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  1. Music....

    Salaam, You come home, say salaam to the family, chat for a while, head upstairs into your room, turn your PC on, start the media player and there you have it, the sound of the latest chart topping song is blaring out the speakers, you continue with whatever you have planned for the day, without realising of course, that you have just commited a sin. So what is it about music that makes it so adictive? Its a prevelant flaw in so many muslims today and is increasingly becomming the norm, just think - How many people do you know who pray 5 times a day, perform good deeds, stay away from sin but cant rid the music habbit...hell, im listening to music as I type! You cant help but feel hypocritical when telling a brother not to go to a night club whilst at the same time having your headphones sticking out from under your t-shirt! its ridiculous! Heck, you go home with your headphones blaring - your parents wont give a second glance, come home with a can of beer - you may very well get given an eviction so intense, it would put big brother to shame! Granted, music isnt considered to be a 'major' sin but its a sin none the less and should be treated as such; not laughed at, not dismissied as insignificant and certainly not ignored. I find it sad that so many (myself incuded) have let music become a central part of their lives. So the question I pose to you is why? Why is music no longer considered taboo in our society? Dont give the excuse of western culture, we live in a society where ilicit sexual activities and alcohol consumption are the norm; yet I can safely say that most muslims havent succombe to these temptaions, so what is it about music that intices (sp?) us let our guard down? Peace Out LB
  2. Help Needed

    (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_s000.html#salaam"]salaam[/url], all those who regularly watch the (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_i001.html#Islam"]Islam[/url] channel in the UK would have noticed that they play a ramadan nasheed in the background whilst they are running all the (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_e000.html#eid"]eid[/url] mubarak messages from various sponsors. Something along the lines of "ayen e (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Allah"]Allah[/url]". Can anybody help me? Whats the name of the nasheed? WHo sings it? Where can I get it from? Jazaks LB
  3. Help Needed

    Jazakullah!...Very much appreciate it. If anyone is interested in downloading it, you can find it on: (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.shiasource(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/multimedia/nasheeds.asp"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.shiasource(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/multimedia/nasheeds.asp[/url]
  4. Tis So Expensive

    No need to buy books. Seriously. More often than not, lecture notes suffice. Any book you do need can be rented from the library, any fine incurred from keeping the book for longer than neccesary will be a fraction of the cost it would have been to buy the book in the first place. I bought books in the first sememster of my first year at uni, utter waste of money. I have seen no discernable difference in grades between those who purchased books and those who didnt. Unless your studying medicine, there is no need.
  5. Turkey Eu Bid

    I dont know whats more depressing, the fact that the EU is rejecting Turkey because it is a muslim nation, or that Turky are still tying to get in! Its time for Turkey to abandon their misplaced and unpopular secular principles and return to what made them great. Islam. Their constant persuit of accpetance into the EU has become nothing short of nauseating, and quite frankly, embarrassing. The sooner they realise this, the better.
  6. To The Sisters Out There....

    Alternate Ending 9. Girl, shocked, calls her father/brother. 10. Father/Brother looks for his cricket/baseball bat. 11. Comes out and beats the living snot out of you. 12. Meanwhile, girl calls police. 13. You get arrested for harrasment, spend the night in a cell. Either way, it'll be a fun evening.
  7. To The Sisters Out There....

    1. Find girl. 2. Buy flowers. 3. Buy chocolates. 4. Practice Singing. 5. Collect stones. 6. Throw stones at girl's bedroom window (make sure window is double glazed...if not, find a different girl. Wouldnt want to marry a girl without double glazing..would ya?) 7. Girl checks to see what is happening, looks out of window. 8. Start to sing ur heart out...add plenty of emotion for affect. If you could take some guitar lessons b4 hand, it'll help. 9. Girl, complete with mascara dripping down her tear-filled face runs towards you. 10. You propose. she says yes. Ideally, you should try this on a night when people are likely to light fireworks....guy fawkes night, independence day...heck, even diwali! Claim that you organised the fireworks for her, hopefully she'll be too emotional to realise that said fireworks are actally due to independece day/guy fawkes/diwali.
  8. Pakistan And Israel...

