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  1. The Evil Women Is No Longer A Citizent !

    As Salaam Alaikum, And Muslim women are still dying because of honor killings, still being raped in the name of Islam, and are still being forced to get married. salaam
  2. If I Don't Believe In It Is The Deed Accepted?

    As SAlaam Alaikum, If I don't believe in something that is percieved as good or religious obligation, is the deed of doing it accepted? Example, if someone goes to hajj but they really don't believe in an aspect of hajj, but perform it anywya, is their hajj accepted? salaam
  3. Muslim Woman Abuses Her Baby- Poeple Blame Islam

    As Salaam Alaikum, Disguisting, utterly disguisting. (www.)"timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2-2142347,00.html"]link[/url] What in the world has she been taught? She believes that in Islam it's ok to abuse a kid? salaam
  4. Whose Belief Will You Follow?

    As Salaam Alaikum Shayrgob, But we are talking about the law, not personal preference of what scholars you choose to follow. If the government issues a law and their justification of this law is because of religious reasons, but yet you do not agree that this law is in-line with the religious beliefs that you may have on the issue... how could you ever so possibly follow it? Wouldn't you just advocating a belief that is not actually what you believe in? salaam
  5. South Park

    As Salaam Alaikum, I believe that it is horrible in general. But really quite pathetic on the Muslim side. Horrible in general because they shouldn't be portraying our Prophets like that. Pathetic on the Muslim side because they'lll pout and whine about images of Muhammad but when it comes to Jesus or Moses many seem not to care. salaam
  6. Sisters And Living With Inlaws

    As Salaam Alaikum, Becuase there are those who would much rathar have their own house and live by their own rules when it comes to what is acceptable in the house. They don't want to be bothered with living with other people's standards. See that implies that the parents were in the couple's business in the first place... Many people don't want them to be in thier business at all. salaam
  7. Whose Belief Will You Follow?

    As Salaam Alaikum Shayrgob, Well, and you? But plenty of Muslims disagree with eachother on issues and beliefs. Just because the Quran may something, it doesn't mean that all Muslims are going to take it in the same way. There are different beliefs of what is meant out there. Again, just because a Muslim believes in soemthing it doesn't mean that it is right. THere could be something in the Quran that he and I disagree on the meaning of. Why should I follow or practice what he believes is the correct meaning of that belief? Why should it be forced on me and why should I have to follow it? salaam
  8. Whose Belief Will You Follow?

    As Salaam Alaikum, But what if I do not believe what others believe? What if I believe in something completely? Why should I follow what they believe and not what I believe? I am not lateral, Excuse me but I said that I do not believe in half of the things that most Muslims believe in. Just because a Muslim may hold a belief it does not mean that it is the correct belief. I did not say that I didn't believe in what Islam may mandate. salaam
  9. Gender Screen In Masjid?

    As Salaaam Alaikum Abujadira, hmmm let me quote myself: Ayesha is of no authority in Islam. She cannot make any judgements of what is wrong or right in Islam. She is not he messenger or the prophet of Allah. Regardless of what you believe, it is still ok for women to go to the masjid and pray. It is not haraam. Don't try to make what is ok, haraam... You are referring to a hadith in which it is believed that the Prohet Muhmmad said that the best place for a woman is in her home, well from my understand that hadith also says "Do not forbid women from entering the masjid". And to add... you mention hte screen for seclusion.... there is no Quran verse or hadith that ever mentions women and men being screened off from eachother at the Masjid. Why is going to the masjid such a burden to men?? Whenever it comes to the spirtuality of women it's always seems to be categorized as a "burden". If they are excused from doing something, it's catergorized as them having "leeway". I find no burden in visiting the masjid! I actually enjoy visiting hte masjid. Please don't categorize not visiting it as having "leeway". salaam
  10. Gender Screen In Masjid?

    As Salaam Alaikum, To answer your original question, yes it is ok to have it set up like this. No where in the Quran does it mandate a barrier between men and women, and even hadiths do not suggest that there should be a curtian. Like I said, men and women should lower their gaze. Don't tell me that I should first visit the masjid just because I believe that your concerns are not reasonable. salaam
  11. Gender Screen In Masjid?

    Hasib, No, I don't think so. Most Muslims just do not practice it. They are so use to segregation of the sexes that they can't even funciton without the segregation, barriers, walls, etc. This is why Muslims can't pracitce what Allah has told them to do, becuase they'd rathar find other "solutions" then the ones that Allah has recomended. Well personally I think that it comes to down to maturity. For someone to constantly think about sex, and others in terms of sex does not show maturity in my opinion. Rathar it shows a gross-assertion that the second you spot someone of the oppposite sex you are immediatly going to feel lust. I don't believe in this notion, becuase I've seen people of the opposite sex and I haven't had those feelings for the vast majority of them. Lower your gaze. Ignore them. salaam
  12. Whose Belief Will You Follow?

    As Salaam Alaikum, I would like to know how you would cope if Muslims were to impose their beliefs on you through government. I find myself not believing in half of the things that most Muslims believe in. Plenty of it. I do not find myself pracitcing these beliefs, believing in these beliefs, etc, etc. So if these beliefs were to somehow become law I would seriously throw a fit. I feel that no Muslim alive, has any right to tell me how I should pracitce Islam. To each their own. If they would like to believe that something in Islam is suppose to be done this way, why must I do it that way aswell if I do not believe in it? What's the use of doing it, when I don't believe in it? I would only be fooling the commuinty and not Allah (swt). If I practice my faith, can I practice what I believe and not practice what I do not believe? Or do I have to practice what others believe and not my own? Must my religious beliefs be dictated by others? salaam
  13. Gender Screen In Masjid?

    As Salaam Alaikum, How about just lowering your gaze like Allah has told you? Why add more customs to the religious community? Do not forbid yourself from things in which Allah has not forbidden you. He has told you to lower your gaze! That's the best solution to this problem, following what Allah has commanded you to do. salaam
  14. School Wins Muslim Dress Appeal

    As Salaam Alaikum, Now that I have read that Miss. Begum chose to go to this school... I too feel that she took this a bit too far and was trying to force her beliefs on others. The article said that there were three other schools that she could have chosen from that allowed girls to wear jilbab. It does seem now that she was just trying to cause some commotion. salaam
  15. Afghan On Trial For Converting To Christianity

    As Salaam Alaikum, (www.)"http://more Interesting case for surely. I know for surely that the Quran does not command people to kill the apostates, this comes from hadiths, correct? slaaam