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  1. Western Media Bias?

    Salaam Hmmm... disturbing indeed. I guess propaganda is a strong tool for all sides. But as has been said, thepalestinian plight is real. There's no doubting it. Here's another video: Link removed as already posted by Mehnaz above. Sorry... Wassalam
  2. Terrorism Is Not A Muslim Monopoly

    Salaam Well I never.... why do you suppose the US used their power of veto then? Was it to save humanity from those Hezbollah rockets or do you think that not enough Lebanese civilians have been killed yet? Or could it possibly be that they they have the interests of israel at heart for their own ends??? You talk about the UN as though they have any control over what goes in in the world. My 7 year old son knows they are a muppet organisation that are only able to deal in the interests of the US. You don't need any proof of that. You only need to stop wincing and open the old eyes a little more. The question of support shouldn't be a question at all. It is CLEAR and WELL KNOWN that the US supplies aid flamboyantly to israel as well as weapons. If that is not support then please explain your interpretation of it. Back on the topic and I will only add that the writer has shown beyond doubt that terrorism is not the creation or monopoly of muslims. Someone stated in an eralier post that we are no longer in the 20th century and that all acts of terrorism are acts of muslims. Rubbish...pure and utter rubbish. Our media only showswhat happens in muslim countries. How many times do you see the Tamil tigers on the news? How many times do you see the attrocities committed by the maoists on the news? You don't.... do you know why that is? because our media doesn't want to JUST give us news. They are all about ratings and how they can move people with their emotive reporting. It's become a necessity of the media to try to attract as many viewer's as possible. This isn't always possible by reporting just the news. You only need to to observe and analyse two news reports on the same subject by different channels and you will see what i mean. Most people are easily led by what the media disclose as they rely on the media for making accurate reports. So far from the truth is the reality. Wassalam
  3. Extremism And Islam

    Salaam brother I agree that we as muslims need to do more to bring about a change in peoples views and attitudes toward Islam. The media does not help in our cause as it's become somewhat the norm to generalise when it comes to muslims or Islam. However, I am of the belief that before muslims are able to effectively combat the "disease" as you call it, we need to come together...not only for the sake of forming alliances but for the sake of Allah (SWT) the almighty. The ummah is so far apart that as single units it would be impossible to bring about any noticeable change at this particular moment in time. Our holy prophet Muhammed (SAW) gave so much for the protection of his Ummah and yet we still quibble over trivial matters which end up causing further resentment between us. If we can make our goal to unite the ummah under one banner then i strongly believe Allah (SWT) will guide us to peace and victory in all senses. Until such a time i'm afraid to say that the revered ummah of our holy prophet may not see any success. As for extremism... The definition of extremism varies person to person. If you mean a muslim who practices their religion to the extreme... May peace be with them for they follow the commands of Allah (SWT). If you mean extreme as in violently extreme... then that is indiulging in excess which Allah (SWT) has forbidden for us. I think the only thing you can do is to educate people about what Allah(SWT) has commanded us and teach them of the consequences of not doing so. Wassalam
  4. The New Seven Wonders Of The World!

    Wow that is an exemplary display of logic... Black man/white man kills a white man/black man and it's a racist crime??? not necesarily. How did you arrive at this conclusion. Yet you've just tarnished all coloured and non colured murderers, christian murderers and muslim murderers with the same brush. Not ALL murderers are racist if they murder someone of another colour and not all murderers are terrorists if they kill someone of another religion... This might seem petty but i'm just pointing out the fact that you seem to have contradicted yourself...
  5. Israeli Missile Kills Palestinian Family

    Do they? They live in an area designated by some muppets as Palestine. Boundaries redrawn and land taken away... This is not Palestine. I'm afraid my friend this is exactly what HAS and is STILL happening. Our rosy thoughts and feelings don't change the fact that Palestinians have been uprooted from their homes (in most cases forcefully) and are forced to live in refugee camps and alike. Although you admit that the issue is very complex i feel that your views on this are very...simplistic. Don't get me wrong I admire you for stating your views but i still feel that you haven't touched on the REAL nitty gritty stuff that engulfs this area of the middle east. Your own views of what SHOULD be and what SHOULDN'T be are far from the reality.
  6. Muslims "must Root Out Extremism"