    Not content with sending his own people to guantanamo bay and aiding bush in his crusade against afghanisatn, musharaf has taken it upon himself to ignore the massess (did someone say undemocratic) and has opened diplomatic relations with israel. Now, when I first heard the news..i was, well, pretty goddam annoyed though not compltley unsurprised. But as I mulled it over further, I began to realise that *perhaps* it may not be such a bad thing. I mean, pakistan have relations with the US, russia, china - all of which have been responsible for more muslim deaths than israel...but then again - israel is israel. Thoughts? The way I see it, these diplomatic relations should be for no other reason than to improve the situation for the palestinians. If they do, then credit to Musharaf....but taking into consideration israels history of 'listening to others' (or lack thereof) I somehow doubt that these talks will benefit the palestinians in any way. Peace
  9. Pakistan And Israel...

    Care to expand?
  10. The Destruction Of Mecca...

    salaam, Read the article here: (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.independent.co.uk/world/middle_east/article304029.ece"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.independent.co.uk/world/middle...ticle304029.ece[/url] Apparently, Saudi hardliners are, one by one, destroying any site of historical significance in makkah under the pretence that the preservation of holy sites will lead to polytheism. What I find incredible is that the people in charge of our holy sites are pretty much givena free hand to do what they want. Its sickening. If historical Islamic sites were being destryed in Jerusalem or India - we would be furious. The same should apply here. The saudi kings and their chums should NOT be the custodians for our holy sites. Makkah and Madinah should be seperate entities, disengaged from the corrupt kingdom of saudi arabia. Thoughts?
  11. The Destruction Of Mecca...

    undercover, It may not specifically say that it is 'wrong', but im sure that most muslims would prefer the sites to stay as they are, as a reminder of the past, to help us understand our history a little better. Under the same pretence, we should destroy anything in the world even remotley related to Islamic history. What annoys me about the present system is that the custodians have a free hand to implement, destroy, marginalise anything they please in the holy land. ws
  12. The Destruction Of Mecca...

    The point I was trying to make was that had this occured in a non muslim land, carried out by non muslims - we would have been up in arms, and rightly so. But, as usual, we ignore the wrongdoings of our own. Please explain to me the neccesity of demolishing sites which, undoubtedly, bring many closer to Islam? I see no reason why the muslims cant organise themselves enough to turn makkah/madinah into Islamic city states along the lines of Vatican city.
  13. The Atrocities Of Tsingis-kahn

    salaam, IIRC, the reason why the mongol army invaded muslim lands was because one of their ambasodors was killed when he went to Iran. Genghis was angered by this as he believed (and rightly so) that an ambassador has complete immunity from any such act.
  14. Byzantine Empire, The Greatest Ever

    Having said all that, I am humble enough to recognise that the advances made By western Europeans during the Rennisance and beyond have certainly surpassed anything acheievd by Muslims, greeks or any other civilization! ps...Greek, before you get bogged down in the achievements of Muslims - I want you to give reasons as to why you believe the Byzantines were the greatest.
  15. Byzantine Empire, The Greatest Ever

