we lived there. Would love to move there anytime. Edmonton to Jasper, Jasper to Banff, Banff to Calgary and then back to Edmonton, cant forget those drives every few months. Br. Yusuf Did you know the Sohail Ahmad who had an accident and passed away a few days ago. Very close friends. BTW, could you post a few picture of the Al Rashid Masjid. these pictures are very nice, really brought back very lovely memories. JazaakAllahu Khairan. Wassalamu alaikum, aunty masooma.
  3. Benefits Of The Prophetic Food

    Assalamu Alaikum IQRA, that was very useful information indeed, some of the things I did not know like the MUSHROOMS AND MELON, InshaAllah will try to find out more about it. And could you check what you wrote about the Dates, it is a bit confusing. I cannot open the link of the source, it is some problem with my computer, it always gives me problems with opening links. Wassalamu Alaikum. aunty masooma.
  4. Wisdom Teeth

    Assalamu alaikum, I had to go to the Dentist and get one of my Molars extracted on wednesday, that is 4 days ago, and my jaw still hurts. I am taking Ibuprofen 400mg. every 4 hours, but still as the time passes 3 hours the pain starts. I am making myself happy and bearing the pain hoping that the burden of my sins might get a little lighter by the Mercy of Allah through this pain. Please make dua for me, Wassalamu Alaikum, aunty masooma.
  5. Hijabed Like Me

    Assalamu alaikum, I just read this and wanted to share with you. Make dua that inshaAllah she was able to see the beauty of Islam, not just the beauty of the Hijab, and that she may have accepted Islam eventually. Wassalamu Alaikum, masooma. A Non Muslim Woman Experiments with 'Hijab' Hijabed Like Me by Kathy Chin- A Chinese American I walked down the street in my long white dress and inch-long, black hair one afternoon, and truck drivers whistled and shouted obscenities at me. I felt defeated. I had just stepped out of a hair salon. I had cut my hair short, telling the hairdresser to trim it as she would a cut a man's hair.I sat numbly as my hairdresser skillfully sheared into my shoulder-length hair with her scissors, asking me with every inch she cut off if; I was freaking out yet. I wasn't freaking out, but I felt self-mutilated. I WAS OBLITERATING MY FEMININITY It wasn't just another haircut. It meant so much more. I was trying to appear androgynous by cutting my hair. I wanted to obliterate by femininity. Yet that did not prevent some men from treating me as a sex object. I was mistaken. It was not my femininity that was problematic, but my sexuality, or rather the sexuality that some men had ascribed to me based on my biological sex. They reacted to me as they saw me and not as I truly am. Why should it even matter how they see me, as long as I know who I am? But it does. I believe that men who see women as only sexual beings often commit violence against them, such as rape and battery. Sexual abuse and assault are not only my fears, but my reality. I was molested and raped. My experiences with men who violated me have made me angry and frustrated. How do I stop the violence? How do I prevent men from seeing me as an object rather than a female? How do I stop them from equating the two? How do I proceed with life after experiencing what others only dread? The experiences have left me with questions about my identity. Am I just another Chinese-American female? I used to think that I have to arrive at a conclusion about who I am, but now I realize that my identity is constantly evolving. MY EXPERIENCE OF BEING “HIJABED†One experience that was particularly educational was when I “dressed up†as a Muslim woman for a drive along Crenshaw Boulevard with three Muslim men as part of a newsmagazine project. I wore a white, long-sleeved cotton shirt, and a flowery silk scarf that covered my head, which I borrowed from a Muslim woman. Not only did I look the part, I believed I felt the part. Of course, I wouldn't really know what it feels like to be Hijabed-I coined this word for the lack of a better term-everyday, because I was not raised with Islamic teachings. However, people perceived me as a Muslim woman and did not treat me as a sexual being by making cruel remarks. I noticed that men's eyes did not glide over my body as has happened when I wasn't Hijabed. I was fully clothed, exposing only my face. I remembered walking into an Islamic center and an African-American gentleman inside addressed me as “sisterâ€, and asked where I came from. I told him I was originally from China. That didn't seem to matter. He respected me and assumed I was Muslim. I didn't know how to break the news to him because I wasn't sure if I was or not. I walked into the store that sold African jewelry and furniture and another gentleman asked me as I was walking out if I was Muslim. I looked at him and smiled, not knowing how to respond. I chose not to answer. BEING HIJABED CHANGED OTHERS' PERCEPTION OF ME Outside the store, I asked one of the Muslim men I was with, “Am I Muslim?†He explained that everything that breathes and submits is. I have concluded that I may be and just don't know it. I haven't labeled myself as such yet. I don't know enough about Islam to assert that I am Muslim. HIJAB AS OPPRESSION: A SUPERFICIAL AND MISGUIDED VIEW I consciously chose to be Hijabed because I was searching for respect from men. Initially, as both a Women's Studies major and a thinking female, I bought into the Western view that the wearing of a scarf is oppressive. After this experience and much reflection, I have arrived at the conclusion that such a view is superficial and misguided. THE MOST LIBERATING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE I covered up that day out of choice, and it was the most liberating experience of my life. I now see alternatives to being a woman. I discovered that the way I dress dictated others' reaction towards me. It saddens me that this is a reality. It is a reality that I have accepted, and chose to conquer rather than be conquered by it. It was my sexuality that I covered, not my femininity. The covering of the former allowed the liberation of the latter. by Kathy Chin This article was originally published in Al-Talib, the newsmagazine of the Muslim Students' Association of the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) in October 1994. At the time of its publication, Kathy Chin was a senior at UCLA majoring in Psychobiology and Women's Studies.Source: soundvision Courtesy: www.everymuslim.com
  6. Foul ?

