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  1. 3azaani

    salam its a tribe...a yemeni tribe- so maybe the yemenis can lend a helping hand.. thanks w.salam
  2. Islam in Yemen

    Duz anyone know anything about the 3aazaani tribe in yemen? if you do could u please post it... shukraaan
  3. 3azaani

    Salaam 3leykom If anyone has any information with regards to the 3aazaani tribe could you please post it. theyre location, origins etc etc Shukraan Katheeren
  4. Inter-racial Marriages?!

    salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aamzzz god its been ages since ive been here..i cant believe half the peepz are still here.. but hey.. ill make it quick... AINT NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING MIXED... as u can see.. im all lost in the mix..lol.. im a by-product.. if that makes any sense to any of u "PURISTS" peace
  5. Islam in Yemen

    selam... u never know til they come and own up bro.... w/selam :shuriken:
  6. Head of the Household

    selam... ummm....meaning..???? i dont get the joke..? :D
  7. Reverted and never looking back.

    selam.. mashallah and welcome... sis maz83 there are plenty of organisations if u need help.. theres the DAWA (DAWA ASSOSIATION OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA) and manner others across australia..if u are intersted... plz pm me for further details..or u have my email and are more than welcome.. w/selam and mabrook once again
  8. My story!!

    selaam... SUBHANNALLAH... the power of GOD sometimes...wallahi u cannot imagine.... TAKBIiRR.. and may Allah always place u under his shade, ameen.. ure story is truely touching..may all the misguided people- muslim and NON be guided to the true religion of Allah the almight ameen..
  9. Islam in Australia (G'Day mates)

    howdy austraaaaaaaaaalia.....(selam peeps) ahhhh australia.. ITS HOT AND IM MELTING IN THE SUN.... oh god..wot i wud do for snow..... masters leuitenet.. it is not tru that peeps in the west do all talk and no work...!!! thats wrong to generalise..i have freinds in the west and they are very hard working..anywyas..thats not the point of this forum. umm i just wanted to know.... do all u feel that the muzzies in oz are asleep and not really doing much to spread Islam..?
  10. Islam in Somalia

    selaam :D
  11. Islam in Yemen

    w/selaam hahah..i think were all beginers in this department..subhanllah.... all i know about yemen is that they chew qaat .. allahu akbar.... w/selam
  12. Islam in Yemen

    selaam another half yemeni here...:D if that counts for anything...i could learn alot about this, since ive never been to yemen....and im glad umm amar that u made a yemen room..i was gettin the feelin that yemen was left out.. so shukraan all the way..... so.......................... im up for the first lesson.... :D whose gonna start? oh..by the way brother wen u migrate to yemen..bring back some souveniers..lol.