    I think you'll find that many civilisations not only matched, but succeeded the Byzantines in their pursuit of science, literature etc. The Islamic civilisation for one. The egyptions and chinese are 2 other examples. Like it or not, the muslims played an important role in the development of science through the ages. Be it astronomy, mathetmatics or algebra, Muslims have taken the knowledge of previous empires, recorded it, and then taken the depth of understanding to a new level. Drawing on the traditions of the Indians, Persians, the ancient Near East and especially the Greeks, the muslims managed to make important advances in numerous areas of science which later proved to be the basis for the European rennisance. To say that they could not match the Byzantines is ludacris, the landmarks achieved by muslim's are well doccumented and surpassed anything the byzantines achieved. You have given a blanket statement with no proof whatsoever - so what exactky did the Byzantines achieve? Did they provide the basis for Algebra? Perhaps the most important breakthrough in the history of mathematics!? Did they construct in-depth astronomical tables? Did they develop triginomotery? How about medical sciences? How many hospitals where there in Muslim controlled spain? How many medical centres were built by the Ottomons? And how many were there In Byzantine? Geology, Physics, Botany, Architecture - the list goes on. Oh...and you wanted names of Muslim Scientists who surpassed Byantine achievements? Heard of Ibn Sina - the great muslim Physician whose work stood as Gospel in Europe for over 6 centuries! - Can any Byzantine match that??...want some more names? - take your pick! : "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.ummah(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/history/scholars/"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.ummah(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/history/scholars/[/url] And when it comes to Architectual marvels, one need not look further than the acomplishments of the ottomons - the technical know-how needed to build an monument as majestic as the Blue Masjid certainly surpassed what was acheieved by the Byzantines during the consutruction of Haiya Sofiya. So lets talk about culture shall we? How about a culture where peoples from other religions are given prominence, autonomy and important ranks. Or a culture which respected the beliefs of others, learnt from and taught them. Tell me how many civilisations of the time could have surpassed the culture of Spain in its golden Era - when it was in Muslim control!? continued...
  16. British Muslims Proud Of Olympic Success Say Mcb

    Brother Mu'maneen, be careful in the way you speak of other muslims, your job is to guide - not critisize.
  17. Music....

    I understand your point, It basically falls under the catogory of 'man being weak - sucommbing to his desires' - so why is music the sin of choice?, why not other, argubaly more pleasurable actions? Getting a girlfriend would keep me happy and delay my worries...no where near as many muslims would go out and do that!
  18. Asalamalykum

    Why do all the new commers get the same welcome drink?
  19. Bangladesh Beat Australia!

    Man...this was incredible, the biggest shock in the history of the game (cricket - in case your wondering!). Nothing pleases m more than to see Aus lose in such a manner! simply awseome - did anyone else see it?
  20. Can A Muslim Accept A Knighthood?

    I've always wondered this...as future British Wimbledon champion, I need to know whether I can accept such an accolade... My hunch is that it would be wrong, but at the same time you would be offending a country which has been hospitable enough to host you for so many years...a pickle indeed.
  21. Bangladesh Beat Australia!

    It was so nice to see Ashraful (man of the match) do a sajdah when he got his century!
  22. Favourite Park In London?

    salaam, I'm not a big fan of hyde park - too many rude boy/girls and sunbathers around for my liking. It kinda ruins the moment when you have a foul mouthed teenager making jibes of a sexual nature to any girl who walks past. I like regents park, clean, close to the zoo and most importantly - right next to the Masjid! I go there quite often. Peace Out
  23. After A-levels

    I'm not studying philosophy, but am glad you are. It takes a bit of courage to be a non-conformist, breaking away from the shackles and deciding not to study a science. Good on you. Have you just started the course? Are you about to start it?
  24. After A-levels

    Your going to city?..Awesome! Anyway, the Islamic society oficially rocks - mashaalah, we have some really dedicated brothers and sisters and organise numerous events. I am doing a placement and wont b around next year, so it wont rock as much :D . But I will return in 06, at which point it will continue to rock on! We have dawah tables every week and have a large presence at the Freshers Fair. The prayer rooms are relativley large, seperate entrance/wude area for brothers and sisters. Pretty much every1 in the society is welcoming and its absurdly easy to get involved. Muslims at city, like most uni's are varied - some good, some bad, some attrocious. We dont have any major conflicts within the society - all subsidary groups (im sure you know who I mean) are controlled and not allowed to gain influence. And the website... citymuslims(contact admin if its a beneficial link) Has'nt been updated in a while, but still quite informative about the going's on in the City ISOC. Peace Out LB
  25. After A-levels

    ahm, that's the problem. Being employed is important, but its not the be all and end all. Whatever happened to learning for the sake of learning? Besides, nowadays employers are looking for more well rounded articulate students with the ability to analyse - You'll find that graduates in fields such as history, geography etc are widely regarded by employers as having the mental compacity to succeed at the larger firms. The main reason for me suggesting these topics was that we need more muslims in the media - one well written article in a major broadsheet newspaper could do more for the cause of muslims than 100 muslim medics. Its time to broaden our horizons.