    Salaam This "MODERATE" muslim thing is really becoming annoying. Its amazing how a single man is able to portray an array of varieties of muslims. How does this man possibly expect to make friends within the muslim community or with muslims worldwide for that matter, when he spurts rubbish like this. This really shows how ignorant Blair is of the pain and death his own government alongside the US have caused and are still causing muslims worldwide. To say that muslims have misconceptions about the western governments is the most ridiculous and coniving thing i have ever heard him say. I'm pretty certain he already knows what the western governments have on paper for the muslims but he just needs a ploy... or maybe an excuse to keep shifting the blame. I for one wont't be speaking against muslims as i don't see why i should. If Blair wants to make an issue of it for his own ends then he is gravely mistaken that muslims anywhere would undergo a recruitment excercise to feed him info. It's just crazy to think that he could say muslims should do more... I think muslims have done enough for the western governments as it is. The corrupt leaders of muslim nations have no shame in following the political whims and agendas of their counterpart western governments. It's not a misconception and the sooner the western powers come to realise this the easier it would be for them and muslims alike to stop the REAL terrorism taking place today. I won't comment here suffice to say that all i see here is cause and effect. I find it baffling that some people have difficulty understanding how much suffering has been caused to a certain group of people by a certain group of people. whether the retaliation for this was right or wrong it's not difficult at all to see the causation of the retaliation. Wassalam
  7. The government cannot alone root out extremism in Muslim communities and defeat the terrorism it creates, Prime Minister Tony Blair has said. He hit back at claims ministers had done little to win Muslim "hearts and minds" since the 7 July London bombs. He said he was "probably not the person to go into the Muslim community". It was down to moderate Muslims to stand up to extremism and tell those with "grievances" against the West they were wrong, Mr Blair told MPs. 'Despondency' He was speaking after Muslim Labour MP Sadiq Khan said he was disappointed with the government's engagement with the Muslim community in the year since the London bombings. We can't defeat this extremism through whatever a government does Tony Blair Send us your comments Rebuilding the communities Initiatives 'too slow' He said there was an air of despondency over the achievements of the special taskforce set up by the government after the bombings. But Mr Blair, appearing before the Commons liaison committee of senior MPs, said he disagreed that ministers were not trying to work with the Muslim community. Mr Blair told MPs: "If we want to defeat the extremism, we have got to defeat its ideas and we have got to address the completely false sense of grievance against the West. "In the end, government itself cannot go and root out the extremism in these communities. "I am probably not the person to go into the Muslim community ... It's better that we mobilise the Islamic community itself to do this. "I know everyone always wants to blame the government for everything that is happening .... but we can't defeat this extremism through whatever a government does. "We can only defeat it if we have people in the community who are going to stand up and not merely say 'you are wrong to kill people through terrorism... you're wrong in your view of the West, the whole sense of grievance, the ideology is wrong, is profoundly wrong'." 'No inquiry' He said there was a "clear and active" threat of further attacks but stressed the "overwhelming majority of Muslims utterly abhor this extremism and are completely on the same side as everybody else in wanting to defeat it". However, Mohammed Shafiq, of the Ramadhan Foundation, a Manchester-based group that works with young people in a bid to tackle extremism and terrorism, accused Mr Blair of failing to engage with ordinary young Muslims. And Inayat Bunglawala, spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain, said many Muslims believed the UK's involvement in wars against Afghanistan and Iraq were a "key contributory factor in the radicalisation" of some young Muslims. "That said, it is true that extremists often paint a very unfair picture of the West. We all benefit from freedoms and opportunities here that are not exactly plentiful in many Muslim countries," he added. A Populus poll for The Times newspaper and ITV news suggests 13% of UK Muslims believe the 7/7 bombers should be regarded as martyrs, with the other 87% disagreeing. The prime minister said he would not hold a public inquiry into the 7 July attacks, saying it would divert a "vast amount of resources into something that we already know, which is those four people did this". 'Untrue' claims He said he understood the concerns of victims and the families of those who read various "conspiracy" theories surrounding that day's events. But he said newspaper reports, such as claims there was a tracking device planted in the attackers' car or that there was a CIA block on bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan going into America were all untrue. Seven Muslim working groups were set up by the government and they reported in November. However, in a speech to the Fabian Society, Mr Khan said only three of the recommendations made by seven Muslim working groups set up by the government after the bombings had been implemented. He said Mr Blair had behaved like the "grand old Duke of York" - "marching all these talented British Muslims up the hill of consultation and dialogue, only to march them down again". And some Muslims - already "some of the most disillusioned and...disenfranchised members of our community" - would feel yet more alienated. A Home Office spokesman said much had been accomplished since the Preventing Extremism Together (PET) Working Group members had made their final report. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/5144438.stm"]Source[/url]
  8. Divorce In Absence

