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  1. Teenage Atheists

    :D I have just come from debating (for lack of any other word) with atheists and agnosts. One might say whats so strange about that? Well the difference here is that they were all teenagers who came from muslim backrounds (or at least muslim by name) and all were from the developed cities of muslim countries. I have argued with them for hours on the net and face to face but to no avail. Instead they mock me and our beautiful religion and spread lies as well as confuse it with eastern culture. Is it wrong of me to wish that the day when the sun rises from the west (one of the last signs of the coming of judgement day) comes soon, since then the gates of forgiveness will be closed and all people will accept Islam but it would be too late for them.
  2. What's Your Mother Tongue?

    :D Well mine is Pashto. But i can speak Dari/Farsi, Urdu, English, German.
  3. Other Than Adam/eve/isa (as) Were There

    :D Brother, i believe i might be able to bring some clearity to this arguement. It is true that all of mankind are the children of Hazrat Adem (Adam), but we are also all the children of Hazrat Nuh (Noah). All of mankind and all animals were killed during the great flooding of Hazrat Nuh's time (remember Noah's Ark). All the different races that mankind has today have come from Hazrat Nuh's three sons. Hazrat Nuh had 4 sons, but only 3 lived to procreate. They were 1) Saam. 2) Haam. 3) Yasik. 1) The decendants of Hazrat Nuh's Son, Saam are called Semetic and include : Arabs, Assyrians, Berbers, israelities/Jews, Afghans/Pashtuns/Pakhtuns (who are also technically israelities). All the latin and greek races i.e Italians, Spanish, Greek etc. This branch also includes the northern black races, i.e Ethiopians, Nigerians etc. 2) The decendants of Hazrat Nuh's Son, Haam are called Aryan and include : Celtics, Baltics, Nordics, Gaelics, Anglo Saxxons, Slavs, Iranians(Persian), Parsi, All the punjabi castes i.e Rajputs, Arais, Butts etc and other races of western India and Eastern Pakistan. 3) The decendants of Hazrat Nuh's Son, Yasik include : The original Turks and all the turkish races of central asia and afghanistan, Chinese, Mongols, Japanese, South East Asians. The Red-Indians, Mayans, Eskimos and other original inhabitants of the Americas. This branch also has a sub-branch known as Dravidians who include the residents of east and south India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh etc. ------------------------------------------------ With the passage of time the people adapted to the environments they lived in and thus changed in skin colour and features. Although even now Semetic races display traits common only to their branch, the same applies to both the Aryan and Yaskite/Dravidian branches. For Example: People who belong to the Semetic branch tend to be hot tempered(latino temprement) and aggressive as well as make for great fighters. They are almost always tribal societies (bani ismail and bani israel, as well as modern day afghans/pashtuns/pakhtuns) and have diets that revolves around meat. Similarly, People who belong to the Aryan branch, tend to be an enterprizing lot and make for great merchants and traders. They are more cerebral than the other branches and follow well thought out strategies and plans. ------------------------------------------------- Inshallah i hope this answers your questions.
  4. Who Is Your Favourite Prophet ?

    Brother riddler i am not sure you truely understood my question. I am asking which Prophet do you like after Hazrat Muhammed (pbuh) ?
  5. Just a general question, who is your favourite Prophet after Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) ? Do understand i am not saying if you like any Prophet better than Hazrat Muhammed (pbuh), No doubt he is our ideal and our role model as well as any True Muslim's Favourite Prophet, but i am asking who is your favourite after Hazrat Muhammed (pbuh). My answer would be Hazrat Ibrahim (pbuh) i guess. :D
  6. Hmm although it has not much of a connection with whats being discussed but it is what Islam tells us, as well as Christianity and Judaism to an extent. Mankind was one race uptil the time of Hazrat Nuh (Noah) pbuh. The different races that we are today have sprouted from Hazrat Nuh's (pbuh) 3 sons. Noah had 4 sons but only 3 lived to procreate and Islam teaches us that all races have come from the 3 sons of Noah. The First Race: The Decendants of Hazrat Saam, known as Semetic Semetic : Bani Ismail (Arabs etc), Bani israel(the Hebrewites, original follows of the old testament etc), Afghan/Pashtun/Pukhtun (who are technically also Bani israel), Berbers, Assyrians, Greeks, Latin, and other Mediterrainians, African etc and so on. The Second Race: The Decendants of Hazrat Haam, known as Aryans Aryans : Nordic, Celtic/Gaelic, Baltic, Persian, Punjabi, Rajputs, The White Huns etc and so on. The Third Race : The Decendants of Hazrat Yasik, known as Yasikites: The Original Turks, the Chinese, Mongolian, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Malay etc the Samoans, the Ab-orignals and Maue of Australia and New-zealand, the Orignal inhabitants of the Americas (red indians, mayans, eskimos etc), Dravidians and other inhabitants of South asia etc and so on.
  7. Islam in Pakistan

    :D Brother Imran Akhter, are you sure ? i find 98% highly improbable, could you please show us where you got this info from ?
  8. do u look like where ur from

    :D Well i am Pakistani ethnic Afghan/Pashtun, and i have got weird ones as well. Russian, Italian, israeli (lol). The israeli and Italian do make sense since Pashtuns are the Decendants of the Bani israel (w00t) and we do look alot like somone from the mediterrainian so Italian works as well :D but i still don't get Russian :P
  9. Baby cut from womb 'found alive'

    Quite a disgusting affair. I must say, i hate to sound corny, but sounds like something out of a Silent Hill game. lol
  10. languages

    ahh well like me explain 1337 = l33t = leet = elite i believe this should clear that up. "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.1337.com.uk/"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.1337.com.uk/[/url]
  11. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    Well said, sister afG. May Allah gift others with the same way of thinking.
  12. The Banana Story

    :D How true and yet sad, that we live in a world where rituals and traditions are given more importance than religion and whats right. Nonetheless interesting information sister ummammaar.
  13. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    :D You are quite welcome sister Grace_of_Allah, my intentions were to inform other brothers and sisters of our origins, So that they too could inform others and clear up the false lies and stories about us being aryan. Most Afghan are that are strong of faith know that we are decendants of the bani israel, there is more than ample proof of it, some of which i have provided on the topic in previous posts. Although i have come across a few that prefer believing the false "aryan" theory according to which we were hindus-zoastrians. I have tried to make many of them see the truth, but i am sad to say they tend to be bull headed and do not listen to reason. The religions of the book i.e Judiasm, Christianity and Islam and people who are scholars of their respective religions are quite clear in pointing out that the ethnic Afghan/Pashtun are decendants of the Bani israel. Ironically, only people that have hindu or atheist beliefs are of the opninion that we are Aryan.
  14. Inter-racial Marriages?!

    Abu Suhaylah 's post should clear everything up. As for the rest my views are pretty close to brother doomhammer's. Brother doomhammer, just a slight correction from one of your previous posts. Pakistani is a nationality, NOT a race. Pakistan has a mulititude of different races some of which are 100% muslims, others believe it or not are majority non-muslim.

    Zug Zug ? heh, been playing the warcraft series since i was about 10 or something, i mean sure it was not the original real time strategy game, it was the 2nd rts game to be made. (the first rts was dune 2) but it always has been more fun then its competition. Although the creators of the warcraft & starcraft series have left Blizzard, so don't think we will be getting anything much from them anymore.