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  1. Please Help And This Is No Joke

    Are you serious or you joking ? Salam
  2. Please Help And This Is No Joke

    I feel embarrased and dont no what to do. If Im honest I dont want to give it up because I like it. Sorry to everyone
  3. What Should I Do.

    Assalmualykum, I think being friends with the opposite sex does not work. You should just finish the friendship as it can lead to sin and danger. Salam
  4. Salam, Dont worry brother, I no how you feel. Ist a test remember. I have similar problems. I listen to Quran and Pray quran, Salaah and pray in bed aswell. And I also have abit of another tiny habit, please check my thread but that does help me. Salam
  5. Please Help And This Is No Joke

    Salam, Brothers n Siters please lets not argue. the ways mentioned by the other brother is the Sunnah way of sleeping, as is doing Wudhu and going to sleep. I do try but I guess my Iman is weak. I do not suck my Dummy everyday but as I have mentioned before I am scared of just totally getting rid of it. I do not know why ?
  6. Please Help And This Is No Joke

    Salam, Jazakallah for all your replies, everyone is absolutley right. I do want to stop using the dummy though. Just scared of letting it go...I do not know how to explain Please advise
  7. Please Help And This Is No Joke

    Salam everyone, I do not suck my dummy everyday, I just keep it with me in Bed, atleast I no its around. I suck my dummy about 3-4 nights a week. Im trying to reduce it and I have done. But I am not able to completely get rid of it. I do not know why. Alhumdullilah I do pray every night and pray in bed aswell. I am trying hard, Jazakallah for all your replies and not laughing at me. Salam :sl:
  8. I Can't Sleep Before Or After Fajr?

    Assalmualykum, I have some problems aswell, u will prob laugh but look at my topic I have started, And try sunnat mehtod if you dont already or listen to quran on headphones. Salam :sl:
  9. Please Help And This Is No Joke

    You are right but its not easy, like anything, smoking etc. Im just abit acred and abviously embarrased aswell. And Im scared thinking I hope im not ill ro something... :sl:
  10. Assalmualykum, This is no Joke sp please do not make fun aswell. Please can all of you make dua for me, I am in my 20's and not married yet, Inshallah soon though. I have a bit of a Habit on sucking a DUMMY at night to sleep. I have been doing this for a while now, and only my best friend knows. I have been through alot in my life and have been suffering from depression And this helps me relax and sleep and it makes me feel better. I do no my self its a silly habit so thats why I want to get rid of it. Inshallah make dua I get rid of this Habit and all goes well for me. All your duas and any advise will be highly appreciated. Jazakallah