    Assalamu Alaikum, JazaakAllahu Khairan Baree, yes that is what I was looking for, but the picture looks different from what I saw, anyways, i will try it and let you know how it turned out inshaAllah. Assalamu alaikum, aunty masooma.
  7. Assalamu Alaikum, Alim in training, very well put, I was thinking the same thing that you posted. I am sure most of us are lazy in practicing our Deen, but there are values we will not give up. This has been the case since the time of RasoolAllah Sallallahu alaihi Wa Sallam. Kings and Heads of Countries of that time would wonder at the depth of the love of the companions towards the prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam, even though he was an unlettered man, with no luxuries in life. If people of other relegion have no respect for their Prophets, then it is a shame on them, Glory be to Allah, we love and respect all the prophets of Islam, and will keep on doing so until we die. We Muslims might fight over petty things, but Alhamdulillah it lifts up my faith in the Muslims, that where our love for our beloved Prophet is concerned, we are able to put our differences aside and stand up for his honour, which by the way no one can touch, because Allah will take care of it. Trying to make fun of The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam is nothing but a very mean and dirty plot of some people to cause chaos and they got what they wanted, at the expense of hurting peoples faiths, causing disturbance in many lives and at the same time putting their's as well as others lives in Danger. Wassalamu alaikum. masooma.
  8. User Names

    Assalamu Alaikum, you can call me Aunty MAsooma too, no problemo. Chaand is not desi, sorry. Wassalamu Alaikum,
  9. Children - Another Juvenile Poem

    Assalamu alaikum, That was beautiful, I apreciate the nice reminder, and I am thankful to Allah for all His favours. I have emailed a copy of bothe citizen x and abuhajira's poem to my sister in Edmonton. jazaakAllahu Khairan, May Allah take care of all of you, Ameen.
  10. Foul ?

    Assalamu Alaikum, Hey I asked for the same recipe in another forum. Just spelt it FOOL like a fool, lol. Your way of spelling is better Hasib. This is an Arabic food made with beans i think. So anyone have the Recipe, please share. JazaakAllahu Khairan. Wassalamu Alaikum, masooma.
  11. Assalamu alaikum, Nice article shagird, yes, on an individual basis, that is exactly what I would do too. No more DANISH BUTTER COOKIES, in my house, the Round Blue cookie box, and no more Danishes for my Husband. Wassalamu alaikum, masooma.
  12. What Happened To Winter?

    Assalamu alaikum Imaan49, winter is here, and will be for the next two or three months, dont despair, lol. Just come to Montreal and see the hill and mountains of snow. In front of my house there is so much snow piled up that the neighbours children were Tobagganing on it with their blue mats. Do you believe in the groundhog day, I think they just disturbed the poor little creature, by disturbing its slumber party, lol. Beware, The blizzard will be here, before long. Take care, Wassalamu Alaikum, masooma.
  13. Us And Israel Behind Ferry Sinking?

    Assalamu Alaikum, Br. Durka Durka, If you say you are a Muslim, then I trust you are. As a Muslim we should not throw accusations around, it just spread hatred and animosity, and we dont need more of it in todays World. Neither Bush nor israel or anyone in the Universe can make anything happen unless Allah LETS IT HAPPEN, That is our belief, not a leaf moves unless Allah commands it to, so how can a ferry just sink because someone wants it to sink. It is a accident and a great tragedy so leave it at that. INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAIHI RAAJIOON, may Allah accept those who perished as Shuhadaa and grant them high places in Paradise and those who are suffering May Allah ease their pain and suffering and grant them patience, ameen. Wassalamu Alaikum, masooma.
  14. User Names

    Assalamu alaikum, Hey hey Chaand, I was just joking honey, check out the post again, just joking. Love you, baji masooma.
  15. User Names

    Assalamu alaikum, Move along Chaand, I am the Respected Aunty for Hasib here, but you can have the honor of calling me Baji lol, which you already do alhamdulillah. Bhabi Hmmmmm, I am kind of allergic to that word, don't ask me why. I think I should change my username to aunty masooma. Wassalamu alaikum.