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  1. Yet Another Silly Boycott

    What is the Arsenal Football Club? Sorry, I'm a mindless American and don't care for soccer. :D
  2. 47 Us Helicopters Down In Iraq...bbc

    That 230,000,000 would include citizens, also. Why not, for good measure?
  3. Counselling For Atheists

    My apologies if my previous post was offensive. I was being honest about my feelings on the issue. I do think it is unfortunate that you decided to edit some of them out. Much of my reasoning is lost with what is currently displayed. I think my points were something that everyone should consider because they are valid. You're right, I do disagree with this. The concept of god is taught. I see this type of analogy quite often, the parent/child analogy. I believe it is flawed because parents do not have the power of God. You are not omniscient, omnipresent, etc. And you most certainly, no matter what your child did, would not condemn him/her to an eternity of torment. We don't have the power of God. And God is not human. God has an infinite number of choices. Yet he chooses an eternity of torment as punishment. Why must he punish? Are the rewards not motivation enough? He has to make threats in order to get followers? If he created me, then he also created my doubt. He has control over everything else. He certainly has control over that, as well. Yet he would create humans who, by their nature, are unlikely to ever serve him? I would state my opinion on that issue, but you would most certainly edit that. And my nature is to serve no one. So I was doomed before I was even born. I will never serve, even in the face of my own demise. *edit by amani*
  4. Counselling For Atheists

    Nope, I was raised Christian. I take it that you are under the impression that people just wake up one day and say "Hmm, I think I'll stop believing in God". It's not like that, at all. For me, it was a progression. And to be perfectly honest, I still think there could be a god. I just don't think it is anything like the god described by Muslim/Christians/Jews. The god described by those religions is contradictory. He creates people, says he loves them, but sends some of them to hell. Those are not the actions of a being that is compassionate. There is no love in creating something, only to send it to eternal torment. And the grounds for which the decision is made, to serve or not to serve, are so incredibly subjective, it is completely unfair. So I would say the god described by the Abrahamic religions is not compassionate or just. In fact, I would actually call the entity you call God [Edited (by Aboo Uthmaan): ...words edited out, please remember that this is an Islaamic forum, so please be respectful of that fact and do not use such words when talking about Allaah, thank you...]. Serve him or suffer an eternity of torment? [Edited (by Aboo Uthmaan): ...words edited out, please remember that this is an Islaamic forum, so please be respectful of that fact and do not use such words when talking about Allaah, thank you...] Therefore, I don't believe your god exists.
  5. 47 Us Helicopters Down In Iraq...bbc

    2,300 is not nearly enough. Shouldn't the number be closer to 230,000,000, iftikharalam?
  6. Only one American? That's not nearly enough.
  7. Apostasy in Islam

    :D :D How DARE he have a Bible! :D
  8. Nah, I've just argued this topic many times and I was lazy when I posted that. :D It's derived from the fact that people who don't understand homosexuality often associate it with pedophilia. It's actually quite different. So much for understanding, ya?
  9. Apostasy in Islam

    It's actually NOT in the Qu'ran. It's in a hadith. Hadiths were written by men, correct?
  10. Capitalism The Great Global Divider

    Ahh, the closed minded view of a lifetime "employee". Isn't it grand, 3d? I used to be an engineer, myself. Electrical, to be exact. I work in real estate now (appraising and investing). There is always something else. Always. I am not living in a fairy tale. I believe you are a pessimist. Capitalism will never fall because selfishness is what drives men to succeed.
  11. Apostasy in Islam

  12. School Wins Muslim Dress Appeal

    Based on that article, it looks like most Muslims were fine with the schools dress code and this girl just wanted to make a name for herself.
  13. Apostasy in Islam

    dzenan, I know my sentiments aren't appreciated by most Muslims here, but that is the stance I would have thought most Muslims would take. I am surprised how many are taking the hardline stance.
  14. Commonwealth Games Medal Tally. Aussies Rule!

    I take it you've never seen a baseball game, or listened to one on the radio.
  15. Apostasy in Islam

    Actually, it's the replies of members of this site that I find most disturbing. If people denounced it, here, I'd be fine with that. But more Muslims have been for this punishment than against it, that I have seen. That's very disturbing.