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  1. Please Make Dua For My Mother.

    :D May Allah give your mother and swift recovery.
  2. Its Here

    :D Not very long left now!! :D
  3. Cnn Vote - Urgent

    :D Just voted. :D
  4. Arwa ...

    :D Like SATs??? You feeling alright??? looool SATs are no where as near as important as GCSE's! lol Well, GCSE is General Certificate of Secondary Education. Self explanatory huh? :D They're exams that you sit at the end of seconday school and with those grades, you depend on what college or sixth you want to go to. :D Thanks for the congrats. :D
  5. Arwa ...

    :D looool :D :D
  6. School Countdown

    :D 21st JULY? So you mean a month earlier no strider??
  7. Random Incoherence

    :D That wedding must have been tiring Alessendra! :D Hope you had fun. :D
  8. A Gift For If Members

    :D How sweet of you Zabrina! :D
  9. Alton Towers Muslim Funday

    :D Oh this sounds excellent! :D
  10. Hi

    :D Welcome to IF, and happy posting. :D
  11. Arwa ...

    :D Better late than never. :D :D
  12. School Countdown

    :D Yay I've left.. sorry I've just been busy! :D Exams, you see. :wa; Uni isn't the uni here as the UK is it?
  13. So...

    :D And me! :D 2 years, and 10 days. :D
  14. Praying With Shoes...

    :D :D