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  1. Salam, There is different about using an instrument for entertainment and fun instead of using it for announcing nikkah for example. At the time of our beloved Prophet (saws) people used the daff for announcing nikkahs or other things.


    People have misunderstood that hadith. That Daff is also Halal to listen to. nay.


    If you want to sing.. nasheed or whatever without music wait for eid ul fitr :D thats better than listening to music.


    And Danish, Don't think soo deep into that thing.. because Allah SWT knows best why this things are like they are.

  2. Assalamualikum, bro and sis.


    Music is harmful and not good for us,there are clear evidences. And the ones who listens to music should think with their brain which Allah SWT have given Human being.


    We can feel what is wrong and which is right.


    But when will the human being accept that this and that is haram and that is halal?


    Well if we want to get deen in our lives we have to abstain from everything which is shaytan,.


    we the Ummah of Our Beloved prophet Muhammad SAWS open oUR ears for music while our beloved prophet saws closed his ears to the music.


    What have happened to us? how far will go?.


    If I would listen to music, commit things which are harmful and haram.I could not call myself a muslim.


    I don't say that anyone who listens to music is not a muslim I just say what I would think about myself If I did such things.



    Our mission in this life is to make Allah SWT happy, And what kind of benefit do we by listening to music? Nothing.!


    Instead of listening to music we can concentrate on our Salaat. HOw can we really concentrate if we listen to music?


    And to you who listen to music. Have respect now while it's Ramadan.



    Walikum Assalam