    :D Thank you brother. I was thinking along the lines of what you have just said. I will however post my questions to scholoars as you have suggested. Thanks again Wassalam
  9. Divorce In Absence

    Salaam many thanks brother. I will try AskImam also. Wassalam
  10. Divorce In Absence

    Salaam Brothers I have posted this question on another part of the forum some time ago but not received a reply as yet. Without going into too much detail here I would just like some advice on how to divorce someone in their absence. I know this sounds strange but briefly..... My spouse has left the marital household approx 6 months ago. I do not know of her whereabouts or whom she is with. We have two children from the marriage both of whom who are with myself and I was hopeful of a reconciliation. As I see it this is no longer a viable option, Hence my question above. We were married according to Islamic law in the UK but the marriage was never registered according to UK law. I am only seeking guidance oin the Islamic stance on this issue. I realise divorce is a hated act in Islam but believe me I never wanted to throw away 8 years of marriage. I would be indebted for any advice or guidance offerred. Wassalam
  11. London Bombings... Islam Being Discriminated On?

    Salaam all The problem here is that the vast majority of people have preconceptions on this matter. Whether the bombings happened in America, Britain or some island off the coast of Alaska, these preconceptions come into play. For example: The day after the london bombings, I saw the headlines of the Sun newspaper. On the front page there was apicture of a white female and an asian female. The headline went something along the lines of "One was a Christian and one was a muslim". There is only one thing that this implies to me. Whether the Sun says it directly or not, Its these kinds of headlines and quotes that create the misconceptiopns. It becomes very difficult and confusing to the average person about what to believe. This particular headline is more damaging than saying it directly. I have to say though that overall, the British Public are overwhelmingly sympathetic to muslims and their beliefs. I have never felt the need to apologise for any attack by anyone. I do condemn this kind of action but will never apologise on anyones behalf whether Christian or muslim. Who knows who was behind this. every individual will be held accountable for their own actions whether their actions are right or wrong. Muslims worldwide should not feel that it is their duty to apologise to anyone. Was the IRA asked to apologise on behalf of Christianity? Were the hindus asked to apologise on behalf of Hinduism? Hope you understand Wassalam
  12. Antivirus scanner ??

    I've always used Mcafee. Seems like a very good prog. You can always d/l a copy from a torrent site.
  13. Firefox Users, Read This!

    Salaam Excellent DZ Worked wonders for my browser. Jazakallah Wassalam
  14. A World on the Coner

    Salaam I agree. Your version of the "cornershop world" although rather amusing is true. I think it has a lot to do with the influx of migrants from the subcontinent. When they all arrived here, most were forced to earn a living by workingf in factories or weaving mills (as was the case in UK). However, as times progressed, and migrants (our parents/grandparents) became financially better off, they sought to become traders themselves. Thus the asians began opening cornershops, the chinese opened their chippies etc etc. Guess everybody just wanted a cornershop LOL. It's definitely there. Wassalam
  15. How to Disable Your Mobile Phone

    Salaam Thanx for the info It is always wise to call your service provider if your handset is lost or stolen. That way, you can be sure that the handset and sim card will be barred promptly. recording your IMEI number (as stated aove) is not really of any use as your service provider should already have this information anyway (when you register your SIM card the service provider asks for the handset IMEI number). However, there are ways of unlocking these handsets even if the service provider has placed a bar on them. You can never be too careful.